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Shoulder for Robot InMoov

by Gael_Langevin Jan 2, 2013
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Hello, I understand this might have already been talked about, but I can't find it anywhere.
I have printed PivWormV2 for both right and left.
I have printed PivCenterV1 for both right and left.
I have printed PivGearV5 for both right and left.
When I assemble them, the PivWorm hits the PivGear as the PivWorm is rotating.
It hits at 2 points.
Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how did you overcome it?
Any help would be welcome.

is it ok if i print most of them with 3mm thickness and the other 3 at 2mm

The new PistonClaviV3, PistonBaseV6 are awesome. The clearances between parts are much better, and they are alot sturdier.

If you're capable of it, I'd highly recommend printing out PistonClavi and PistonBase with a 0.1mm layer height. My first set I printed out at 0.2mm layers, and they were alot noisier during movement.

Also, I don't think these need to be printed out at 100% infill. Just to be safe, I printed them at 4 perimeters, 50% infill, and they are very sturdy.

Trying to figure which files area has the I guess "clavical" area? Or bit between the shoulders, upper torso?
Wondering before start printing are those parts within this area or is the torso in a different file group?
Or maybe I need more coffee today? ;)
thanks in advance and great work on this!

Hello. I am from Chile and study Civil Electronic Engineering. I would like to buy an Arm, to be able to make it to work with Servo Motores. Since I can buy?, I wait could help me. Regards from Chile

Your best option is to download the files and have a local printer owner make the arm for you. The next cheapest option would be to build a printer and make it yourself.

Hello, Hairy, could you please e-mail me at my e-mail ronald9@aol.com
I need to talk to you? I have the robot made except for the arms and hands, working on them now.
Thank you Hairy. Ron.

Hello, I have looked on http://thingivers.comthingivers.com and http://inmoov.cominmoov.com I had to register for http://inmoov.cominmoov.com.
Anyway my question is where is the chest center with you logo??? I have all done except the arms and hands, I have a robot with a hole in it's chest, Is there anther chest center??? Or where is the old one??? Thanks Ron, Anyone please help?

I believe it's ABS that I'm using as well, Thanks Ron.

You can make a test to see if it is ABS. Try using Acetone or nail solvant to see if it dissolve and glue the material.

i have built the shoulders, I will post pics soon. thanks Ron

ok what is it abs or pvc? I use 1.75mm that I buy on e-bay in differant colors, with my 3d printer, I really don't know what is what? Thanks Ron

what kind of greese are you useing with the pvc??? Thanks Ron.

Hi, I'm using standard grease for bearings without graphite, but my parts are printed in ABS not in PVC.

Found the new worm gears they are much better. Thanks Ron.

I am printing the shoulders, having a problem with the worm gear, very sloppy print, lot of clean up and still not real good?
your instructions say you have updated the worm gear? but I can't seem to find it? Thanks having fun with it Ron.

In the instructions I recommend to print the worm gear with support, I'm guessing you didn't. The most recent Worm Gear is in the downloads.
I'm sure glad you are having fun, because I do!

Is there a ServoHolsterV2 or is it V1 like you have listed in the thing files? Thanks

The parts to download are the most recent, I may have done a mistake writting V2

what are the clavi front and back for?

sorry Thingiverse didn't inform me of your question. These parts are to mount the shoulder mechanism to the Torso ov Inmoov

I'm thinking of starting this project, is anyone doing it with PLA. If so, is it working out OK ?

Hi, there is already quite many prints of InMoov done in PLA, check on the forum.

ABS is easier to use and stronger for it, but have a look at the version in PLA of Jha, he got great results.

Jha's video: http://youtu.be/ugJhzGA84VYhttp://youtu.be/ugJhzGA84VY

I love your project and I like very much the joints that you have created. I am thinking about creating a scaled
version as it will be much more practical for me ( at the end I want to make it cruising around the house) :)) Any thoughts if that is doable with your design? Thank you for the
great work!

I guess it should be doable, I don't see why not. Your printer will need to be very accurate because the gears, worm drives and some other parts are going to be much smaller. Precision will be your key goal.

Hey Gael!

OK, I'm printing parts for the shoulder (1.31.2013). I finished very good prints on the servoholder (Torso) and pivworm (Shoulders & Biceps) without support. I printed the worm for the bicep with and without support. The Should worms were without support. I did not like fiddling to get good releasing supports and I really didn't like cutting off bad supports. So, I tried sans support - free in the breeze. It worked well. A few strings and nibs but, good. I give an acetone wash to strengthen these parts. Then, have to sand/dremel the bottom edge of the worm gear on both prints. Not much, just to dress and fit them to the other gears.

Gael - I did see where it looked like your support just peeled away - Bravo!

Note: Hand dressing parts for assembly is a normal and expected action with machined parts from manufacturing. With Gael's great designing and published parts any handwork needed is because of plastic or printer issues.

As for printing the servoholster without support. I, by accident, printed the Torso servoholster without support. By the time I came back to look at the printer and the print the printer was half way into printing the mount posts. Since the print was beyond the dangerous overhang point - The print went on only to screw up 3/4 of the way through the mount posts fully printing. I think the item is useable if you omit the top 20-25 percent of the part. There is 3/4 of the round post to give a secure fit into the Torso, probably work on shoulder and bicep also? This is enough to smoothly turn and definitely enough plastic support for the servo. I think.

Anyway, I was amazed at the servo holster mount posts jutting out at almost ?90 degrees nicely printed without support. One side perfect. The other had two little short strings about 2mm long, max..

Say, Mr. Langevin, hairygael, Gael - As always - Thanks for your crazy mind! This IS an experience! Ahhh, living inside History.....

Gee, 18 days you have posted this comment and I didn't see it. Why does Thingiverse doesn't send me email notice anymore?
I'm so glad you can work these parts so easily, It must be actually pretty fun to just download, print and assemble.
I'm surprised you could print Pivworm without support, I should try that to see.

Love to see all your pictures on Flickr, what a work really!
Thanks for posting.

@ Protoprint - How Cool! You finished both arms? Where are the pictures?

Love your work! I'w made both arms now but can't find the missing torso parts? will you also share the neck and head soon?

I need to find a bit of time for postig the torso, but I will. Neck and will be also posted, but I still need to work on some stuff, like the mechanism for the eye movements, and I'm still working on the design of ears because I definitly have a sound problem due to the environment noise of the servos. Please post pictures of the bicep and shoulder in "I made one"

I can't seem to find the torso parts either.

On the inmoov website/download you will find all the links. Some of the InMoov parts are not on Thingiverse but on CubeHero.

Great progress! You have a talent for making your robots very human like. I think that your robots and my robots need to get together at some point in the future ;-) I'm impressed by the range of motion and smoothness of actuation, what servos are you using? I'm going to be releasing a new version of the strain wave drive (harmonic drive)
soon that might be well suited for arms (although I'll need to find a faster servo before I can use it with walking robots).

Hi jdow,Thanks for your comment. I don't know what is going on with thingiverse, but since they redesigned their site I don't get mail noticed anymore about comments or even if someone has printed my thing. Very annoying.

I wanted to use harmonic drive at first for the shoulders but, I went for something more simple to build. I'm still thinking of using it in vertebras or hips. What troubles me with it is the number of parts, plus the part that need to deform with rotation. For InMoov I try to minimize parts to print to avoid freaking the builders. I used for the shoulders, two HS 805BB servos. Maybe our robots will meet someday without us in a robot fair.

It is really a great project! Very impressive!