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Robust Adjustable Tilt Tablet Stand

by inhale3d Dec 11, 2012
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The base is OK as is, but the braces doesn't accept M5, only M4s.

Very nice although the cutouts for the M5 nuts in the base are too big and the nuts just spin freely in the cutouts, making them very difficult to tighten (particularly if you are using lock nuts). The cutouts in the braces are exactly the right size for a press fit, however.

EDIT: I scaled the base down to 96% of original, and that led to a tight fit around the nuts. This is sort of a hack, because it makes the base look "off" compared to the other parts, but it lets you screw the bolts into the nuts.

Mine were lose in the base, but not sufficiently loose to prevent tightening. Agree that it'd be nice for the pocket size to be reduced by a bit to match the brace pockets.

It's okay but since the nuts are held in place, whenever I try to move it to a different angle, the bolts come a bit loose and then I have to tighten them again.

You might throw a dab of Loctite on the bolts if this bothers you.

My angles braces hole has a layer of filament in the middle of the hole. Is this what is supposed to happen?

Also useful for a TI-89 or similar calculator holder. Thanks for sharing with the world!

now if only there were a way to make the front arms adjustable by length like slide in and out this would be the ultimate stand!

Any chance of a version with M3 nuts/screws? Only ask as M3 are rather commonplace now :)

Scratch that, found some M5 nuts but the holes in the base are too big for the nuts, they just spin :/

Yes. The base holes for the M5 nuts are TOO big.

this would be awesome if I could make the bottom "legs" longer with customizer. would this be a possibility?

This works well as a book stand as well.
For those who do not have metal screws and nuts, I made some printable plugs that can be glued as screws.


5.7mm Plastic plug to replace metal screw for book stand

I wish I'd seen this before I spent $5 on hardware :(

Just printed the rear struts. As I look at the images more, I'm wondering if this might be too wide for my iPhone 6? I mean of course when mounted in the vertical position. I wanted to print this out for my cube at work as I spend quite a bit of time listening to streaming audio on my iPhone there and it would be nice to have the phone tilted up just a bit.

Will this fall over from the weight of the phone in the upright position?

Looks great, printing in ABS now

Pin Connectors V2
by tbuser
Dimple Hinge

I did print one and I can say that is a very pactical stand for my big and heavy Asus ep121 tablet.
It can be used for other purpose like picture.
I am on my way to print another one.

the upright v2 file only has one side

I agree, there is only one side for the upright. There probably is a way for me to "mirror-flip-reverse" the single upright file to make it work, but it would be nice just to have a "left" and "right" upright to print. Other than that this is a great thing. Thanks.

I downloaded the uprights STL from here and imported it into ViaCAD and both left and right uprights are present. I also loaded it into MeshLab and both left and right uprights are there. Of course, it loads into Slic3r as well. This is making me wonder - what are you using to load the STL file? Seems like something else is going on, but the STL file checks out.

There is a discrepancy between the "table-stand-uprights-v2.stl" in the zip file and the standalone file. The file in the zip package is 499kb, the stand-alone file is 792kb. Both files import into ReplicatorG - 0040, but I only see one upright.

I've also tried importing both stl files into Blender 2.63, the smaller file imports fine (one upright still only visible), but the stand-alone file (799kb) does not import into blender, I get an import error: "ValueError: could not convert string to float b'normal'.

It appears the larger file does contain both uprights because I see this in the ReplicatorG log when I open the file:

[06:28:44] Got name Translate_8289
[06:28:44] Parsed object name[Translate_8289] facets 2018
[06:28:44] Got name Instance_8391
[06:28:44] Parsed object name[Instance_8391] facets 2018

Very odd. When I download the full .zip, the uprights stl is 812KB, but in the Thingiverse web interface it is not that size. I deleted the .stl on Thingiverse and reuploaded the 812KB file and in the upload box it showed the ~812KB size, but when I look at it again in the Thingiverse web interface it's showing the 792kb. I have no idea what Thingiverse is doing to the file. Doing checksums of the files on my Mac results in:

$ sum *
46317 3 Inhale3D-tablet-stand.ini
27874 714 tablet-angle-brace2.stl
23194 235 tablet-angle-brace2.vc3
40029 736 tablet-stand-base.stl
47799 972 tablet-stand-base.vc3
31475 793 tablet-stand-uprights-v2.stl
48568 188 tablet-stand-uprights-v2.vc3

or md5 sum:

$ md5 *
MD5 (Inhale3D-tablet-stand.ini) = 02c47266ee48e1b37b51328c9c8997c4
MD5 (tablet-angle-brace2.stl) = 9e4e1207da68f0af72c9348a0e42985d
MD5 (tablet-angle-brace2.vc3) = 8d1fa008da02a5779010f9061e7e414b
MD5 (tablet-stand-base.stl) = f2612acce7c3d775bf65c8577f4cb73e
MD5 (tablet-stand-base.vc3) = 0767b0c505f9ea07948cff1562e7c9b2
MD5 (tablet-stand-uprights-v2.stl) = 777e4f43762335d7d840ead491762f36
MD5 (tablet-stand-uprights-v2.vc3) = 150e97ec2a1c1a9cd7bb4c3716bf30d3

Hope that helps, but if not, send me your email and I'll ship a .zip in order to eliminate any possible issues in the upload/download process.

I tried the new file as well, but same issue. I just think there is something corrupt about that .stl file. Maybe you could just create two files, left and right?

I also believe that Thingiverse is unable to process that file because there is no rendered preview of that stl file like the other two stl files.

I added individual left and right upright STL files. I downloaded each and imported each into both my CAD package as well as MeshLab and both imported as expected. Give those a go and hopefully the individual parts will work better for you.

Thanks, that did the trick and I see that Thingiverse is also able to generate preview renders of both sides now as well.

For whatever reason though the .zip package contains two "tablet-stand-left-upright" files, one is called "tablet-stand-left-upright.stl" (0 bytes) and the other one is called "table-stand-left-upright-1.stl" and is 948kb.

Very nice. :) I just had M3, so I went with that for now. I used your .ini on my AO-101 without modification and it worked fine. Fast print. :)