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Maker Faire Robot

by MAKE Jan 4, 2013
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Would I be able to make and then sell these?

Did anyone else try printing the large version?

I printed it will full supports, and I think that was a mistake. Freeing up the joints was difficult and one of the legs broke off.

Most of the supports cleaned off okay, but it was a 3+ day print, and I'm a little pissed the supports froze it up so much.

Very nice job. Plan to take over my desk with these.

Plan to make a huge army of these.

I made so many of these little robots there good test prints:)

check out my make robot hot glue injection mold.

Very cute robot!
For me the arms were als printed well.

this is amazing and i love it.

The arms up model came out pretty good on my new Printrbot simple Metal. The main problem I ran into was the insides of the shoulders came out hollow with only a thin layer closing it up. The arm then had very little attachment overall to the shoulder and one of them came off almost right away.

Is the model designed this way, or did my slic3r settings leave it hollow?

I also had this issue printing this model on my Printrbot Simple Metal - the first time my 2 year old dropped it, the arm snapped off :-)

I was able to solve this issue even with keeping the model at 10% infil. In the Slic3r settings, in the "Layers and perimeters" options, I set "Horizontal shells" --> "Solid layers:" --> "Top=10". This forced that top, horizontal layer to be 10 layers thick. Visually, it looks much stronger - but I haven't given it to my kids to test yet :-)

Check your infill settings... For this it would be best if it was 100% infill or completely solid...

My best results were with 0% infill and 3 perimeter layers aka loops.

What's the best way to print this with a replicator 2 with PLA?

can i print this with 13cmx13cmx13cm size ?

Arms up doesn't need support. Prints just fine without.

Hi guys, I'm very new to 3D printing. To print the version with arms up do I need supports? I'm using a Replicator 2 and I don't know if I have to enable the supports. Thanks!!

Is this compatible on a MakerBot Replicator 2?

the arms down on one side there is part of the arm missing.(with the small arms)

I've printed this in about 3-4 different sizes, and every stinking time, the arms come up while I'm removing the support structure. Printing the version with the small arms down with an Afinia H-series.

This was the first 3D model I've printed. The arms and back come out wonky, but I'm just glad I got my PC to finally print!

Problems slicing the M path... sounds like a feature.

I'm finding this really hard to print. You're right, it needs 0.1mm layers or the supports won't snap off, but if I print it like that (and hollow, with two shells) it comes out really spotty and flimsy. Could you upload an arms-down one with no supports, so I can try printing it on its back and letting Miracle Grue generate supports?

Added and good luck with your print!

Thanks, that came out perfectly! I just tried it the naive way before flipping it over, 0.27mm / 80 mm/s and generated supports. The supports snapped off no problem, leaving a perfect little robot dude. Thanks for a great model, you rock!

I like the "Yay Make!" (arms up) robot.