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DARINS - stealth boat with reactionless propulsion drive

by TanyaAkinora Jul 31, 2019
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i have an idea, if there is a mass unbalanced in a circle (not longitudinal), when the circle rotates, the mass will must do an movement like a washmachine who walks alone.

Very funny)).
The washing machine still rests on the floor. It will be shaking in the water.

well, i am very curious now !

Reactionless... Mh...
Magnetic or electric fields are a reaction. So excluded.

Only interaction with gravity and and friction with water. Well if the water is moving this could fit. But it doesn't look like in the video.

Internal forces... Well if there is mass inside which is moved from the front to the back the ship will move forward (and then stop). The total center of mass remains at the same location so mr. newton is happy but the visible outer hull moves (at least a few cm).

In orbit you are probably thinking about a tether propulsion system.

Yes, you are right.
Archimedes and Sir Newton will be happy! I also ask you to respect William of Ockham.
We do not think about the propulsion system yet. Although an interesting thought)).
By the way, there is a way to put into orbit much more economical than modern rockets. The mass to fuel ratio will be approximately 1: 3. But that's another story.

I think this is pretty much what I said at the beginning. Moving mass in longitudal direction AKA vibration.

Sounds like I will have to make it myself just to prove it will work that way

And, are there any moving parts inside the boat that contribute to the propulsion action?

Yes, of course, there is!

May I request a more elaborate definition of "reactionless propulsion drive".

Do you consider your device to be an open loop or closed loop system?

Great question! Of course, the system is not closed. Otherwise, it would be contrary to Newton’s laws.

"It doesn't interact with the outer environment..." (Second paragraph in your summary.)

This statement implies a closed system.

No external forces act on the boat except two constant forces. I forgot to mention the power of Archimedes.

Why don't you put internal batteries? simply we cannot trust that there is no pushing by wires

I needed a regulated power supply for this experience.

The idea of a "reactionless" drive violates the known laws of physics. It simply doesn't exist. In the case of this boat, unless you're purposely hiding a thrust mechanism in the video, there are only two options: either the boat is being pushed/pulled via the wires, or (as with the famous 'EmDrive') the thrust is due to electromagnetic interactions between whatever device is inside the boat and the (unshielded) wires powering it.

The drive operates strictly in accordance with Newton's laws. Everything is much simpler. Think further))

Either its being pushed forward by the wires, or you are using one hell of an electromagnet to move the water molecules (di-pole structure, with a + and - end) causing water to move under and around the boat creating a lack in front and and excess in the back pushing it forward

Interesting idea. But no.

Aside from obvious "pushed by the attached wire": if the forward motion is easier due to the hull shape, any vibration inside with the longitudinal direction of weight movement should be able to move the ship in the direction of lesser resistance.

There are no internal vibrations. Just as there is no pushing through the wire.