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Mobile Raspberry Computer Case - Portable Raspberry Pi-to-Go

by partspeople Dec 22, 2012
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GamingGeek duh dm ass you think you cant do it then your not a gaminggeek

how would you get the keyboard

could you re design the cover instead of the pi logo?

ok legit how much would you charge for one of these? (minus printed case) private message me please thanks

any way this can be simplified to just encase the pi? no screen or extra memory or taking apart the pi. all i need is a case that will envelope all the components including memory card. it would be a big help.

There are already cases for the Pi, why not just print one of those?

I'm aware. however i need a case that will enclose all the parts. I haven't found one yet that will do that for my model pi. most have the sd card exposed and I can't have that for security reasons.

Can you make a version for the Raspberry Pi B+?

for some reason when i try to print the back door my xyzware software doesnt put any middle fill in. it will print the outside but when it get s to the middle were the symbol is its like nothing is there. is there a way you could post a solid back piece also.

im in the process of building one, one issue does it matter what Wi-Fi dongle I use. I mean the higher the mbps the faster the connection speed, I mean is there a better brand. by the way I just go the mini keyboard in the mail this thing is awesome.

Me again I can't open or find the web page can you put it up again as a PDF maybe thanks

Love it now I really want one great idea once again love it I will tell my friends good job thanks and I might make it out of wood just need a template love it can't wait to make one or get one :D

Is there a cheaper alternative to the samsung hard drive. Or maybe an alternative to the battery charger. I want to build it but it seems a bit pricey.

What's the trick in printing the mobile-pi-screen.stl file? I am using the makerbot2 3D printer and this part is giving me fits. Any chance I can buy this piece from you? The other pieces came out fine.

How did you connect the USB Hub to the 64GB SSD?

what battery did you use could you power it off anything other than a laptop battery pack?? awesome project

How do you download the file?
cant find it

Please could you send me the settings you used for the up printer?

how do you get the case?

He 3d printed it

Any chance of updating this to the "b" version 2?

Yes, it is compatible with both versions 1st and 2nd gen. 2nd generation does not require a feed back line to be soldered from the USB power to the input.

Does the pi-to-go fold up or is it stuck in the open position?

I do not have a 3d printer, but am interested in this. How much would it cost to have all the parts printed?

I agree how much would it cost for the part other wise great and one more thing you could make and then sell them on eBay good work

Is there anybody who printed this out on a Lulzbot AO-101? I bought this machine mainly so I could build a pi to go and I can't even print it out! I have tried everything I know of, including repG and still no dice. Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated.

Can you tell me what problems you are having. I created the files in google sketchup and netfabb. I printed the files on my pp3dp UP! printer with no problems. I will try to resolved the problem for you if you can tell me in what part of the printing process you are having the problem.

OOOhh, I think I tried to call you at partspeople! But you were on vacation because you had a baby I think?! If so, congrats! Was that you I was trying to contact?!

Hey, sorry, I didn't see your post, I forgot I even posted, but thank you so much for answering. I am still having the problem. I printed all parts except for the back door. I am getting the error, (the model has overlapping or self-intersecting facets. I tried to repair it, however you might want to check the results or repair the input file and retry). I was having the same problem with the base, but then tried again the other day and it sliced fine. I have tried all different settings in slic3r and it still doesn't work. Any help will be so greatly appreciated. I have one more part, (the back door), and then I can build it!! Thanks again for responding.

My one complaint about this is the lack of GPIO access, which in my mind is the greatest advantage rPi has. Nevermind they put it in a strange spot I'd still like to use this for projects.

So awesome. Thanks for your work and for sharing!

Very cool with a great name to boot!

I saw that one when I was building it but it only has a resolution 480 x 234 pixels. I opted for a screen that was smaller with 640 x 480 pixels. I am currently looking for a 5-7 screen that is HDMI for my 2nd version of the Pi-to-go.

Have you seen http://www.chalk-elec.com/?page_id=1280#!/~/product/category=3094861&id=14647630http://www.chalk-elec.com/?pag... ? A little less DIY but should do the trick. 7", 1024x600, touchscreen, connects to HDMI.

what about like a PSP screen or something like that, possibly a Nintendo DS

I am looking into using something like that too. Maybe a screen from a smart phone. I will just have to figure out how to connect the screen to display properly. It would not be a direct connect, and might be more hassle than it is worth.