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APIS CoreXY - 3D Printer

by EJaworenko Sep 29, 2019
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Awsome, your implementation looks very promising, do you have any plans as to when you will start building it?

I am also working on an implementation, but I'm trying to go budget friendly, (Hopefully), with a lot of printed parts, no custom ones.
Hence the big issue of the top plate, wich costs a lot, I'm basicly trying to fit all those componest under a 20x40 extrusions for both y rails sit,
And a big 20x60 extrusion in the rear that would fit the XY motors, idlers and pulleys, curently still designing in Fusion, and will also need to lenghen the tool docks to make up for the difference between the 6mm CNC plate and the 20mm extrusion hehe

Also I searched a lot on how E3D were doing there belt tensioning, I feel they don't have one that lets you retention after assembly, do they?

Anyway great work, will be definetly looking out for your progress?

I will have to wait until I have a higher paying job before I can even start building my own, because it's just... quite expensive. haha. But I am also considering finding companies to pitch it to in order to see if they are willing to pay for one ;) I'm actually debating building a variation of one using the random parts I have, just to test the concept though. Could be fun.

I want to get the v2 of this design up soon because it will also be more budget friendly. I actually modified the locations of lots of things so that you could technically build this using.... I believe I stuck with all 2080 extrusion because it's the closest to the width that I went with on the top plate of this design.

The E3D design does allow you to tension the belts after assembly, but it's a weirdly complex assembly. In mine you would have to loosen a part to tension, so it's not quite as stiff.... however, my assembly could be 3D printed or CNCed on a 3 axis mill as 1 part, where you'd need 3 custom parts for the E3D setup. All milled because they're more fragile.

Glad you like it though! Hopefully it is useful to people.

Haha, I get you a hundred percent, building machines cost a lot.
Hence why I'm building one out of 20x60 extrusions, cause I I couldn't find 2080 ones, so I have the rear stepper
Peaking out of the back... designing e3d's core xy layout is really hard whitout a custom top plate...
Although it is basicly like the BLV Mgn Cube for instance but with the belt system running under the extrusions to allow to fit the tools in the rear.
Is can you share a bit on how you designed that? For the 20x80 extrusions?

Also as a cheap alternative you can use a 1515 extrusion for the x linear rail supports. The e3d tool changing carriage fits well from my test in gusion.

But really I can't stress enough how much I am loving your take on the toolchanger.
If only I had that kind of money...
Your project is definetly on my watchlist

My belt layout is the exact same as E3D's, but then I went to move things around just a touch so that when I get to it, all the parts which mount to their top plate currently would be able to mount onto 2020 style extrusion. I mean, choosing 2020 vs 3030 was partly cost and accessibility too. Like I think there is more versatility in 2080/4080 than 3060, so I went with it. Basically all I did was align the parts so they intersect on what is essentially a 20x20mm grid. You can use my design or steal ideas when it is up though!

For cheap alternatives I actually want to see if I can do a really small toolchanging setup using spare 2020 I have lying around. Most of the rigidity would come from laser cut acrylic, and instead of 6 tools it will probably be 2 or 3, just for fun.

As a bit of a tease, the idea in the end with this is that it will actually be a flexible toolchanging system where you can choose how many tools you want, size of bed, etc. I'm probably gonna change the name to line up with the IDEx style printer I'm also developing and maybe build a brand of sorts off of it. Also want to make assembly manuals and things like that for everything, but obviously these things take time.

Well done integrating the touchscreen in such a neat way. I'm currently combining the best off the three worlds (in my opinion): Your Display implementation, the E3D overall design (4 toolchanger/-heads) , the kinematik bed from jubilee.

I appreciate the comment!
I actually have incorporated a kinematic bed already ;), It simplified the bed kinematics dramatically. just need to reupload. I also have plans to make this parametric so you can choose how many heads to change between. Progress here has actually been slowed from working on ANOTHER printer design that is a couple days away from converting my own printer at home to.

What is the printer? Did you get to convert it?

It's a custom IDEx printer that I've been developing for close to 3 years, I just recently redesigned it from the ground up to be another crazy flexible system. I will post it soon! I just have some further design work to finish up before I feel comfortable sharing it, since I have it way through the prototyping phase already.

What exactly is the reason for the belt driven Z axis? Stating that you want to keep a simple design and then doing this seems rather contadictory. I don't have personal experience with belt driven systems in this way, but from what I heard it is an absolute pain to calibrate them and (I think) thus the reason E3D has only one big rail.
Otherwise really nice work. I was planning to do something simmilar to what you are doing with a 300x300 base by myself, but didnt force myself to model it out yet

Comments deleted.

Instead of one Z motor driving the lead screws; why not consider a kinematic bed mount?

Very interesting! Somehow of all the printers that I've seen, I missed kinematic bed mounts somewhere. I like that. I think perhaps I'll revise the design accordingly. Probably for the option to use one motor still, but the option for true bed levelling as well. Thank you!

One of the designs using this concept is: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3843001


Thanks for that! I will see what I can do.

I will watch your project. Liked the concept.

Just: 4040? Ok, 2020 is, for sure, too weak, but 4040 looks like is stronger than you really will need and the cost will increase also.

I also like the idea of bigger bed instead of the regular 200x200 but for sure I will like more the 300x300 then 400x400 (superb big) or 400x300 (not regular).


I agree, one of the biggest things I've been debating changing was to C-Beam simply because then you have the 4080 profile, but with 2020 style hardware. I'll revisit this because parts havent been bought quite yet, so this may be a easy thing to switch to. In this case, perhaps not cheaper, but for now I think I need the width of the 4080 to accomplish a little thing I'm playing with.

As for bed size, 400x300 was the largest I could go locally without getting a custom bed. but I'd like to make it parametric to accomodate any of those sizes.