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Baby Yoda ( The Mandalorian )

by jamesjenuwine Dec 4, 2019
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Anyone else having issues with the hands? Printed everything at 60% but the hands are far too big to get into the hole. Any idea how much to scale down the hands?

Great model though, love it!

The face is bang on. I have absolutely no talent for modelling so that fact that you managed this blows me away.

When you re-do this is, if you have the time is there any chance the collar could become a separate piece ? I'd like to try printing that in Hatchbox wood filament with Cura's fuzzy surface feature turned on. Should avoid any layer lines, colour should be just right and it should all look suitably "fluffy". I did have a go at splitting the model in Meshlab but the collar really needs to wrap underneath itself with a visible crease between the body and the material.

Thanks for the model !

How did you create the fabric clothes in the picture?

Thank you very much for creating this

Hi there... I absolutely love this design but cannot get into print on my select mini V2.. It seems to print fine right up until where the hands start and then I just get string from my machine. I have scaled down three times and also tried it with and without support. With the support at the place where the hands or fingers should start it just got all stringy again and on the right side the whole support just came off. I tried using temperature 205 for the nozzle and 55 for the bed. Any suggestions? I really really want to be able to print this!

Can you send the full happy baby yoda too? or to explain how to compose it? i have tried to do it in cura but had no success.
Other than that it is a great model, indisputably the best one there is , thank you for your amazing work!!!

my son wanted me to print this for him as a painting project. we decided to go with the split model to help so he doesn't smudge other areas. I printed everything at 50% for him and the prints have come out great. the only issue I have is that the hands don't fit into the cloak, they are too big. do I have to scale them down even more to fit as this is a double item print? if so what would be the best % scale to do them at?

great model by the way.

Comments deleted.

Incredible details. Thanks for making this model!

Thanks a lot for the model! I'm really new in this, I got the ender 3 like 4 days ago, and I was really happy on seeing the result of this model. Thanks again.

Love this model. Printed at .12mm resolution 50% scale on my new Ender 3 Pro. Gotta paint and glue together next. Thank you so much for sharing this!

I am in love! Is anybody here willing to print one for me or have any recommendations for 3d printers who would print and ship? Thank you!

I need to learn how to paint! I want to print this but it would be worthless without some talent in painting it.
Anyway, would be really cool if someone designed a skeleton so that the hands and head could be used with a fabric cloak!!!!

Please think about it, you talented designers!

I am new to this and was just wondering do you print each file separately? The head has two files, do I print both? Thank you for your time in making this, I just think it's so neat.

the heads have other expressions, one is smiling the other isn't, you can pick what's best for your printer, the smiling one is rather big, and wont fit like a ender 3 unless scaled down, also you can print the head in 3 sections, both ears + the main piece and glue them to get them out safer, same goes with the full print in 1x and the pieces, you can scale the full print to 80% and it'll fit a ender 3

Really great design! Thank you so much for creating and sharing!

This is a fantastic design! Thank you so much for creating and sharing such an amazing project! It’s given me SO much joy to put this little Baby Yoda in all kinds of fun situations!

What design software did you use to make this?

Read the description

Thanks so much for sharing this, head and hands printed at 60% and the cloak just printing now, will upload my make once done. The hands do seem a little on the small side as others have said.....I guess I won't know if I've scaled something incorrectly until the cloak is finished and fitted together. Cheers!! and Happy Holidays!

Nice design. Printed at 30% with regular PLA and support (full body)

As many have said, this is probably the most accurate face model I have found (you nailed the nose and lip proportions were most have those feature be too human or too similar to the real Yoda, making the face look old). I did remodel the ears in Meshmixer to be what I think is more accurate (deep ear canals, more flat upper ridge, and slightly more pronounced lower ridge and connection to head). Before I upload the edits and the pieces I made to cut the body up for full-scale printing, I wanted to check and see if you are OK with remixes being uploaded of your work.

Thanks again as this really is a great model!

Great job, best model of baby Yoda!

I have printed the hands and head in green and the body in gray.

Unfortunately the hands are flat while the body sleeves are hollow (see the attached photo) so I was wondering how were them supposed to get attached to each other.

That body print looks very small - did you print the correct scale for the body? The original hands STL was oversized and the creator corrected with the "handsfixed" STL.

How did everyone print the cloak? I am new to 3D printing and it looks like i will need support for arms correct?

Yes, support is needed for the cloak sleeves - you may also need some on the lower ridges of the collar - if using cura, I set my support to "everywhere" and changed the threshold angle to 65 degrees - printed great!

Great job! This is a very accurate model. Thanks for sharing!

This model captures The Child's face better than any other I have seen. Prints up very nicely, too. Great work jamesjenuwine and thank you for sharing your talent with us!

This is the most accurate model I've seen so far - great work! Busy painting the head ;)
Just an issue with the cloak and the hands - printed the original hands (before the cloak was released), and then saw the below comments on the hands being too big; then printed the re-sized hands that were uploaded, but they now seem too small - they seem to have large gaps on either side of the hole in the cloak - should it be like this?

Hey thank you so much! how much of a gap are you noticing? ideally you would want the hands to have about 2mm of clearance in the sleeve boolean I cut out. If it's any more than that let me know and I'll adjust the download further!

Thanks. Feel a bit of a tit; my slicer was set to 90%, causing the space issue and printing undersized - re-printed the fixed hands stl again and they slot in perfectly! Thanks again for the great model! ;)

Comments deleted.

Thank you for the model! This is by far the most accurate model I've seen of baby Yoda. My prints of this as one piece keep having errors in the hands, so I've decided I'll print it in the 3 different parts and glue it up. It'll make it easier to paint as well. Thanks again!

The hands are too big to fit in the cloak. I first printed the head (with ears), cloak, and hands individually all at 45% scale. However, the hands did not fit in the cloak. I had to make the hands 31% smaller than the cloak for them to fit. So in the end a successful print for me consisted of a 45% scale head with ears, 45% scale cloak, and 31% scale hands. I have posted pictures in the "Post a Make" section.

For example if you print the model at full scale the head will be 100% scale, the cloak will be 100% scale, and the hands would have to be 69% scale (31% smaller than the other parts) in order to fit.

With that said awesome model! It's so satisfying to be able to print baby yoda!

Thanks for the heads up! Not sure how scaling got wonky but I'll adjust it and re-upload the STL for future downloads! I appreciate the feedback and Im glad you like it!

This is great, I would also like a file for just the body if possible please.

I've added an additional cloak file. Enjoy!

Thank you so much!

Great model, any chance you can upload the seperate body file so that it will fit with the head and hands?

Thank you! I've added a cloak stl file to the download as well!

Great model! When printing the whole model together does it need supports under his scarf and under his chin/cheeks?

Since you already have the head and hands separate, is it possible to have the body/cloak separate too? The idea being single extruder, multi color part. Print head/ears/hands in green, print body/cloak i brown, glue together. And if you wanted to get extra fancy, break out the eyes also to print in black. Excellent work, you got the face bang on, which I'm sure is no easy task!!!

Thank you! I've added a cloak file to the download. Enjoy!

Best x-mas gift ever!!! Thanks so much for the cloak!!! Super excited now to print this up!!!

Great job on getting the face perfect! Excited to see the rest of the body so I can put it together.

Dude you NAILED the face! Best one to date! Epic props on your modeling skills.

That is not Yoda. As you can see in the Web page below, "Favreau has said that The Mandalorian is set five years after the fall of the Empire in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983) and 25 years before the rise of the First Order...".


Maybe it's a clone of yoda? Kamino patch anyone?

We all know it's not Yoda... but the character is called baby yoda by everyone online so that is the best search term instead of using "the child" or "the bounty"
Just be grateful to the person who has uploaded the absolute best model of baby yoda so far

This baby yoda wins the contest of best looking one. I hadn't seen this when I was looking for one, and the others I've seen are no where near as "accurate" or "cute" enough, IMO. Thanks, I was worried I'd have to make one.

Very nice.Very useful!

baby yoda is the best star wars character ever! try to get the whole body if possible. this is so great thanks so much for sharing! we love baby yoda! really great job. hey maybe also you could re upload this to print the whole head as one piece. it looks as if it may print with no supports as one piece?

Hey glad you like the model! I plan on doing the hands and arms as well as the feet and legs then making a fabric pattern for the body and cloak. I can look at doing a hard sculpt version too though! I've also included a full version of the head as well now. You may still need support around the base of the ears but feel free to give it a shot and let me know how it goes!