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Ford Engine Block

by Ford Jan 4, 2013
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Awesome. Maybe upload a 300 I6 block?

How do I convert it to Silhouette Alta 3D?

i wanted to make this model somewhat fully operational but not on gas just to be turned by small motor and wanted to have it where you can have coolant and oil pumping to where it does in a a real car.

can you make this engine with a cylinder head with coolant passage ways in it as well and also a camshaft and crankshaft with the oil passage ways and if you can a water pump and oil pump

also a crankshaft since it has coolant and oil passages.

can you make this engine block with lifters and pistons and camshaft so that i can try this in a engine model

wow wow that is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

the model is really low poly... all holes are not holes.... bleah

Does anyone know what is the real size of this engine? (the longest side, at 1:1 scale)
Tks o/

I made two of them without supports. One for my desk holding pens and etc. And one for my 2.9 V6 ford scorpio keychain. Please ford can you upload a 2.9 cologne V6 block?

What print settings was used to print this part?

What is the real dimension of this block ? In cm?

Took 10 minutes to slice! haha

Gotta get this one out for the desk at work. The boys are gonna go nuts.

Love this. My uncle is a mad ford fanatic. He's going to love this.

My wifes son is a Ford only kid. I think he'd love this as a keychain if it can be made smaller. Anyone able to add a key chain hole to it if possible.? I have no CAD skills as I just got my 3d printer.
Anyways think its cool.

very nice, congrats mann

nice idea, im gonna use it for a project

nice idea, im gonna use it for a project

I'd recommend support material everywhere, I only used it touching the buildplate and I got a few droopy bits using Cura and Printrbot Simple Metal.

what are the dimensions of it

Looks great! I printed this successfully! Which block is this exactly?

When will ford release the sump, crank, rods and pistons so I can finish the bottom end

Hi ford.
I can turn this into a CAD stl file

Had to double check against some tear down picks... it matches pretty closely to the 4.0L V6 in my li'l '09 Mustang, but it can easily be out of an older Ford Ranger: http://s1115.beta.photobucket.com/user/rusted2009/media/Stage2%20Cylinder%20Heads/100_1705.jpg.html?sort=3&o=6#/user/rusted2009/media/Stage2%20Cylinder%20Heads/100_1712_00.jpg.html?sort=3&o=7&_suid=135768288122505428904224924071http://s1115.beta.photobucket....

Pretty cool, but I've been drueling over the idea of printing my own valve covers and intake manifold.

what is the size of it? tks

specifically, what engine is this a mock up of?

4.0 SOHC with rear mounted timing for passenger bank

and where are the heads, intake and carb/Fuel injector rails? ;)

I printed a copy with Replicator, and the ABS shrinks a bit during the printing process (I increase the plate temp to 120° to avoid movements , not sure if that can affect). The bottom parts are curved. Any experience or suggestion? Thanks

Nice!!!... Now all we need are heads, crank, rods, valves, t-chain, water pump, flywheel, starter, oil pump, oil pan, valve covers, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, spark plugs, distributor, rings, wrist pins and the rest of the vehicle.... Oh where to start... this could take a while but it will be epic!!!

Man, talk about integrated marketing campaigns. First the news story about Ford engineers getting Rep2's on their desk and then this. Magical.

I tried to print it and the gcode took over 2 hours to slice. When my printer tried to print it my HBP tried to jump out of the printer.

So I pulled it up in NetFabb basic and discovered that it had 9 shells and 36 holes. I've repaired my local copy and am going to attempt to print it again.

Second attempt at printing it on my TOM with sailfish and SF50 failed.

V8 please.. !! 351 cu scale preferred.. :)

Coolness! The cars and trucks we own have the 4.6l V8. That's the one I want to print!

That's seriously kick-ass! I am going to print one for my brother, he is a hardcore Ford guy, I think he would appreciate a V8 more, though.

Now I can have a V6 engine on my desk! >:D

What do you use it for? Are you making a model?