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Flying Sea Turtle

by amaochan Jul 20, 2019
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I would love to see a life sized print of this whole unit. If anyone takes that on definitely let everyone know!

Thanks a lot for all the work you put into this model and for sharing it free of charge! It is an awesome model and printed flawlessly :)

Looks cool but I cannot get mine to work. I have tried PETG and PLA. No matter what i try the moving pieces fall off the base when I rotate the crank. The piece is designed to slide along the base when it is cranked but the weight causes it to fall. The only thing I can do is add a brace to keep the part from contracting and popping out. Its too bad we cant remix this to improve on the design. How does everyone else get theirs to work?

This is beautiful and such an elegant design! ! stumbled onto this website tonight. I have never done my own 3d printing (have used service bureaus). I see the filament you used, but what type of printer do you use?

Thank you, and congartulations on this lovely work of art!

Even with the 90% flow rate, the moving parts remain fixed.
Do you have an extra tip please?

The "Download All Files" button doesn't download all files. It just redirects to https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3758189/files.

Flying Sea Turtle

Button doesn't work, some kind of bug on website... maybe you should have read ALL comments, already someone posted this and another community member posted a ZIP-file containing all files... so scroll down the comments to find the ZIP-file or download all files seperately!

Maybe thingiverse doesn't load ALL comments because it's running on the same server NASA used in the 60's for the space program.

ALL comments do load, maybe you need to abandon your old XT/AT computer ;-)

Thnx man!! You're the best !!
Downloading now.

You should thank user called Babblefish, he was the one who posted the ZIP-file.. I just borrowed it and re-uploaded it ;-)

HI, i love what you made its really fun just to fiddle with it!

Comments deleted.

I have mine assembled, but the flippers alternate with each other instead of going up and down together. In the video it looks like they go together. What did I do wrong? I printed the "new" versions of parts that had them.

Did you align the FT-GEAR01 and FT-GEAR02 the right way? On both gears there is a dot, those have to be aligned! #7 in the Assembly Drawing!

That assembly drawing should be included in the files, thank you for sharing this.

Assembly drawing was there all the time, not with the files but with the photographs of the design... :-)

the PDF is easier to read, instead of zooming in on a photo.

That's exactly what I did wrong. I saw the dots, but ignored them. I didn't have the instructions. Thank you!

It look likes there is something wrong with the site Thingivers. I cannot download the files in one zip-file (wrong link)

Read comments... there is already a ZIP-file posted containing all files...

When I clicked there were only single files and I replaced all the old files with the new, hopefully that works. But just download all the single files, it's not that much :)

Would be so cool if somebody could remix the turtle into a Lapras. It's one of my favorite Pokemon and it would be fly so majestic on these contraption.

Do it! That would be awesome!

I am having a frustrating time assembling the turtle. The struts (especially the middle one) of FT05-1 and FT05-2 refuse lock with the base of the turtle and only go halfway in. The press fit of FT02 to the base of the turtle didn't work until I filed the connecting bumps inside the turtle down. When I look at the videos, everything seems to snap together easily. Mine doesn't! I am using a Prusa MK3 with PLA filament printing at 0.1 mm. Any suggestions? Please help!

That middle strut is tricky. I lock in the flanking struts first and position his flippers as low as they'll go, then try and push from either end of the strut together with my thumb (under the cam) and fingers (on the top side of his flipper above the hinge). With the other hand I try to stabilize overbending of the strut while I squeeze. I had different difficulties depending on the filament I used, and the suggestion to have printed these pieces at <100% flow helped (I used 95%). FT02 does require a good deal of force to go in, but the layer orientation is such that it will withstand.

Has anyone thought about re-mixing a motorized version of this? I am considering rigging a small motor into mine but wondering if I can fit it in the base with enough torque to turn it so I'm going to print one as is before I test motors on it.

Do we need support when printing?

I only used support for FT-GEAR02, all other parts printed without!

I have an Anycubic Photon and this cant fit on the build plate Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TRY TO MAKE ALL THE PARTS SMALLER! I wanted to send it to my brother in college who is super far away and i have very little communication with him so i thought it would be the best thing i could to 3D print him a turtle sense he loves turtles. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SCALE IT DOWN!

Firstly, just change the scale in your slicer.
Secondly, look into email and text messages to communicate with your brother ;-)

Idk how big your print bed, but I had to rotate the turtle to print it. Instead of having its head face forward, I positioned mine to face the corner. I had enough room to print the turtle body with a small brim. I needed the brim to keep the front flippers from curling. My print bed is 140x140. The first file shows how narrow the brim is. The second was taken after printing and removing the brim, but you can see that it does fit on the bed.

It looks like Thingiverse reversed the pics. I think the second shows the brim.

what slicer are you using? just about every slicer ive ever seen has the option to scale your own stl's

Printed this on my Prusa MK3S (in 3 prints: base parts, turtle, and shell), and it came out perfect with 0.2mm layers. I'm amazed at how well the snap-fit connections are. The tolerances between the crank shafts and connecting rods are incredible. prints as one piece, yet the connection rods rotate freely with little to no friction.

One important note, the crank only turns one way (clockwise when viewing the crank). Turning it the other way makes the gear with the cam grove try to "climb out", and binds.

... I can turn the crank both ways without having any problems with FT-GEAR02. Check you FT-GEAR02 for material in the groove that is not supposed to be there!

I printed the FT-GEAR02 in 0.12 resolution with support (in the groove)...

I just bought a mk3s kit, build it and all of the preset design on the side card work great. When i try to do the turtle and i use the slicer from prusa I'm completely lost. Not sure how to set it. Thanks for you help

What a beautiful texture and color! I want this filament but amazon doesn't ship it in Germany. Anybody knows how to buy it in Berlin?

I just printed the turtle part and I got the the 4 "arm" joints to move, but the head joint not moving at all, even with a lot of pressure. I am pretty sure that because of the steep angle of the print, the head and body bonded. Does anyone have any advice?

Use a little force and push head down while the rest of the body is on the edge of a table...

Lmao -
at least PLA is Biodegradeable-- could be worse

No it's not, they tell you that but have you ever seen it break down ?

I have a reef tank and anything I print in PLA that gets exposed to salt water or UV breaks down pretty well within a month where it becomes extremely brittle. PETG and ABS are much better though.

Comments deleted.

What a beautifull design. I really love it. Everything fits great. Thank you very much for charing.

I am unable to download the files. What am I doing wrong?

look down the thread,there is a zip link.unfortunately its only downloadable one file after another by thingiverse.read the whole thread to gather important information

Thanks, figured out the file would download the instant I clicked on thing file without prompting me or even showing that anything had been downloaded.

the suggested flowrate by the creator for all moving parts is 90-95 %: That works.

HE BUD ,you have to print one part after another and check suddenly, if it turns or fits. Start with this combination.

Does anybody managed to make the grip turn freely in FT8 ???? thats a very narrow gap,

i printed that with Raft but 3 attempts with different settings make no difference. maybee next time tks

Try adjusting your horizontal expansion in Cura/XY Compensation in PrusaSlicer. In Cura you can shrink that first layer so your squish doesn't bind the moving parts.

All my parts printed nicely but even after trimming them all they dont fit properly.. No way to spin anything as they super tight..

start with FT05-new.stl and make it move. then all other parts will also work with those settings. sometimes a bit different but the base is the same.

I have tried various setting. The part you posted is actually the one which was loose, but the rest of them are a terrible fit. The gears which pushes the main body forward and back are not aligned at all.. Even tho these parts were printed very well.. The parts should have calculated fit as it seems like there is no space left between the fittings

It's also possible to print 0,3mm width with a 0,4 nozzle.if the flowrate reduction didn't make smaller lines.also you can try to expand the STL file roundabout 0,2 mm and look if it's fits better.

after 2 attempts FT05NEW 1+2 were printed correctly.

Flowrate 90%

Fan 50%

Layer 0,2mm


2 perimeters

5 bottom and 5 top layers


make sure there is no extra retract, which ruins the fittings of small moving parts.

the parts should move suddenly after removing the Raft

nice design

PLA is not biodegradable it is degradable, in the right conditions (read, commercial).

"We would like to share a recent study that was conducted by (Muniyasamy 2011) proving that in soil Polylactic Acid does very little if anything. PLA requires moisture and heat over 140F to begin the self hydrolyzation process reducing the molecular weight of the polymer to lactic acid. Polylactic Acid does not and will not biodegrade without these environments, if you have a home compost pile and it does not reach 140F and lacks water PLA will do nothing. It is important to understand PLA is not a biodegradable material in just any environment, it is a compostable material only in industrial environments and shows very little mineralization(not biodegradation) in the majority of environments. The biodegradation of PLA is reliant on Proteinase K as shown in our earlier post." - Biosphereplastic

3DMakerBase is not affiliated, nor financially appended to Biosphereplastic in any way, shape or form. I investigated, and this is the information I was able to find readily and publicly available. I posted this after seeing some of the argument in comments.

More resources here:

And, some shock and awe, PLA is not really a plastic, it's actually a polyester.

hello guys, for some reason I can't download your files. It just brings me to the 'thing files'

I'm having the same issue.

Scroll UP of DOWN in comments and you will find a ZIP-file which you can download!

Comments deleted.

Anyone else have issues getting ft01 a and b going together? Had to trim part a about 4mm. I also find the irony drawing attention to sea turtles making them out of something that's killing them. Unless in ideal environment pla can take a couple hundred years to break down.

watch someone throw one of these into the ocean and it kills a turtle

"you have become the very thing you swore to destroy!"

pla breaks down within a few weeks in a marine environment. I know this as i printed things for my reef tank and they very quickly broke down due to bacterial degradation

I would love to print this and give them as gifts but I am confused as to how to print the moving parts as one part. I am referring to the cam shafts and of course the actual turtle. How do you print the joints. I have a printer with two heads but I do not see any way to tell the print where to use something like pva or hips for example. Any advise would be welcomed.

No support are needed, the gaps are small enough to allow easy printing and big enough to allow movement, this principle is called PIP (Print In Place)
So you don't need to do anything, just disable supports and print.

Printed both camshafts last night with no issue. Sometime you just need to not over think things.. Thanks for the push.. will finish tonight.

Thank you, I am going to try tonight and will let you know. If this works it open a hole new world of printing for me.. :-)

Comments deleted.

Does anyone have any tips on scaling this down to about 80%? I'm having trouble with the built in hinges breaking.

Amazing fit and motion. I have not seen a better model. Well Done.

Comments deleted.

MERCI beaucoup AMAO !!!
C'est vraiment magnifique et certainement un des fichiers le plus abouti que j'ai imprimé. Quasiment fonctionnel immédiatement dès la sortie de l'imprimante.
Un grand bravo !!!

Great painting

I LOVE the design, THANKS so much Amao! You are such an inspiration to all of us! <3

I found a few difficulties (probably due to the sub par PLA I used), but in general all were solved easily.

The only one that caused me more trouble was FT03. One of the thin endings broke while I was assembling it resulting in the derail of the mechanism when in action. To fix it I modeled a piece that caps the front making the side tracks stay in place. Visually is not as great as leaving it like it was originally designed, but if someone is having issues with the top part derailing and coming off the bottom, you can try this:

Front Cap for Amao's Flying Sea Turtle

Awesome work and works well. I have printed 2x scale. Looks very nice.

I know that you used sketchup to design this. Is this software capable of doing dynamic illustrations and assembling to verify that parts will fit good and function?


Sketchup can only build models.

You are an absolute genius thanks for a excellent model.

Awesome model! What software did you use to create it?

Hello Amaochan, you have my respect and admiration, to design such an object. It's perfect and beautiful. thank you very much, that we can have fun with this turtle.

Thank you for appreciation.

So to make people aware that plastic is killing our oceans, I present a turtle made of plastic!

You can use PLA to make it, a plant based, biodegradeable plastic.

What is the main difference between the first published parts and the parts with the NEW suffix ?

The NEW version is easier to print and it will work more smoothly,so it is advised to use the part with the NEW suffix.

A cool adaption of this would be a The Discworld version https://youtu.be/IPnq3_2ADho

I SO thought the same thing. What would the elephants be doing though?

Holding up the Disc, duh

Imagine the irony if they ever find a fossilized sea turtle with a fragment of this print in is stomach - Not trying to be negative - just to inspire conscious responsibility for our handling of this power...

I'd like a flying penguin.

I too would love that lol

OK folks, for those not willing to download each file individually, attached is a zipped file with everything in it including the instruction sheet. You're welcome. Don't forget to tip amaochan if you like the model.

Thank you so much for your time!

I understand how not willing to download each file individually make it seem that people are lazy, and to some point, entitled to not have to go through that work. Even willing to not print it because there is no zip file... We've been getting zip files for so long that to some, too many pieces/downloads doesn't seem to be worth the effort to print a piece. Thank you for the file, I hope Thingiverse "fixes" the issue so we can download zip files again ;)

Thanks - Babblefish
For the Zip file.

Thank you for helping me dealing this problem.

Thank you very much - I need to print this for my wife :)

Comments deleted.

It is a glitch. When someone uploads their files, the site should automatically pack them into a zip. Because of all the 500 errors the site is having there was likely an error when amaochan uploaded. There is no way for amaochan to fix it, except to delete this post and re-upload. It has happened to a few of my uploads as well. It will eventually get corrected but it is up to the Thingiverse devs to fix their site.
For now you will need to click on each file and download individually.

wouldn't that get fixed with a subsequent upload of an additional file and not full delete.

In any event.. you'd think thingiverse would fix this for someone they're featuring on the home page.

I'm honestly not sure what would fix it. My upload was fixed automatically after about 2 weeks, but I also put in a support request since I couldn't delete a redundant file. The full delete is more of a quick fix hoping the server errors wouldn't cause additional issues, but since its featured I don't think that's an option.

One would hope they would fix the zip issue for a featured model, but the site has been broken for many months. Here's hoping the article I read a few days ago is true and that they are working to fix and revamp the site. https://3dprint.com/252620/lets-kill-thingiverse/

it wont let me download can you send me the files to my email aidanwlenz@gmail.com

Thank you for this fantastic design. You must have worked very hard on it. The tolerances are perfect, perfect snap-in fittings and the turtle moves nice and freely. The only post-processing I had to do was removing the brim that I have a habit of putting on everything even when not needed.

Thank you for appreciation.I believe you are a good maker.

Hello all! This is great! I want to print this for my kids, but don't understand FT01. It is 1 big file but has hinges? Do you really print it like that? I don't see how that could print and still be moveable. I must be missing something. Thanks!

The turtle will print in place mate. If your printer is correctly tuned and your flow rate is set up for the filament you're using you should have no issues.

Almost got the mechanism printed, will do the turtle afterwards.
Printed FT03-NEW multiple times already, but the connections into FT04 keep breaking, even when printing at higher temperature and thicker layer height (0.2). Could they just be glued in place after assembly is done?

The tip to print the crankshafts at 0.95 flowrate loosened them up well, with a bit of lubricant they rotate nice

What a beautiful design! Thanks for sharing

Thank you for appreciation.

Thank you for this beautiful creation. And thank you for reminding people that it is up to each individual person to make a difference for a better world, for our children and for all it's inhabitants, not a government or a country.

Thank you for understanding my thought.

This is awesome. Hoping someone with the skill decides to make a discworld remix!

If you don't mind, can you zip all the parts into one file, which will help us download the project? That way, when Thingiverse makes us download them one at a time, we can just click the zip file and download it. Thank you!

Do you print the hinges that hold the turtle with supports because I see that there are some over hangs.

It requires supports.

Amazing build, will make it when get filament. SAVE THE TURTLES!!!!!

Thank you for appreciation

Same here with the files so I had to do then individually !

That's just incredible ! Thanks a lot for sharing this wonder !

Thank you for appreciation.

Hey, I cant seem to download ALL files in one go? This is such a cool item but downloading one file at a time into S3d is going to take ages.....please help me get this great print, and THANKYOU for the awesome design

Its the site thats causing the issue downloading all the files in one go. Its part of the reason you might be getting a 500 error when accessing the site. There is no way for amaochan to fix it. Just gotta suck it up and download each file.

Same here. Can't download all the STL files as a zip. Clicking on the 'Download All Files' button only takes to the list of files.

Same here. Can't download all the STL files as a zip. Clicking on the 'Download All Files' button only takes to the list of files.

I tried to print the turtle with a DLP printer. It looked perfect! Unfortunately the hinges were stuck...
This one is not for resin printers

One of the best designers on thingiverse and he's from Taiwan!

Thank you for make these fabulous designs free.

Thank you for appreciation.

Advice when printing sea turtles:

1.Low down the flow to 90% to 95%.
2.Add raft.
3.Add oil on moveable parts.
4.Replace old parts with new parts which is added "-NEW" after the original part name.
5.Part "FT-GEAR02" is advised to print in layer height 0.1mm or 0.15mm,and it needs support.

Low down the flow to 90% did the trick on parts FT05-1-New and FT05-2-New. I only had to free the small part on the printbed side...

Love your design... still haven't printed all parts...

Y esta es la hora sad con el Tio TopLand :"v

Very nice proyect and beautiful, I will try to make these one :D

The instructions sheet is very difficult to see... Somebody know how to get it in better quality?
Nevertheless, this design is amazing...

Select the drawing, then click on the "four way arrow" icon on the upper right side. Finally click on the "view original". That will provide a full image. I have attached as PDF here.

Perfect! Thank you very much!

I love this design! I have snorkeled and SCUBA dove with Green Sea Turtles many times, and am just infatuated with these marvelous creatures! Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to download the files for this print. I am pretty new to this whole 3D printing thing, and kind of a novice with computers in general. Any help would be very appreciated :-)
Thx, Chris~

Click the "download files" link and all the individual files will pop up at the bottom. To download click the file name and a prompt should pop up. When it comes to files that have NEW after the name print that instead of the original of that file name. That shows that the designer fixed the print so it works better (most likely). These files are all .stl files so just open them up in your slicing software to get going.

I am only 4 months into 3D printing and self taught, there's a lot I don't know but there are a ton of educational videos online and forums are really helpful.

we need to use less plastic because turtles


lets use more plastic to make that plastic turtle

i mean... something does not check up here.

Use PLA its plant based and biodegradable;)

PLA is not biodegradable. It is compostable but will not biodegrade without the right conditions. While derived from plant materials PLA is by no means an ecologically safe plastic.

The fact that it is compostable, means it is biodegradable. The fact that it will biodegrade in the right conditions means it is biodegradable. Nothing will decompose without the right conditions, the composting process wont happen without the right conditions. Take a piece of wood for example, a piece of wood can last for hundreds of years without biodegrading, it needs the right conditions to decompose just like PLA. So according to that logic wood isn't biodegradable? The argument that PLA isn't biodegradable because it needs the right conditions, doesn't make any sense.

Sorry, I meant in the sense that it doesn't have a good biodegradation rate. Most waste PLA is discarded into the environment or into landfill where it can take years or even decades to biodegrade. Additionally, every recycling centre I've gone to won't accept it as they don't want to risk contamination of their recycling streams (plastic in compost, or organics in petroleum plastics), and industrial composters are few and far between. It's way better than petroleum-based plastics but not as wholesome as your "Use PLA its plant based and biodegradable;)" would infer.

Could wood filament be a halfway point?

Let's cut down trees to make a 30% wood, 70% plastic turtile. =P

Beautiful design and effort. 2 things, 1 - you should pack these STLs, photos, readme up in one convenient ZIP file. 2 - The virtue signaling on drinking straws is completely unnecessary.

Beautiful work and message as always! May I ask what software you are using for your assembly instructions?

I use sketchup to export 2d pictures from 3d model.

I really love this thing,unfortunately the tolerances are to small so i Bad to make a lot Afterwork with a Dremel that everything fits and work.
Lot of respect for this project

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You can low down the flow to 90% to avoid moveable part stuck.Add raft can decrease deformations.

Cool, however typical American, your not the be all end all of the planet, I mean yay your nanny state has told you you cant have a straw tomorrow it will be Xl drinks and then your snacks will begin to disappear. California banned straws, Cool so whos going to police the other countries that share that water?whos goung to go out and sit on the ocean as Fishing boats from Spain and China dump every drop of garbage into the water? effectively banning straws os a yuge waste of time as your not the heavy polluters yous think yous are. Thats because Unlike Spain and China we have had Reduce Reuse Recycle rammed down our throats since the 1980s. But enjoy paper straws that melt into your drink as your drinking it.... Better Option demand your STATE government pay to clean the water within your boarders because at least then your actually doing something.

AAAAAAAAAAAA... jeez calm down. I didn't notice thingiverse had political viewpoints in anything to do with plastic. Facebook has a better place for your junk talk!

Whoa even thingiverse isn't safe from political shitpost rants that are completely irrelevant. I'm sure you find something upsetting about the pangolin build too right? I'm not even really sure why you're mad. You're mad at America? At Spain and China? That straws were banned? You complain that action is only being taken locally and question who will "police the other countries that share the water" then go back to the "better option" of state action. Sort yourself out and take to FB with this stuff.

Cool build! Getting to dive with these animals is one of the best experiences I have had in my life. I look forward to printing it

clearly missed the point, I stated banning something in one state California.. Is about as useful as shitting down wind, paraphrasing of course. Sorry you got Triggered but there are no saftey pins or safe spaces here bud.

Some people have talent, other people whine and criticize. Thank you for making such a cool model. It's truly amazing.

What is wrong with you bro?Can't you just see in the beauty of this amazing project which is from Taiwan not China!

What does this comment have to do with this beautiful model from a very talented person from Taiwan..

Full name of taiwan is "Republic of China" sooooooo

I said nothing about China.. the poster was complaining about Americans..


"which is from Taiwan not China!"

That was a different user, man

Hello, I haven't printed it yet but I LOVE it. I think that it is one of the best design on Thingiverse.
May I ask you how you designed it? I would love to learn how to make a kinetic sculpture like this one.

I think the key is observed the things around you,and keep passion in absorb knowledge.

just finished mine and all in all it works great! the only part i had to modify was FT-02 which I made 0.4mm shorter to fit into the bottom of the turtle. I had to dig into the slots on the bottom of the turtle to get the parts to fit properly but it came together just fine! added a bit of olive oil to the gears to make the action a bit more smooth.

It is a great idea to add olive oil to the gears.

This is amazing. What would the estimate print time be?

Awesome! Now if somebody would just model four elephants and a discworld for the top of the shell and you'd have an animated Great A'Tuin!

I don't know if cylinder music box will work when printed in plastic but if it did
adding it in the rotating cylinder here will be awesome
example for metallic simple one:

I got it to print and everything assembled but, the gear with the grove that slides back and forth needs to be duplicated on the other side. Having that force just push one side causes it to flex and eventually pop out of the sliding track. It would be a lot stronger and operate smoother if so.

I have updated some new parts to solve that.Please use these new parts to replace old parts.The new parts' name are added "-NEW" behind the original name.

Happens to mine too. Interesting idea.

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

Tolerances are a bit to tight on all of these pieces. None of my parts snap together easily even after intensive clean up.

You can low down the flow to 90% to avoid moveable part stuck.Add raft can decrease deformations.

I just can't print the turtle, everything is fused together :(

Would it be possible to tweak the tolerances a bit?

Turtle doesn't need support to print.And you can low down the flow to 90% to avoid moveable part stuck.Add raft can decrease deformations.

Hi. I printed all the parts separately, but the gears don't move that smoothly.
The main issue seems to be Gear 02. Do you print that with supports?

Gear 02 needs support

It printed just fine for me with no supports. May not work for everyone, but did for me.

What's the difference between the FT05-x.stl parts and the FT05-x-NEW.stl parts?
My first attempt seems to bind a little bit at the extreme (highest and lowest) crankshaft positions. It works well enough for hand cranking, but I've revised the base to add a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor that has a hard time with the binding (it works, but it is straining). I'll be posting "make" soon with my revisions to add the stepper motor, Arduino Pro Micro, ULN2003N stepper driver module, etc.

"New" has a better strength ratio and is easier to print.

Thank You! I'm really enjoying this design!

Fantastic design as always.

awesome design.
really love it and my 2 year old son is watching with me together to get all parts printed :)

My 2 year old son just broke mine..

Very nice design, I am very keen on printing it. But it seems I cannot use the files? Neither my printing software of for example TinkerCad can read the files and complains they might be corrupted. Is it just me experiencing this?

You can use "cura"

Great!!! Thanks you!!!

Great design! I'm thinking of adding a motor if I make one.

Step one - new drive shaft to hook up to a lego motor. I think I need to gear this down a bit but at top speed the mechanism works great. Step two - hopefully I can get to designing a new base to hold the motor. But the sun is shining so maybe not for a couple more days.


I'm thinking of using one of those cheap 28BYJ-48 stepper motors, ULN2003 stepper driver and Arduino nano. Could run it as slow as you want, or variable speeds, and could do things like trigger and control the motion with light or sound or any other type of sensor.

Looks like that motor would work nicely. I'm making the hand-cranked version first (in progress now). After that I'll be trying to revise it to add the Arduino driven stepper.

I want to use wind.

At 10x scale on my front lawn a wind driven sea turtle would look spectacular.

An attachable wind module would be fantastic!

That would be amazing!

Brilliant! A beautiful & graceful design.
Which origami turtle is it? Akira Yoshizawa?

Four small elephants next :-)

Origami turtle is my own design

Do you have a picture or info about the origami version?

A very elegant origami design. Clever how the shell is folded as two flat surfaces - does the diagonal of the square follow the turtle's spine?

Is there a crease pattern available?
(You've been so generous with this and other designs, that it seems unfair to ask for yet more and I apologise.)