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min chess set

by stevehaines Jun 26, 2014
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i am in physical pain

Great design, but cannot be printed on my additive printer. Using Cura and an Ender 3 printer (slice thickness 0.2), the number of supports necessary made it impossible to get a clean print. In addition to that, One of the hands broke off, because it was far too fragile.

I wanted to print this and was wondering what is the largest parts overall desired finish (Length x Width x Height with units.)??

Thanks for this great chess set!

Great work, me like, but have to sample my printer fist.

Jeez, $200, I paid $4 - I think every fuker is selling them

Hey, you chess pieces are being sold on eBay :).Hope you are getting royalties.

Hey, is this your design? I bought this exact chess set from a well know auction site beginning with the letter E and ending in Y

Very nice to Print.
Can i print them without Support now?

Comments deleted.

Is there anyway anybody could post their files with the supports already added? Might save some time fiddling around for everybody if you got it running =]

no, supports are something that a slicer adds.

I would also like the files with the custom supports added if possible.

I've printed all of them!!!
Added little columns under the hands because Cura didn't provide correct supports...
After that all went smooth!
Printed in ABS and vapor smoothed at 85 degrees centigrade for 3 to 4 minutes

Now the white ones!

Thanks for your design!

Cura is TRASH. Get Simplify3D.

Glad you like them and they printed OK. Post a pic when you've finished them

So far, only printed the pawn, which has been a challenge. I gave up trying to save the arms/hands. With supports I can at least get the right detail on the hands, but even with carefully removing the supports, after being picked up a couple of times the arms would break off.

So I moved the arms to be tight against the body and end behind the shield. Works much better.

Still not happy with the goggles or the butt, so I will keep fooling with it. My granddaughter will love these.

Yeah, I am going to try some laying on the back, floating with supports. I think in general since kids will be playing with these, I will modify all of them that need it to keep the arms close into the body.


cool glad you like them and hope they come ok and post i pic when they are finished

sorry to here you are having trouble printing the chess set. some people have had better prints by laying the figures on their backs to print. ive printed them on an eos sls printer and they come out fine

any suggests on how to print the arms? i'm trying to print the pawn and its not working in the standing position. see picture. it was printing the arms in mid air, strange. if you couldn't tell, i'm new to this :). My youngest boy likes this set and would like to print it for him. thanks for any suggestions.
Da Vinci Pro
using PLA red
210 extruder
90 plate

I've aded Little pilars below The arms that did the trick (Used Blender)
Just printed The Pawn, have to try The rest

i'm glad you like the design, some people have had better luck printing the pieces laying on their backs, post a pic when you print them

These are awesome. Cant wait to print on the Form 1. How about an opposing set of the purple minion monsters.

post a pic when you print them out please

cool glad you like them. i like the idea for the opposite side, ive already made a purple minion so shouldn't take to much work to make him into a chess set

Neat! Why the G? For Gru?

Yeah the g is for gru as he is their master

Congrats! I thought you model was one of the best choices for a 3D Printed Christmas gift! I made a link from here: http://3dprintingninja.blogspot.com/2014/12/top-20-free-3d-printed-christmas-gifts.html

These minions are a recognized trademark of Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures. Why did you decide to forge such models? The design is poor and these models must be removed to avoid copyright infringement of the up and coming movie Minions due for release in 2015.

you are a fucking TROLL, douchebag.......

Seriously? Are you trolling? Leave that guy alone. I mean the work which has been done is quite fantastic.

I agree that it might be a trouble for copyright, but if you are the copyright monster, then you should go and post your stupid comment on nearly every download...

thanks yabadabaduh, and i'm glad you like the chess set. i didn't reply to his comments as i didn't think he deserved a reply

Well, in this case I hope that you like a lawsuit. As you have used your real name 'Steve Haines' then you shouldn't be too difficult to track down. As I said before 'minions' are a recognized trademark of Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures. They must be removed from Thingiverse and GrabCAD as soon as possible. They can of course be changed so that they do not infringe on copyright restrictions. Thank you Jeremy King.


i've modified the stl files to try and sort out the problems people have been having when printing

Please can you tell us WHAT the modifications were? Also what settings are you printing them at please??

there were a few holes and separate shells that i have now fixed and joined, so they should print ok now, i use an objet printer so it puts the support where needed

Ok, thanks for that, I am getting the feeling that i need a wider raft to stop the side forces at the 92% height knocking it off the bed, any chance of that?

Why don't you lay the pieces down so they are not so high

never thought of that! trying it now THANK YOU

let me know how you get on

well finally got a rook printed whole! phew, thanks for that tip steve haines,
only problem now is getting the raft lines off his back!

post a picture of you build please

Sorry for delay in replying, finally got it sorted,
laid it flat on it;s back, like you said, then floated it 3mm above the build plate
and used full exterior support,
perfect print and easy to remove the raft,
It's a steep learning curve for me, but loving it THANK YOU

Please can anyone tell me why I cannot finish the castle (rook) pieces, I get to 92% with just the castellations on his head to finish and it ALWAYS pulls of the bed, ruined!

I love the design of these. I am new to 3D printing and working with a Printrbot Simple. It has a ton of trouble printing things like the hands, which have no support as drawn. Is it expected that I would add these myself, or is it a limitation of my printer and/or software (Repetier)? If I should be adding them, can anyone suggest the best way?

I've been having some trouble with the pawn's head. There is no support under the helmet so it just kind of falls onto the head and is uneven. Could you upload the cad files so that I can fix it?

i've only got the stl file and that is what you've downloaded sorry

Nice pieces, can you upload them as individual pieces?

all individually uploaded now

I'll upload the individual pieces later on today when I'm back at work

Would of been good to have the pawns hands on the sheilds,save the hassle of losing them.