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Entitled Goose from Untitled Goose Game

by gynni Oct 9, 2019
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the eyes file are bigger than the whole body !!! whats the right size to scale it?

I made this one (three) with an Creality Ender 3 Pro. No problems other than I drilled the holes for the feets to fit. The ankles are a weak point. Also, the hole for the magnets (6x2mm) in the beak has to be made bigger with a drill. My son liked very much them so I had to do another one for him. I also have them in a pot with cactus which look nice.

Aah the one with the bloodshot eyes! ;)

I've uploaded a new version a few hours ago. The ankles should be a bit stronger now. For me it also helps to print one foot at a time so there are no weak layers because of retractions. Feel free to try the new one!

Looking forward to printing this. Doesn't the beak also need an insert to join it to the main body, like the legs do, to help it support the weight of heavy objects via a strong magnet?

The beak has an insert now. With a strong glue it was no issue so far but assembly is easier this way.

Goose stands up with keys but falls over without keys.
I am gonna have to glue the fella to something.
I superglued two 5 mm x 1 mm niobium magnets in the beak to hold my keys.

Looks great, but when I load the single piece one in to Simplify3D half the beak disappears... How would I fix that?

For anyone having the same issue, here is the repaired file.

Thanks, I only tested with Slic3r. What did you do to make it work in S3D?

I just uploaded thru Netfabb, Autodesk's online service. It has a "autorepair" thingy...

It's a paid service but has a free trial ;)

Edit: Actually I think it's free, you just have to create an account


I'll just upload yours if you're okay with it :)

peace was never an option

Could you make a version of the beak that is more of a clip than a magnet somehow?

I was trying to figure out how to get it to hold non-magnetic things like paper, and I'll bet you could pull it off just by using a magnetic washer to clamp it in place.

I put a small piece of metal underneath. In this photo I used a dime.

Any way to get this parts preassembled for the Prusa MMU2S?

There will be a V2 soonish, I‘ll try to add a MMU friendly variant!

So is the required magnet 6x2 mm or 5x1 mm? Reading conflicting reports.

I had to tweak the hole size slightly wider to get a 6x2 to fit. (On the one hand, that could be my slicer tolerances being off. On the other, it still means I needed to either change something somewhere or use a smaller magnet.)

Comments deleted.

I printed this mostly in the given orientation; the only difference is for the leg/beak file, I split it into three and rotated the beak so that it printed on the back part (where it attaches to the neck). This gives a cleaner finish in the magnet hole, as there's no bridging needed. Supports on body easily removed but take care not to mash broken off supports into the leg holes!

Eyes were a bit fiddly due to the size. A little brute force got them in though.

Great model, gynni!

Printed as one piece at 100% scale and the hole was too small for the 6x2mm magnet, unfortunately.

(EDIT: I AM STUPID! It was meant for a 5x1mm magnet! My bad entirely!! IGNORE MY DUMBNESS ABOVE.)

The legs on the single-piece print are extremely brittle and often snap off during support removal. Yikes! Still an amazing lil dude though and very fixable. I've been gifting them to friends like crazy! <3

As a folllow-up tip, if you are printing the piece-by-piece version but don't want to deal with the eyes, just print without them and use Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint instead! It creates a sort of rubber "bubble" effect, so just 2 drops per eyehole makes for a perfect, shiny-eyed goose. No glue or black filament necessary! And the bottles are only $1 at any craft store or Walmart.

Can confirm that the ankles are a weak point. I broke one of mine yesterday holding the feet flat on the table with a too-heavy weight on the beak.

about to print at 250% scale XD gonna hold all my keys

Ive seen a lot of people trying to figure out what to do for the eyes on this, and I have a good solution. Rather than printing two pieces, just take a piece of Black filament 1.75 and cut it and glue it in. Is a little small, but you could probably thicken it up a bit by using a hot glue gun (just stick the end in the glue gun tip and pull out when its a little soft) then stick her in the eye hole and it looks great. you can trim up with wire cutters after its in.

Good shout! Superglue did the trick well enough, you can't even tell it's not completely filled.

Is there a way to order this printed out? I don't own a 3D printer.

In the past, I've been able to order parts to be printed here for my Adafruit projects. There was a button "Order This Printed" under "Thing Apps Enabled". I don't see that button here though.

Check out https://fabshop3d.com
They will be able to print this for you.

I really want to model the little nerdy kid now, and make the Goose figurine torment him.

A note on the balance: this seems to be expected to take a magnet. I haven't found one yet and the assembled model tends to fall backward at the slightest bump. I used a 25% infill for the body to make it a little more bottom-heavy.

I also have trouble with the eyes not fitting. Fortunately they take 48 seconds to reprint!

If you're using Cura, look for a setting called "Horizontal Expansion" and set it to something like -0.05. That's a negative number. This number is derived from how much over your test prints are when you measure them. For instance, say you printed a 20mm calibration cube and it was 20.2mm on each side. You'd want to set your horizontal expansion to -0.1 to reduce that expansion. It makes pressure-fitted parts fit really well but it can bite you if you do too much so try a few settings. Mine is currently set to -0.05 and it works great for everything I do when I need precision fittings.

Why does the bill not have a key slot but the legs do?

I'd also love to see a version where the beak and head are keyed. It was probably done this way so that only the body would have to be printed with supports.

Finished my print, haven't assembled it yet. I printed it all in white PLA and plan to paint the feet and beak orange and the eyes black.. Those eyes are a killer! Not sure how I'm going to install them.

A steady hand, and either a pair of tweezers or needle-nose pliers are your friend here. Line them up so the angled side is facing out of the body, and so that if held horizontally, they would slope up towards the top of the head. Gently push in until the eye socket has enough grip on them that you can let go. Take a strong flat surface and gently press the eyes in. Once you have both eyes in, you can push them more to their final place. They may jut out a bit. I recommend doing this stage before gluing the beak and legs on.

Yeah the eyes seem to be very printer/tolerance-dependent, can't work out great for everyone's printer I guess :/
If you plan to paint you maybe could have saved yourself some trouble by printing the single piece thing though!

I have a fairly cheap printer, and it's probably not tuned as well as it could be. I have fun with it, but the eyes were just smaller than I could reliably print.

When I grabbed the three part STL I didn't notice the single piece model - or maybe I grabbed them before the single piece model was uploaded. I think I'll probably print another one using that model.

This really is fantastic, one of my favorite prints so far. Thanks for creating it!

A dab of Tulip Dimensional Paint in each eye hole will make picture-perfect shiny goose eyes effortlessly, and the paint itself is only a dollar and comes prepackaged with a dropper in the cap! :)

Has anyone else printed the one-piece file and noticed a weak spot in the goose's right leg? I've printed it a total of 6 times on two different printers and I can't get the settings tweaked to where the right leg isn't super fragile.

Yep same here, except I tried printing without supports and the right leg keeps snapping right off the print bed. :(

Not just you! Printed everything but the body at 100% infill on the second one I printed and it still snapped easily. Luckily, superglue is a quick fix. Now to just do something about the balance issue...

Thanks for the feedback! At first I thought there might be some kind of extrusion issue at that point in the print, so I messed with my settings quite a bit... then I did it on a different printer and had the same issue. The multi-part print seems to be fine though, I just didn't want to have to glue on the beak. Made a lot more work for myself than it was worth!

this... i like this.

Can you post the unsplit model so we can print as a single piece?

There you go. Now you have to print it and post a make though ;)

Printing those eyes was not working out for me, but I did find that just a length of 1.75mm black filament through the eye holes, trimmed to shape, worked nicely!

Hey I'm not sure if you're selling any prints of these, but I would be interested!

Any suggestions for sources for the magnets?

I used one of these https://smile.amazon.com/Refrigerator-Magnets-Hobbies-Science-Whiteboard/dp/B07RFQ33G7/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=.2+inch+magnet&qid=1570935764&sr=8-3
with some CA glue and it has worked great. Strong enough to pick up a small key ring and my rake I modeled (with more of these magnets embedded)

Holy geese. This is the best thing ever. Printing right now.

Awesome and hilarious, printing right now. Thanks a lot!

How does one insert the magnet into the beak?

if it doesn't stick, use hot plastic/glue gun to fit it in

there is a slot underneath, just push it in

Are the files already oriented in the optimal printing position?

They were for me. I ended up printing with a raft (because the belly/butt of the goose is irregular) and it came out rough but looks great. The only part I had some printing trouble with was the thighs, and I ended up using a heat gun to soften the holes. I cored them out a bit with a knife first, and stuck the legs in after I heated the thighs. They're really nice that way, and I didn't need to use glue for them.

Hi, what is the actual size of the finished object? Thank you!

I'd print this but someone ran off with my filament, untied my shoelaces, and hid my glasses.

Can you change the print settings to use more infill on the first half of the white and less infill on second half? That way you don't need to make a base for it?

i don't think that'll do: the feet just aren't big enough. you could print with more infill for added overall weight for a nicer feel though.

What a coincidence, I also just uploaded a sign for the game's logo. I was surprised there weren't already more Untitled Goose Game inspired projects on Thingiverse, but am glad there are at least two now.

I'll definitely print this when I get a chance and I think it'll look great with my sign. :)

What is the brand of the Orange PETG you used? The orange I have is a bit too dark

dasfilament melonengelb (melon yellow), it's a german brand