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Panther Origami

by W-LAN-Kabel Sep 18, 2019
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I just got my cr-10s. I’m a newbie. I’ve tried twice and both have broke trying to get the support off. I have 2 questions.

1 - supports in Cura has options. Anyone that has had a successful print, support “everywhere” or “bottom”? And angle is default at 45%? I used everywhere and 45%
2 - What is the easiest way to remove the support?

Absolutely loving the learning process! Playing with TinkerCad now.

Thank you!

You should use 55º angle (or what works for you) and use "Support Top Distance" in Cura, set that to 0.1mm, it makes a small gap between the support and print to reduce how much it's stuck to it, also if you you set the support line count to 0 you can save filament and make the support easier to remove, support density I use 20%

Edit: also use support brim to stick it to the bed better for smaller support parts

That worked perfectly! And waiting till the bed cooled a bit before trying to get it off. Thank you for the guidance. I posted a couple makes.

    When you press "Everywhere," it means put supports on the structure itself as well. In this case, there are no overhangs directly above the panther, so it does not matter if you select "Touching Build Plate" or "Everywhere." In the case of a different model, say if you needed to print a hollow cylinder on it's side, the supports would need to rest on the bottom of the cylinder, therefore not touching the build plate. But say you didn't want the supports because you didn't want to remove the supports, then you could turn the supports off, or in the case of printing more things at one time you could select "Touching Build Plate" and there would be no supports to remove after, although the structure would be lower quality. This is an example, simply for simplicity, though typically I would print a cylinder circle side down. 
    Next time you print this model, I'd recommend to modify a specific setting in Cura, get a stronger filament, or both. To access the setting in Cura, go to the "Settings" tab (fourth [4th] tab to the right on the very top left of the screen) and click "Configure setting visibility..." and scroll down to "Support Z Distance." Check the box, press "Close" and set it to "0.09" instead of "0.1" in the setting window in Cura. This will increase the distance between the supports and the panther's belly, chin, tail, etc. therefore making it easier to remove the supports. If this still doesn't work, reduce the same setting slightly to make the gap ever so slightly bigger. That's all I got for you at the moment. I hope this was helpful :)

Having a hard time printing this at 100% scale on an anycubic i3 slicing with cura. Tail will usually mess up. After playing with the settings a bit I can get it to print but the tail and feet usually break off when removing the supports. I have 8 wall lines to make the tail and legs solid but they break along the layer lines when I remove the supports. I can glue them back on and it turns out nicely but would still be interested in getting this to print without needing to glue. I might just try scaling right up to get stronger legs and tail. I did try prusaslicer but it gave terrible quality to the area where I removed the support from. Trying to work out what others are doing to get a successful print. Not sure if I need to blame my 3d printer. The original make in the photo looks fantastic. The body and head print fine, its just those feet and tail that keep giving me trouble. I must be up to 20 full prints by now, Im really hooked on getting this one to work.

What temperature are you printing at? I recently had issues on my i3 with small cross-sectional parts, but upping my temperature fixed it. The higher temps create stronger inter-layer bonds.

Printed with Support, no problem in first run.

I just don't think this model likes being printed, even with supports everywhere the tail has decided to shift just as it's meeting the model by half a centimetre though the legs are all good as is the rest of the body so it's an odd shift.

That being said this is a really nice model and the rest came out great so it's time to print it again haha

I printed it with support and I broke off one of the legs. I printed it again, but larger and it was too rough where the support structure used to be. I'm now printing it upside down without support. We'll see how it comes out.

If it doesn't work, see my comment above plz

Did you manage to get a decent print upside down?

I'm on my 3rd try... front right leg keeps shifting unsticking (even with brim!)... never happened to me like that. Going to 70 degrees bed on PLA, maybe that will help...

I just tried 3 times and give up....that front right leg is either shifting or breaking off build completely

THe same for me. It's my 3rd try. ront right leg keeps shifting unsticking
Alfawise U30 Pro --> PLA. Bed 60 Degrees

can you kindly insert the support profiles used for this model, with Cura 4.4? thank you very much

Nice model. its a challenge to get the shape in few polygons

This is actually a low poly panther and not origami. Origami is the art of paper folding.

Yes, but ... if u ask me, ... it looks like folden Paper ;)

The tail section when beginning to build continues to fall off even with support. Suggestions?

Password please ...?

U need no Password ....

This has got to be the best looking low poly animal I have seen. Good job!