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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

SKR Controller box model 3.3

by HortaInc Oct 7, 2019
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I want to print this for my Ender 3 with a skr 1.3 board and rsp4. which version should I print? v3.3_E3 ? or v3.2_universal_xl ?

Description says Universal XL is the one compatible with SKR 1.3, thanks for reading first, plase, print only the files that match the XL code, not the XXL, as they are bigger and will not fit. The E3 is the model for a board made specifically for the Ender 3 printer, and will not fit any other board.

i have read the description but I don't understand the versioning sometimes. and then I better ask insted of wasting time and filament

Noted, maded that point clearer as many of you found it a bit misleading. thanks for choosing our model. And sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, had a long day, and didn't checked what I wrote.

No problem :) we all have bad days :) and thanks for the reply :)

I have a similar question as the one from gsxr2001, I am going to print this for my ender 5, that uses a SKR 1.3 and RPi, but there is no place for the power supply that comes with the ender 5 right? As I noticed from your 3d redered images. Which one would be the ideal for my case? I got kinda confused by all the names and can't really see where my case may fit. Thanks!

The raspberry uses one of the LM2596, or you can use a wall adapter and connect it through the hole in the lower part of the case that aligns with the normal usb charge port of the raspberry. I'm unfamiliar of the Ender 5 configuration, this case is more intended for a Hypercube Evolution, but you can use it in almost any case with profiles that accept an M4 screw. As the descrition of the design says, the Universal XL version is the one that suits SKR v1.3.


About the pi, I know, there are even it's mouting parts for the power regs (Even tought not really just for it I guess? =), but I was wondering if any had space for the Ender 5 main power supply, that looks like this one , That's the PSU that I didn't see in any of the renderings. I will anyway print the XL version and see how everything fits =D. Looks awesome.

I see what you want, but no, that would require a box more than double the size of the actual, without any benefit, usually is recomended to separate the PSU from the main electronics, mainly so we can put an on/off switch that kills the entire printer, and to balance better the weight through the structure of the printer. There are many boxes and supports for the PSU in thingiverse, just look for any compatible one with yours.


A question about version: 3.3 is for E3 only? For SKR 1.3 have I to print 3.1 XL?

E3 is for the E3 board, Universal XL is for the SKR 1.3, and XXL is for the SKR PRO

There seems to be a problem with the files download page!

I can see that, but is not on our part, the issue is from thingiverse itself

Congratulations for the work! Just to get new ideas, what do you use the 2 switches for?

The top one is a killswitch, directly cuts the power to the board in case of emergency, and the front one is to turn on/off the lights, this way you can keep the raspberry on, and still do an emergency stop to the board.

A future improvement will be to do this with a programable button connected to the octopi that sends a stop code to marlin, so you can resume if it is a false alarm, this way extruder fan will not turn off at any time, less things to worry about, etc... But this will be the future, front switch will allways be front lights for me.

Thank You, great ideas! Specially that one of programable button

I think I will install no switch for now. I control printer, raspberry, light and dehydrator wih a shelly4pro, so with app/voice/google home/buttons

this is so amazing! a great design . good job :) I'm a little scared about the cooling provided to the stepper drivers since my tmc2208 can get TOASTY but i think it'll be fine if I configure it to push air out of the case. that way I cool my pi mosfet and board.

i have to also make a cut for the raspberry pi cable since I power mine separately to always keep octoprint on!

You got it right, as it says in the description, the fan must extract air from the case, this is why the bottom is perforated, in addition, once you have finished all the cabling, you can block the remaining holes of the cable port by cutting to measure a sponge to measure and inserting it into the hole, this way the fan will only get air that passes by heat radiant components.

The pi is meant to be powered by one of the two mosfets, but if you use the universal case, an external usb cable can be used without a problem.

Hope this box serves you well!

Any chance you might make a version for the SKR PRO?

It can be possible, but I'm away from my main computer, and can not make any mods to the files, it should fit, but really close to the borders, don't know when I will be able to try to play with dimensions in cad and figure out if it can be possible. Will list it as possible though.

I would be VERY interested in a SKR PRO version as well :)

There you go guys, the XXL version is PRO capable. I can't test if everything fits, because I don't own the hardware, but at least in the digital assembly seems ok. Feel free to comment if something seems off or doesn't fit.


Very nice of you, thanks :)

Awesome case! I think I'm going to use this as an external case for my ender-5.
Jus a question though, would it be possible to fit a A6x25 Noctua fan (So 60x60x25)?
I won't be using the on/off switch there and no Mosfet either.

The fan will fit, It might interfere with some models of bed mosfets, specially the cheap tall ones, but you can just modify the height of the pieces in the editable versions, they are shared inside a .zip file.

Why would you need the 2 DC converters?

Lights and Pi, or for a camera servo, smoke detector, pc fan to vent the ABS fumes, ... the sky is the limit.

You can just kill the hole if you want, there are editable pieces inside the .zip file.

My quest for a simple fan duct to cool my steppers has taken a long turn to lead me here. This case looks amazing, but I'm unclear if it has the tray for the mosfet I have According to the amazon page the holes are 80x59mm which I don't see listed. Are you willing to share your CAD files? In addition to the Mosfet I have a bunch of aviation plugs that I use for connectors for my current setup and would like to punch out the appropriate sized holes in the side of the box. I also would like to mount the official Pi 7" touch screen on the front so I'd need at the least a slot for the ribbon cable to come through.

There is a zip file with all the solidworks parts, but if you need a different format, I can try to convert them, don't recommend it because all the dimensions and restricitions getting lost, but it can be done. The mosfet you will need to modify the height of the box to fit that one seems massive compared to the others, I've only done those I use, and doing that one would result in the box being too big to be printed in a 210x210 buildplate, or at least really tight. The same for the plugs and screen, you can modify the original files to fit your needs, they are allways published

Sorry, forgot some questions/comments.

I should be able to modify the file to work in the touch screen. Looks like it's pretty easy to create holes in the files you included.

It looks like the box is only 165mm tall and the mosfet I'm using would require about 15 more mm to fit which bring the total height to 180mm. The width is 182 with the, I'm assuming, wire management holes coming out the sides. It will still be printable. I do recognize that it will be a lot of work to resize all the models. Let me know your thoughts.

I don't have access to solidworks so I'm using Fusion 360. Also just tried FreeCAD but had even less success with that. I saw the files yesterday and I imported them but am not really sure what I'm looking at. I'm used to seeing sketches that I can modify to change the model. After some research I'm not seeing any good way to get the design history from solidworks in to fusion or any other free CAD program. Do you know of a way? If not I guess I can only request that you add the features I'm looking for.

We know many printers can hold more than 170mm tall, but those with a cristal and clips are a little bit more conservative with the real printing space, that is why we try not to exceede that height, about the files, we can try to export to a format you can work with, just wait a few hours so we upload the last variants and then just tell us in a private message from which flavour do you want the files. Sadly we can't guarantee the history of the file will export correctly, but we will try our best.

Thanks for your fast replies. I am actually able to do a lot more than I thought I would be able to do with the files you included. I already removed the wire management 90 degree openings that come out the left and right sides, filled in those holes, and extended the top compartment by 15mm. It took some outside the box thinking (pun intended) for me to figure some of the stuff out but some of it was as simple as selecting faces and pressing delete or creating sketches on the existing faces. Anyway, I'm modifying the Pi 4 files. I'll post a remix when/if I finish it.

Can you share a link to where you got your rectangular on/off rocker switch? The most common size on Amazon is ~ 19x13mm but the hole in the model is 17.8x13mm. The circle rocker seems standard.

Here's some links to Amazon US parts if you want to add to the description:

This morning I felt a little guilty for not being prepared for that mosfet, si I made an XL universal box, if you download again the zip file, there are the solid files for it, so you can modifi only the holes as you please and be sure everything fits.

Hope it helps.

I get the switches from a local store here in València, so a bit hard to give you a link, and also, I don't like giving promo to someone big corporation. about the hole sizes, they are the inner ones, so the clips get some grip before releasing. The best I can do about it is to give you the link to the mockup pieces that match.

And don't forget checking everything fits with an assembly before printing! wasted so many prints because of that...