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Another Koch Snowflake Vase

by amitnehra Jan 3, 2013
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Is there any post-work you guys are doing to get this to hold water w/o leaking? I'm trying to print it in t-glase aqua and have tried at both .18mm, .25mm as well as .5, (which was the worst result for holding water) and none of them print w/o gaps large enough for water droplets to leak through. I'm trying this on a Taz 6 with an aersostruder. Wondering if it's the material or me, or just my expectation of whether or not it should be able to hold water w/o leaking?

Great design, its printing now and looking good! Thanks for sharing
Unfortunately there appears to be a problem when slicing (s3d) between 12 -> 16mm up the Z axis. Could be a simplify 3d problem but a bit strange given how its simply a vase mode slice.
Has anyone else experienced this with another slicer?

BRAVO!! This is a wonderful design. It printed perfectly the first time. Simplify 3d could not slice the hollow version correctly, but had no problems with the solid version.

I am Fluent in AutoCAD, and am quite sure I could never create something like this with AutoCAD, what program did you use to design this? Are their any online tutorials for designs of this nature? Thanks

why do i absolutely NEVER see good instructions? i have no idea what layerhight, speed, outer layer, top and bottom, and even temperature settings.
I've tried to print this about 2 times now, and it fails halfway through where the filament stops, getting jammed in the feeder.
So ive wasted 12 hours together and alomost 15 meters trying to figure out settings. i have absolutely no idea why it keeps stopping midway print. it starts getting webby and then just stops. ive tried with 220/230C aswell.

Layer: 0.20
Shell : 1.0mm
Top and bottom: 1.0mm
speed: 50/mm/s
infill: 0%
Ultimaker 2
This is my setup failing at this.
Instructions about settings should be mandatory for making ANY object upload. Its vital to know everything.

That has nothing to do with this persons upload that is an issue on your end. Not all printers are the same the uploader could put the settings that work for them but not for you or me. You should be thankful people take the time to share what they design for free at the expense of their own time and hard work.

i am about to print this, but can you tell me if it needs any supports?

Needs no supports. It very gradually gets wider from the base to the top and the layers have plenty of time to cool and hold up the next layer. Good luck, and please post a pic when complete!

what if your printer isnt that good with overhangs? i looked at the design again and it looked like it did, but im following you opinion!

ok thanks! its still slicing for me

WOW, nice workout for the 3D printer! Love the design and loved watching the print head go wilder and wilder from a base circle. Looks great in clear plastic. Nice job !

How do I make this solid thing hollow?

In slicer, configuration, under 'print settings', 'layers and perimeters', 'Horizontal Layers', 'Solid Layers', 'Top' set to zero. This will open up the print.

I've posted hollow and solid versions, in addition to the editable part file. The 'rebuilt' version is hollow, and the 'solid' is solid and for use with printers and slicers that have a 'thin wall' printing option.

My wife loved the design, so I had a go with my newly upgraded Mendelmax 1.5. I set layer height to .2, used 4 solids for the base using Slic3er 0.9.10b. There was an error indicating a hole or 3, but I went ahead anyhow as I have zero knowledge of code etc.It took 7 hrs 44mins. There was a hole tucked away in one of the folds, but is not readily noticeable. It's 141.05 tall which was a worry as my absolute max is 150.I had to quickly unclip the hotend cable loom as it would have hung up on the mendelmax diagonal plastic support. I used the "rebuilt" stl. We are very happy with the outcome. The walls are very, very thin, but my machine coupled with your great design have created a most attractive piece of 3d printing. Thank you very much.

Glad you are enjoying the design. I checked out your print and it looks great! Well done!

Loaded the original (non-solid) via import into blender. Scaled it down to fit my little mendels build area and sliced with Cura. Printed fine from Cura. Might have printed with pronterface, but it seemed to be choking on so much data.
Was printed at .3 mm layers, Going to run it at .1mm tomorrow, will probably take most of the day, even scaled down to 8.5cm tall... But it sure is pretty.

Can we see it?

Had to repair with Netfabb, seems to have sliced OK afterwards. Ill post the result in 5hrs.. ;p

Had issues rendering Gcode in skeinforge with the original stl (had 2 thin shells that never touched!), went back and used the solid version, but when I set solid layers to 0, and infill to 0, both top and bottom of vase are gone! All I have is the outer shell. Any advise on how to configure Skeinforge to properly render with the solid version would be GREAT

I have no experience with Skeinforge, sorry! Maybe someone else will chime in...

I figured it was simply easier to edit the g-code. Ended up rendering with 3 layers top and bottom, 1 shell, and 0 infill. Then edited the G-Code to remove the last 3 layers.

Having trouble with Skeinforge and ReplicatorG - it seems to render 2 shells which aren't connected. I can't for the life of me figure out what I must do to render with only 1 shell in the skeinforge settings. Nor can I figure out how to disable a top layer only by using the solid version of the stl.... Any help would be great!

Still slicing. How long does it take to print ? Thanks.

Took me 7 hours at .5mm layersize.

Using ReplicatorG I had issues. After an hour and fifteen minutes of producing gCode, it timed out and didn't save anything. I love this shape and really want to make one!

I added solid versions, give them a shot.

I'm going to upload a solid version and maybe you can try setting the infil or solidity to 0. I am just repeating terms I've heard, I have no real knowledge of how a thin part is achieved using those slicing methods but maybe you do.

Getting some non-manifold errors in Slic3r 0.9.7 but it seems to be printing fine. Thank you!

Ah. It printed well until the last 10th when it stopped funneling out and went straight up. I'll post the pic in a few. Thanks for your inquiry! Perhaps putting it through Netfab will fix that error.

Good luck with the print. And thank you! This is still new to me and it's so exciting to know that others are out there enjoying my designs.

What kind of SolidWorks did you use? My SW2012 just hangs when trying to load the file.

I designed it in SW2013. You may need to let it sit for a while, the walled loft took some time to initially render on my machine also. Please let me know if there is another format in which you would like the model, I can also provide you with the dimensions and instructions so that you may reproduce the vase in SW2012.