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Superman Bust (HD 10MB)

by Geoffro Jul 18, 2014
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if you actually have this model id be willing to buy it from you.

Solo viene un cubo ??
Porque ??

why there is a cube in download?

Hi Geoffrey,
I'm doing a giveaway at my wife's school, she a librarian at a rural k-6 school without a 3d printer. So I'm giving away a 10 gallon aquarium full of 3d printed things to coincide with the DVD release of the justice league DVD. I did the same for the last Jedi. The giveaways are to prove heros get rewarded.

Anyway I saw your superman bust and it is the perfect centerpiece! I was hoping you might send it me. If not i completely understand. I just thought I would try to contact you and see?
Thanks, Jeff
Ps. You other designs are amazing and appreciated!

Look at the picture where i compare the original game model to the resculpt.
You're an idiot lol.

Why don't you just take down this listing? Putting just a cube in the download is a troll and your comments subsequent don't help. You can ask to remove content and Thingiverse usually complies - especially if it's coming from the owner of the IP. Just in case you missed that here it is: http://www.thingiverse.com/legal/dmca. Also, you do realize that according to the TOS you basically give Makerbot (The Company) carte blanche to your design right? They can modify it, sell it, monetize it and all without giving you even attribution let alone any royalties. Read section 3.2 of the TOS. There is also the secondary license of which I assume you chose Reserve All Rights.

I find it odd people who create accounts just to say things like that. Why can you not just use your normal account and talk instead of hiding?

Just to make it very clear for you, regardless of what legal mumbo jumbo you want to copy/paste verbatim...

If I remove the make - all the people that put effort into printing it and uploading the photos, well their images get wiped along with it. No, not the most effective system but that's what we have to work with here.

All I can imagine from your attitude is you are angry that you came to pilfer a free printing file only to find out that it is not here, which seems to have made you very angry.

cant get the download button to work when i click it does nothin on the other site

This looks like a sick model and I'd gladly tip you. However, I'm not keen on giving coin to Trinpy though knowing you're only going to see a fraction of it. The only people winning in that situation is Trinpy.

Sadly this is the way things are going, perhaps if more people didn't download the file and then go and sell it on Etsy, we'd be in a different boat.

? no files to download. :(
only a cube.!
// Jens

Read Thing Details.

When I go to download on Trinpy says "oops nothing here" unable to download..

Working fine for me, try another browser perhaps.

Got it to work by removing the ); at the end of the download link. Not sure why it did this. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do and time you put in to make us seem like Superman to our kids ..

Can't download it off of Trinpy without paying $5.99 for 5 "premium downloads"

They are only giving you 5 downloads for $5.99? wow sorry I thought you got unlimited.

Trinpy has nearly died, will be putting it back here soon.

I would like to print this bigger but under you license here I am not allowed as it would be a derivative.

? No, you can print it as large as you like. If you mean you cannot simply rescale it and re-upload it in a bigger size and call that a remix, then no you can't do that.

Actually I was thinking of making a bank out of it.

I hope it works out well for you.

This is a great model, thank you! I printed it in white PLA for my grandson to paint and it looks amazing. I followed the suggestion to print with zero infill and only supports under the chin even though I was a bit doubtful. On the first attempt, the base collapsed and I had to increase top and bottom solid layers to remove the void (my mistake). The second attempt printed really well. I thought the biceps would droop but they didn't. Apart from a small droop at one corner of the cape, it came out flawless. This is easily the most impressive looking item I've printed so far. Models like this can sell 3D printers. I'm going to print it again at a larger scale and I'll add some supports to the cape. Thanks again for the model. I have one very happy grandson.

I printed this out twice. The first one was a smaller version; however it still is a good size. That one took 16 hours. Well then I decided to do the largest I could do on my Z18 Printer.....OMG it is awesome. Now I had purchased a Makerbot when they first came out and subsequently returned it 3 weeks later. Well I decided to jump in again but with the Z18 and hope the updated extruder was ok. Well this one had a clog so I decided to take it apart and fix it myself...I also unscrewed the stainless steel tube that holds the ptfe tubing just a bit. Well I started my print and it said it should take 36-37 hours to print. Well that worried me as I had never had my first makerbot print 3 hours w/o issues. I used translucent red and believe it or not I kept logs throughout this entire print and after 50 hours of continuous NON-STOP printing, I have an awesome Superman Bust!!!! Just over 50 hours and not a single issue....I am so happy.

You are too kind, I merely turned a low poly game mesh into a clay sculpt... But 50 hours?? wow.. It must be detailed, the one in my original print only took a few hours on an old flashforge... ;/ at 0.2mm I think I printed it at in ABS.

The biggest thing I need to add is a huge thank you for the person who actually made this STL File....w/o you none of us would have this to print. Thanks so much!!! After reading I believe it is "GEOFFRO" we owe a thank you to. I appreciate your work...and after 50 hours of printing I am really happy. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You, sir, are extremely talented. Very very nice work. Thank you for such an excellent design. I will print this and may even try painting it. Wow. I'll have to see what else you have made.

Once again,


keep it up, i see that not many people comment on the prints, but damn you are talented! I am just learning how to 3d model, but i already have a 3d printer, and this models that you are uploading are priceless, thanks!


you are awesome! thanks for sharing another quality model from u!

printing it now!

My pleasure, I just want to give people something to print other than the norm :)

Thanks, at least of the 100 downloads someone said something.