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Bottle opener

by piuLAB Jul 22, 2014
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Works great! My fingers were prone to getting cuts trying to open plastic bottles (as apparently I'm made of tissue paper) and this device works great opening them and tightening soda bottles to keep them fizzy longer.

thank you!!! this model is very useful! I made one for my mother and she really appreciate it!
I print the 2 part model, the larger one with pla and infill of 10%, the smaller one with smartflex material.
i made same little modification to the model, engraving a little box for a neodimium magnet in te bigger part and varying a little bit the dimension of the second part (to have much more grip...)
However the model is very good and very useful!

Many thanks!

The boomerang style works well for Deer Park water bottles if printed at 95.7%.

works perfectly
thank you

How long did it take to make??

I would like to know too. I have limited time to print several adaptive tools such as this. Will it take more than approx. 2 hours on a CR 10?

The file or the print??

How should I fit one piece into the other??? The inner piece is just too big once printed!!! Please help me!

Hi, you should print the inner part in a rubber like material and then just fit it in the external body by pressure, no need of glue or other.

It would be nice to have the sourcefiles here. OpenSCAD prefered, second choice put it changeable on Tinkercad.
Everyone could adapt this thing accordingly to his hand size.
The toothes could be beveled a bit more. This would cover more bottles caps with different size.
Look at this thing:http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:212665. Have tried some other bottle openers too. But this works best.
I have used this with great succes. Evenly grand pa could grip this thing and open his waterbottles again by himself.
But it requires you some precision and power to apply it on the cap.

In general this thing could serve as multipurpose handle.
Using different inserts you may make this a universal tool for several handworking operation similar to openening a bottel.
Make inserts for some works in the home or in the garden (related to push, twist or drag things).

  • screwdriver bits or bores
  • bore holes and put seeds in the flowerpatc
  • make it a handle to carry bags
    -attach it to handles for opening windows, doors or drag drawers….

I will investigate in this direction.
Right now I'm printing the opener intended for a relative first.

Divide this thing into two half shells screwed together.
The insert could not be lost then.

Update: printed one, next time increase the size a little bit

Update: proved. measured with NetFabb. The opening is to small. Roughly 29.3mm at the outermost edge of the opening (underside if applied).
look at my picture on the makes gallery

PET bottle opener
by murat

Are you italian? because we saw you use 3Drag wich is produced near us in milan :)

No I'm not italian.
The Reg3D sells as Vellemann K8200 via Conrad, Reichelt and other retailers too.

Please export the files to OpenSCAD file format if you are skilled enough;-)
Second choice,export the drawing to SVG-file.

Not prefered personally but SVG-files work with Tinkercad.
You may have to load the svg-file into a programm like Inkscape to modify the shape first.
It is possible to import SVG-graphics and manipulate the size of the whole thing with Tinkercad.
Bring it exactly to the needed size or make personalized stl-files is a matter of minutes. You may add your name as embossed textstring too.

Third choice: export to DXF format, probably most compatibel is Autocad R10 / R12 (non binary) or Autocad 2000 file format. QCad or other free CAD programms should work with it.
DXF-files can be imported into OpenSCAD as well but they will stay as they are sended by you.

If anything goes wrong, take the given stl-file and do some math.
Calculate the scaling factor by deviding the given and the needed diameter of the opening.
Print the scaled stl-file.

This is what I did when I made the shrunken keyring bottle opener.
This method can be applied with your opener too.
First loaded a picture of the opener,
reduced it to a two tone picture,
digitized with Inkscape
made the path from the shape,
manipulated the path,
loaded the exported svg-file into Tinkercad
scaled the size, exported to stl

Hi Makibox850!
Thank you for your exhaustive feedback!
we'll update the source files soon, unfortunately we made the model in Nurbs/Solid modeling so we don't have source for openscad / thinkercad.
Let us know what files can you open and we'll update them.
We'll post also some modified dimensions, and parts divided in grip/handle so you can use them as boolean obj.