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Printable Airsoft AR15 (PAAR15) AEG Body kit (08.12.19)

by Igniz Jul 3, 2019
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I cant seem to find the barrel/heatshield in my download... is there a reason for this?

Well, yes I didn't in fact uploaded barrel and deleted old tube adapter, because of found problems with it.
Also design never had heat shields.
Go to discord I'l provide you with barrel model if you need it.

Nice design, you dont have the stock file in there, can you upload it please?

I'd like to, but stock I have in mind doesnt exist yet. If you want to print crane, it exist on this site somewhere.

Cant find it anywhere. Going to print the receivers but I really would love to print the crane stock also.

Do you know which screws and bolts you need in general for this? e.g. handle to gun frame,

To attach grip to gearbox you need M3 bolts with wide flat heads. And some small screws to attach grip floor plate. Can't tell you specificaly which one. Hopefully you can find right one at hardware store.

Hey any tips have printed the upper at 0.2 with 30% infill even when i make it completely solid e.g. 100% its still really brittle using PLA

1 tip. Don't print lower until I update the thing.
2 it touches gearbox at the back making it ok when assembled. Or you mean I should have made upper ears a bit bigger?

No it's fine! Just recieved my gearbox so disregard my last comment and yes it does touch the back I managed to get mine in without breaking the lower, I'll post some pictures shortly

Awesome. the only thing that bothering me is magazine shaft placement along with magazine release. Your input on that will be immensely helpfull.
... dude you know. Lower can be printed without supports. It's intended to not have supports actually.
Also can you provide a link of stock tube used?

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3717605 thats the stock tube and end cap, ive just popped my hopup unit in and it seems like hopup is sitting a little to close to the front of the lower, puts the barrel on an angle facing downwards

Airsoft Milspec AEG M4 Buffer Tube and Nut

You can cut some area with overhangs. There is cavern for hopup to sit. Usually aeg recievers have cut between front ears that house front pin. But if I do so it becomes hard to print.

Just fixed it now, you should check the new photo eive uploaded under my make looks good so far!

neat but why did you cut the upper?
Btw you are supposed to clean up towers on handguard.

Hey, Just wondering if you could link the gearbox you would use for this?

I originaly used dboys scar l gearbox.
Wait a week or so if you are going to give it a go. I made final (hopefully) non wip version, but the work space is cluttered and I need to clean everything up.
I will upload new complete files separately.

Yeah i really wanna make one, just not great with knowledge of airsoft gearbox's so like a parts list of what you used exactly would benefit me and others probably quite a lot :)

it would be a regular A&K or V2 m4 gear box

what position is best to print the upper receiver? And will it print without support, I see you said that was one of your goals.

With thick brim and without automatic supports. I guess is's wise to add cura custom supports in lower thread area though
Orientation of Lower and upper reciever is intentional and not random. While I did not oriented minor stuff.

it fits almost perfect on my m4 lower receiver except the connecting pinhole doesn't quite line up, anyway, I could get the step file?

No. I would rather adapt mine to fit your lower. The design is not finalized and I have no intention to share cad files

will this upper receiver work with any standard v2 lower receiver?

As replied below. Main source of measurment for the project is cyma upper reciever.

Sorry to ask but what type of fire selectors work on this? was looking at the model and it looks pretty big for an AEG selector

I guess fire selector is proprietary. There is none at the moment and charging handle is missing.

I like it. Good work

Btw if you want a sturdy and reliable way to mount standard m4 stocks, check out the rear mount piece for my Goblin Carbine kit, combined with the buffer tube i uploaded. It bolts in place and has yet to fail on me in a game and I treat my carbines rough. You could probably just make a simple few adjustments to that piece and it would clip right on to your existing back piece.

Thanks. I doubt anyone will have problems with the stock part.
And while your design bay give really good streingh I aim towards standard parts compatability.
It should be a whole new lower reciever that prioritizes streingh to use it.


That makes good sense.

I just know the standard stock ring will have issues (durability wise, mostly the top half of the ring, and the contact points where the ring fuses to the chassis) unless you print in some pretty rigid materials. The AR lower design definitely minimizes wasted metal material which makes standardizing them in plastic much less forgiving.

Would the receivers fit m4 receivers?
Like, could I use your model for the upper on an m4 lower?

BTW, awesome design man.

I used cyma upper as a reference. Maybe. Cyma recievers are interchangeable with some king arms and classic army. But until somewone will test we will not know.

very impressive! i really like to test the magazine if you will upload it

If you wish to "Test things" welcome to discord channel. Magazine is functional though Originaly a project to replace died of age internals.