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Case for Raspberry P i- 3.5" HDMI Touchscreen for Ender 3, Tevo Tornado, Ender 3 pro etc- Octoprint- UPDATED

by drsnore Aug 19, 2019
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Thanks for the Design. How can i mout this on my ender 3 pro?

There is a slide mount file in the design. I believe it should fit the ender 3 pro. Best thing to do would be to print the mount and see if it will slide into the side rails. You could also cut the mount down to just the slide your slicer if you are weary of wasting filament.
To mount it, you simply remove the two front screws on the left, prop up the base and slide the mount on. I looked at pics of the ender 3 pro, the extrusions on the side look the same as my 3 base model. Good luck!

If you succeed, post a make!

I printed everything but when i remove the two screws there is a metal plate blocking so i still cant slide the mount on

i forgot to ask you, did you try removing the little cap thats behind the printer? on my ender 3, i have two caps that cover the ends of the metal extrusions that you can remove. you could maybe slide it on via the back? Id like the feedback since i dont have a pro version

Is this plate where the motherboard is housed? If so you should be able to prop the printer up to pull the housing down out of the way, or take it off all together. It takes some maneuvering to get to the rail. If for some reason it can’t be moved, I may be able to simply make a mount that just has two screw holes in it, that way you can just use t nuts to mount it kind of like the rest of the printer is built with. But I will have to do that after the hurricane/ if you cannot get it to work.

this would be awsome

I have added 3 different screw on mounts that will work with your printer.

Thank you so much!

I should have this file up in a few days

Finally a Pi case for HDMI version. Thank you. :)

There is not much venting hole for Pi, because on the vent holes is the mount. It would be great to make an updated version with more venting holes or with a hole for a small fan.

I have posted an update that has 4 different new versions. All have ventilation holes, and two have options for fans. Thought I would let you know!

Thanks for your comment! This is my first upload, so I’m glad to get some feedback on it. I agree it could use some ventilation..
I’ve moved on from using tinker and started solely using fusion, so I should be able to update the case with a more intuitive ventilation system.
I will as soon as I have time. Thanks again!

Thanks for the new version. One more idea: what about to cut a hole under the fan? Having these small holes just reduces the airflow.

For sure, I will upload a version today

I printed the new case, it's great.

For the mount to the frame:

you didn't think about a non screw version? aka slide into the profile, like this:


"v3_piCaseMount_TopBolt_Fixed.stl is the name of the 4040 bolt on mount. This mount will work on the ender 3, ender 3 pro, and any other printer that uses 4040 extrusions at the base."

Classic Ender 3 (I have this) does have a 2020 profile.

Cool glad it worked out! I ended up making my own usb to jst plug for my baby fan, I plug it straight into the pi since the headers are taken up by the screen. pi works so much cooler now- you were right man!

I actually did think of using that kind of slide, i honestly forget why i decided against it. i mean I do have a slide-on version available, though its a different design.

Ive always been a fan of that slide you linked, its the same kind of 2020/40 connector I used to make my dual led light bars.

Ive actually been wanting to completely re design the whole thing. The case is a remix and I would really like to make something that's completely my own. Also the slide on the bottom of the case is hard to get on the mount.. Ive tried to play with the thickness and shape, but all my experiments either end up way too hard to connect, or way too loose. I may end up changing the connecting mechanism (slide) on the bottom of the case. It all depends on time.

This is still a design from tinkercad, so its limited to what i can do with it till I actually re-do the whole project in a more robust program like fusion. Which like i said, I may do here soon

Thanks again buddy, I enjoy the constant feedback.


Very cool, thank you.

The two new files are posted. Thank you for the feedback!

Comments deleted.

I can see the pictures, but not the thing view. I'm having the same issue.

it has been fixed finally

I know it’s not cool right? Try downloading the files individually via the “thing files” tab. I can’t download them all in a zip like usual either. Idk what’s wrong, I contacted Thingiverse and they said they’re working on it... so..
If you don’t figure it out let me know. Good luck and sorry for the mess, figured my first upload has issues haha