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SKR v1.3 Controller box model 2.1

by HortaInc Jul 6, 2019
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What i just noticed and don't like is the fact, that the Cable from the Pi to the SKR actually goes outside of the Box. And thats also in a very sharp angle on the Pi side, which leads to a quite long Cable for it. I think it would have been better, if you turned the Pi 360 degree and give the skr a bit more of a gap on the USB Port so that the cable stays inside the enclosure. This way it looks way cleaner on the outside

you can make the door without raspberry pi

I'll keep in mind those things, but is going to be a while until I do a model 3 of the box, I'm actually busy with other projects, sorry. If you do or have a friend who knows solidworks, the files are available in a zip folder, feel free to change things, I only ask for you yo publish the changes If you feel they could be useful to anyone.

I printed the 5 driver insert, but am still printing the case. The small post at the end by E2 driver could likely use some more size; it seems like it's a bit small and could break. Also thanks for including the cad files, I took it and deleted all the holes for cable and mounting except the fan, pi, board and most cooling related things. I'm not needing the other things right now and wanted to drill holes for my cabling.

M4 for scale. Petg was lifting a bit off the bed too.

Thanks for commenting, I take note about that weakness for future versions, the post at the end is vestigial, you can cut most of it off if you want, it's only purpose is to avoid vibrations and resonances from the bracket, so it has two lock points instead of one. If you make a revision or have suggestions for a fork of the project, feel free to post them.

Iteration makes progress.

50x50x10, you can find them in 12 or 24v so you can plug them directly to the psu. I prefer the ball bearing ones as I find them more powerful and with longer lifespan (usually). I usually get them from local suppliers, but if I have to get them from the net, 5A plus in aliexpress is my go to, but there are many reputable stores out there. Also, if you want quality over price, look for some delta fan supplier, they are over the top.

This looks awsome can it be mounted on the side of an enclosure I was thinking of building one ontop of my table and was looking for a case to put on the bottom side of the table

The box has mounting holes on the four corners, in your case, the lower right hole, that is shared with the skr board should be used as a mounting hole, remember, this is a 3mm hole, instead of the other m4 holes in the rest of the corners. And second reminder, the fan is an exaust, so it has to face up or top, otherwise the hot air will not flow correctly, besides that, your imagination is the limit.

I really love your case design but im trying to mount it to the left of my ender 3 but seems it doesnt fit correctly, is it too much to ask for a bracket for mounting it? I dont have the experience in cad for that

*Edit: give it a look and tell me if this would solve it, stl file has been uploaded.

I can try to do something like that, but I don't own an Ender 3, so I can't guarantee it will fit like it should. Do you want the bracket for the model 1 or 2?

Also, there is option B, it might be a bit ghetto, You can mark in a sheet of paper the mounting holes of the Ender 3, and superpose it to the box, then just drill new holes into the plastic with a wood drill of the correct size at mid low speed, the most important thing while drilling PLA is to have a constant cut, metal like cut, high speed will only heat and melt the plastic.

if it is too much to ask for model 2.

i downloaded fusion 360 because i found a model of the ender 3 ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3350277 ) to test out the box but it seems like theres just one mounting hole so the bracket would need to suppport a lot

Ender 3 Fusion 360 File
by Avaviel

Ok, I think I get what you are looking for, the way I made it whould interfere with the X axis, so that's a no go. the issue I'm looking is that the box is not meant to be flat to the ground, but if you really want to go for it, I would recomend just using the two top screw holes from the no switch model to hang the box to the side, I'll try to make a mokup assembly picture to see if we are talking about the same place.

This case is absolutely one that fits my need's as I use exactly the same components. Really nice design although it would be nice if it could fit 3030 profile also. This will perfectly fit my HEVO I'm currently building. Thanks for the very nice design and awaiting version 2.x, Do uou intenty to implement some kin of cable clamping (f.i. with Tie-Raps)

i just uploaded the model 2 version, and it has tie holes. The box is meant to be mounted either in 2020 and 3030 profiles, I've included the solidworks files inside a .zip file so you can download it and modify anything you need, I only ask for recognition if you make a version of it.


Do you have pictures of how it's mounted currently?

Sadly the printer has been shipped, already, but I can upload a picture of the assembly marking the mounting points, is meant to be mounted over aluminium profiles with 4mm screws, but if you want I can P.M. you files to edit so you can modify them to suit your needs.

Oh, do you have a picture of how it's suppose to mount externally? I'm trying to make a box for my LACK enclosure

I've uploaded the picture a few moments ago, also I've sent you a P.M. with all the project files and the assembly, because the actual mounting points are meant for a top back mounting position, and this might not suit you. I take notes and the next version will have better mounting holes. Also I'm open for any sugestions of changes, but bare in mind that the build area will never surpass 190x190.


Thanks for the info!

I second that, but with one addition.. It would be nice if we could still use E1 since i'm going to upgrade my Ender 3 with an Chimera+ Hotend and use 5 Drivers instead of 4

There you go, I've uploaded a bracket for 5 drivers, (version 2.5). It Is compatible with all 3 box models, but I haven't tested it, so you tell me if you try it.


Thanks will do it, as soon as Bigtreetech finally ships my Board with the tmc2209 drivers... (Already waiting for it since 4 weeks)