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Ender 3 - Ender 3 Pro Side Mounted Spool Holder

by BoothyBoothy Jul 19, 2019
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Yea didn’t think about that cheers

boothyboothy Could you make one were the bracket is on the opposite side

Can you not just mirror this in your slicer? Or am I missing something? Best Boothy

This is a really nice design. One comment though, the recommended bolts of M5x20mm is NOT long enough. I recommend M5x30mm.

I am glad you like it, can you publish\upload the make so we can see\appreciate your efforts ? Best Boothy

Could this be modified to put a foot under it like I have under my printer?

Hi, It works very well without, fixing wise, I think it is probably will be more solid flush to the deck. Based on your comment I have just uploaded a variation (E3_Spool Holder_V2) with extended fixing slots to allow the part base to be set flush with the bottom of the extrusion and therefore facilitate the integration of a self adhesive type Ender 3 foot on the underside of the spool holder. This version is untested so please treat as WIP. Best Boothy

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I have printed feet under my machine, and I was wondering if this could have the bottom modified to be like the bottom of the extrusion so people can put whatever foot they printed for their printer on this to support it. This is the feet I have printed, they fit into the aluminum extrusion.


Enderfeet v2 - Low profile shock absorbing feet for Ender 3
by sirxaph

Super_Dork_42 I have attached a revised thing to this comment which includes 2 rebates in the base which replicate the centre detail of the 4040 extrusion. I have not tested this so please treat has WIP. Although robustly fastened to the 4040 extrusion, due to the cantilevered nature of the spool holder I think you may find some flexing when using this type of foot dampener. Let me know how you get on and I will publish if acceptable. Best Boothy

Hmmm, I would have have to increase the slots any to achieve this so I suppose nothing wasted but more detail would have helped. I will have a look at this. I will need to see if I can achieve this without making the part messy to print.I`ll be back. Best Boothy

I remixed it with TinkerCAD to this version, it probably needs cleanup. This way any feet that fit the frame extrusion fit this piece. What do you think?

Will the foot fit into a single aperture as per your remix ? I thought ( working on remote here!) that it clips across the centre of the extrusion and therefore will need 2 apertures to make it flex. I may be wrong here. Was my second attempt that I uploaded not suitable? I agree it would be good to have continuous linear detail but your current design although very printable will be a bit of a bugger support wise with the side mounted nut socket. Does it need to be continual when the foot is only 16mm wide ? Great idea though. Absolutely doable. Best Boothy

It clips to the whole extrusion with some room to flex and bend into place, hence the gap. Others slide in from the end, so that's why I cut that hole all the way to the end for those ones. Basically making it the same as yours but with side entry for the bolts and a way to slide any printed foot that fits the extrusion. I can also go back and only cut the extrusion hole without moving the bolt holes, that might work better from a support standpoint now that I think about it.

This is strange. Firstly on the linked thing it appears on the images that the foot fits into one slot. I did try these a while back on one of my Ender 3 and cannot see how this works? The whole lead in design for the clip is completely opposite to this proposal. I dug out one of my feet earlier and simply could not get it to work in one slot on an Ender 3 correctly? It works perfectly across the centre of the extrusion with 2 slots (see attached image). The newer version still also has the clip lead in detail with the same orientation so I cannot see this being any different. What am I missing ? Can you send me an image with your feet in position so I can understand what I am not understanding? Best Boothy

Edit: If you look at the attached image in the comments of the thing the make clearly shows the foot positioned centrally to the extrusion. I really cannot see how you can have installed this with one slot!

That is possible. I didn't look when placing them, just assumed how they went. That said, other feet do need to be put in from the end so this was to accommodate all designs of feet, not just mine.

But has it stands your design having only one slot does not fit anything including your own printed feet? Best Boothy

I realize the easy route is just to cut the hooks off the foot before printing and glue it on, but I think it could be cool to have it work for everyone with any foot they might want, that's why I've been asking about this so much. Sorry if it seems like I'm asking too much. If I had knowledge of how to use something better than TinkerCAD I would probably have designed something different already, but I do like yours a lot.

It may be best you print the original thing and stick a foot on it to see if it will work effectively. I am still concerned about it stability and how that potential vibration may transfer to the printer frame.To be honest sticking a flexible foot on it is a little and allowing it to flex on what is supposed to be a rigid item is a little contradictory to why I did it in the first place. The whole point of the original concept (not that I spent much time or thought on it at the time!) was to produce something very solid and rigid but connected. Just being devils advocate, if the priority is attempting to dampen vibration through this type of foot I am not sure if the spool would be better separate from the printer.The good thing about Thingiverse though is that it allows us all our creative freedom so I wish you lots of luck with this endeavour if it is something you really want to pursue. Very best wishes Boothy

Yeah the vibration dampening is the point. Basically if the only point that doesn't have a flexible foot is the spool holder, then when the rest flexes and that doesn't it might break, IMO. Maybe I should just switch for the adjustable feet or something. Either way, I should just learn Fusion360 or something already lol

Yup its a bit of a dilemma with this particular thing. I ditched my feet because I have a separate studio for my printers so sound is not an issue and I did not notice any significant difference in print quality personally. They are still a good idea, I have uploaded a design a while back for the Wanhau Duplicator and quite a lot of people swear by them more so for noise dampening rather their original intention of reducing artefacts. Fusion is really cool, really good and free ! Few things like that. I could not do all this without Fusion.I know what you mean about Tinkercad, I found it really quite awkward in comparison to other software I use. Best Boothy

All I did was find an extrusion model and cut out the same hole it has. If it's not accurate then the model wasn't accurate. I've been sick the last few days so I haven't gone in there to look at it. If I should get a different extrusion than that, so be it, I don't mind. It was just a proof of concept anyway. What I found was a 2020 extrusion, if there's a different name for the one on the E3 then I'll just redo it with that one if need be but I was just trying to get the point of the thing across.

EDIT - Try this file. I adjusted the height so the channels wouldn't mess with the structure, but I assume the mounting holes would need to be adjusted too. Again, just a concept but if you want to you can adjust the file and if not I can continue to work on it a while and eventually post it as a remix or something. Have a nice night!

excellent design!
can you shorten the distance between the mounting plunge that connect to the printer and the spool mount?

Why ? How Much ? Best Boothy

Looking for things to help with my filament go in easy. I saw your design, That was what I was looking for. Hooks to the side if the printer so not taking up to much room. Printed it, and came out GREAT! I had to run to a hardware store to get a little bit longer metric screws to hook it to the frame. I printed it with 30% infill to make to beefy.
All in all, one of the best prints I have done for my Ender 3 Pro.

I am very pleased its working for you. Best Boothy

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