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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Pocket-Tactics: Core Set (5th Edition)

by dutchmogul Aug 29, 2019
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I gotta say this 5th edition seems like a MASSIVE step backwards. Pretty much everything I liked about the pocket tactics series is gone with this addition.

Just a quick question, is there any rules for how many of each piece to print?
edit: Just found it on your website, lol~

Hah, no worries. It's also here in the "Thing Details."

Hey, after 3 games of this new version I noticed some things that need some clearing up...

  1. The Keep feature seams WAY too strong, as of right now with the extra kicker die of 4, there is no possible way to defeat a unit occupying the keep. Which leads me to think that I am doing something horribly wrong with combat...

  2. reading through the rules, they feel kinda bland. I get that you wanted to fit it all into a small bocket sized box, but it feels like they are meant to be an overview of the actual rules, but where then, are the actual rules?

Ps: I can't WAIT for the expansions to come out, and I absolutely LOVE the new design and the changes to the rules. keep up the amazing work!

Hah, yes. I do have this set as a "WIP" for a reason. We may punch up the core set with some more interesting flavor, but we also might just focus that into the expansions.

So, with combat, it's the highest opposing die color (red versus blue) that can't be matched by the other side. So, in Julius' example, a 6 on DEF means that the unit can't be beat by an enemy that only gets to roll one OFF die (because that can't beat that 6), but an enemy with two OFF dice could beat that 6 with one 6 of their own and could win with any result if the DEF doesn't have another die to match whatever they roll. Think of matched results as taking each other out of the equation. We're working on clearer verbiage for this. It's easy in practice, but difficult to relate. Our old edition tutorial video is still useful for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1YF8dQfzWs&t=16s So yeah, that Keep gives an auto extra 4, but it's hardly unbeatable. (Say a cavalry rolled a 5, 2, and got that 4 to boot on DEF, if even a single-die OFF unit like an archer gets a 6, they beat them, because they can't match that value with any of their results).

Expansions are for sure coming, btw. All of these pieces are getting releases/rules (running a cheap Kickstarter for an expanded range very soon): https://www.instagram.com/p/B2-eEz7H1BL/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/B29oyerHlV3/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/B2VvzIGjeGt/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Hope that helps!

It does, thank you! also, tell me when the 5th edition is up on Kickstarter, as I would be very interested in backing it :)

After Testing the rules myself once (plus Reading before) i think it just comes down to the highest die. Whenever a single DEF roll is a six the Defense is uncontested no matter how many sixes an attacker rolls.

Hey maybe it is Thingiverse being dumb (as usual) but I can't download all files at once, anyone else having this problem?
ps. it works on other things, just not here.....
EDIT: I managed (after some difficulty) to download all the files individually (except the rules which I just printed from my browser) the zip download still is not working though

I'm having the same issue, but only with pocket tactics. Great models though

Yeah, I've seen this happen lately too. Like the image rendering issues, it might have something to do with how long the thing has been posted. It might correct itself after a while.

Thingiverse just needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up,
Prusa just launched their own Thingiverse like site (but its way better) a few months ago.


a lot of people think it is just for Prusa printer owners, but I talked to one of their guys, and he said they want it to be the next Thingiverse open to every 3D printer owner Prusa or not! (he also said that they need a better name:) )
at first, Prusaprinters is gonna be small. but if enough people start posting there (as well as here) it has the potential to be just as big as this!
It would really be cool if you posted Pocket-Tactics there

Comments deleted.

I LOVE how you made all of the guys FLAT they ARE SO MUCH EASIER to see (and print) and FINALLY a box that works!! it is a big bummer that I JUST finished printing everything for the 4th edition like a week before I saw this though :( (think of all that wasted filament)
I will definitely print this soon though.....

Thanks! Hah, oh no. Well, it's not a total waste. Really just think of it as a different game. It's still fully functional as is.

Uh, a new version. I will look at the rules, I liked the 4th Edition a lot because the rules created very tense fights with a lot of difficult decisions. I think the biggest two issues with 4th edition where, that the minis where sometimes hard to identify and the factions beeing inbalanced. I absolutely liked the fact of detailed minis, tiles and features. So I will miss the detailed minis a lot in this edition.
Edit: I like the new refined rules and the black on white background style text. Maybe I will try to combine that with the figures from the 4th edition.

Interesting a more pocket-y version of Pocket Tactics. I like and am interested to see what other expansions get released. I like the size, but think I miss the interesting details of the more traditional-ish figurines.
The lid is a little loose. I rubber banded mine, but I think if doing over I would make the lid a few percentage points smaller (or the base a few bigger).