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Stargate Coaster Set (Coasters and Holder)

by TruFord Jun 23, 2014
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G code errors with both files each stopping roughly 2 hours into the print. Have not had this issue with other files or prints but don't know the cause either

Which piece did the error occur on? I've personally printed everything and so have other people without any erros but I will definitely look into it.

On the Base stand and the seperate coaster file. Although I've recently been exporting and re importing everything prior to print to avoid g code issues, if it's worked for you il give it another go at some point, possibly just my initial setup although smaller files did print ok

You don't have to hollow out the inside of your models unless you specifically want that spot to be clear, wall thickness and infill percentages can more easily be set in your slicer if you're looking to cut down on print time. Awesome idea! I was just thinking that I needed a new coaster, lost the last one I printed. About to print one myself. Thanks!

The reason I hollowed out the inside is because I have it posted on websites that sell this based strictly on material use. If the design is solid then that's how they print it and cost the print. So thats why I have it hollowed out. Ill try to post the non-hollowed version

Comments deleted.

You've got 1 hour Colonel, Hammond out!!

For what it is worth, i printed the coasters and the platform, my thoughts are as follow.

Coasters need to be scaled for two reasons,
1.) There are not enough layers to form a solid bottom for the center of the coaster if printed at 1:1 scale.
2.) There is excess space in the platform if printing 4 coasters. (The model depicts it but i didnt pay much attention to it before printing)
To address this issue i changed the scale of the coaster by 1.9 on the Z axis only. Make sure you do not have the relationship locked or the coaster will end up being too large in diameter to fit in the platform

The platform would be better if printed in one piece rather than the multi-piece design.

Overall a good design. The symbols are less defined than I would like but I am not sure how to make them more defined.

@ Truford, how did you create the coasters with all the symbols? Did you convert an image to a 3d file or did you render this from scratch? Ill post a made link so you can see what i came up with.

(For later readers, not 74custom) As of 2018 the above Z adjustment issue has long been fixed. 4 coasters of 6mm to fit comfortably in a space of 27mm.

Sorry for the delay. Ive been busy working trying to save money to pay for next semester. Just got around to editing these. I adjusted the thickness so you should have more layers for the coaster base. Sadly i cant test it since my printer hasn't come in yet. I also went ahead and merged the platform so its now one item. However, I left the original encase people wish to print in parts. As for the symbols I converted images to a 3D file. Sadly I am not sure of any way to make the symbols better since the print is so small. The only options I know of would be to try a higher print quality or to increase the build size itself. The symbols look great in CAD.

Could you provide STL files with the platform as one object?

Sorry for the delay. Just added a .STL file with the base as one object. Hope that helps

would it be possible for you to provide stl files for the holder either with the pieces closer together, or separate so it will fit my print platform. I would rather not reduce size of print inorder to make it fit if possible. Thank you. ALso there appears to be something which is printing the opposite corner from the coaster a small circle if you could cut that off it would be a big help. I look forward to printing these, they will make a great Xmas gift for a friend.

Sorry its taken me so long to get back to fixing these. I adjusted the platform making it a one piece object. I also deleted the item in the corner and adjusted sizes and distances so everything is closer and should fit better. Best of luck and lemme know how it turns out.

Yes, it is definitely possible for me to do that. Iam finishing up my current semester and will do that over break. I will upload the files as soon as I make those changes

There's a small cube off to the side. Awesome design - thanks for making this.