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ED-209 Improved

by Geoffro Jun 25, 2014
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Hi. I know it's been a long time since you posted this design but I've just printed it and the body and head do not fit together. I just have a great big gap. Have I done something wrong in the print?

Thank you for any help given on advance.

Well I am going to give it a shot. This is going to really test the new printer.
Love your design, Plan on making a much bigger version with real servos. But needed a reference.
Will post to Made when finished printing. D_Left_Leg is giving me an est. of 23h 16min.... heheheh

Printer: Anycubic Kossel
Scale: 175%
Layer Height: 0.1 mm
Wall Line Count: 2
Infill: 20% Grid
Raft: Yes
Supports: Everywhere Zig Zag pattern
Printing via Cura to OctoPrint.

Hi, how high is it if I print the stl without changing the original size?

Thank you very much

How do the arms attach to the torso and how is this put together? Is it just glued? Looking forward to getting this printed!

would like to know too, as i've printed all but the left leg and nothing seems to friction fit together. seems like it'll need some really thick glue not just plastic weld i was planning on using, for instance the torso has an indent which is way smaller than the legs, and the torso doesn't fit anywhere obviously to the body. the only bits that go together well are the fixed canopy and the body....?

might be better if it was scaled up a bit too, at 100% the detail is too fine to pick out when you remove all the supports.

Hi ,

Eddy is still my favorite sci-fi bot of movie history. Ive modeled and render it on 2012 and i remember that there wwere not much 3d eddy model on web on 2012. Maybe 2 or 3 ( ones that i could find on web at least. ) Now i see hundreds of ed-209 model on web and if need to be honest most of them are modification or revision of my model. Its terrible to see that somebody sold my FREE public model by just revising or editing it. Everybody may download my edy on grabcad freely. Also gratz for your printing effort and result Geoffro

Hey Geoffro, check out my ED-209 at youmagine. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ed209-from-robocop

I also do stuff for imaginables

I had a problem with the lower part of the legs with this model and had already printed everything at 200%. Fortunately I was able to use the legs that you designed.
Thank you very much!

Thanks for crediting me on your model at different platform. Good job on modification for print.

I agree with your sales rant to the extent that people need to abide by the license. If you feel that strongly about it I would suggest using the non-commercial license. As someone who does sell my printing and painting services I will not sell a model that is marked non-commercial. Legally it is not really binding, but morally I respect the wishes of the models creator.

It was more about him selling something he downloaded for free and agreed not to sell on the sketchup warehouse - then coming here, claiming he created it and also then selling it because it was simply cut into pieces. He had a link here but instead of a download, it was a text file pointing to his site asking you to buy it.

I also feel that strongly about it when talking about this particular guy, he is a real piece of work.

He wasn't selling prints of it - he was selling the STL files, yes that irked me and I told him so. He called me some bad names, so well, I uploaded it for free for people here, end of story.

Correct me if I'm wrong but are these fictional characters from a movie which would have copyrights splapped all over it??
Robocop .c
ED209 .c
Which surely means any monies earned by use of these "brands" are payable back to the copyright owners.

Painting or printing I can go along with bit charging for someone's hard work is not on.

Any hoooo, keep up the good work. I look forward to printing this soon once my ADHD calmes down with all the other bench projects.


I agree there, if you print it and or paint it, why not sell it? it is then a custom painted derivative and as long as you state clearly it is unofficial and unlicensed you should be ok, I can't see them knocking on your door. Whether a royalty is owed to the copyright owner for anything you make off an unofficial product, honestly I don't know, I'd have to ask my lawyer it's a pretty complex area for my minimal understanding of it.

The reason the files are here for free are for the very fact you stated Dazza, they are copyrighted material and selling them would most likely see you with a cease and desist letter down the track, possibly never but I'd prefer not to take that risk. If people want to sell it then what happens after that is their responsibility.

whoa it's like the one the little girl had in the RoboCop Movie :D
It would be cool to have like a dog size ED-209 that walked :D

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