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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Malolo's screw-less / snap fit Raspberry Pi 4 Case & Stands

by Malolo Jul 1, 2019
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Hi there. Great job, I really love it! Is there possibility to have the screw fan model with cam and pins access? Thank you!

Hi Samuele, you can make one yourself using the customizer script I created ( There is an explanation in the Thing Details description on how to use it ( - search for OpenSCAD Customzier scripts). Let me know if you have trouble doing this.

Malolo's screw-less / snap fit Raspberry Pi 4 Case & Stands
by Malolo

Amazing, sorry, didn't read all. Is it possible to have the same function for the pi3 version? Would me awesome!

Maybe at some point

Hi there,

I have downloaded the zip, but I can't find the files with the hole for the cooling fan.

For some reason the zip file contains old files. You have to download the files directly from the "Thing Files" folder.

Got it, thanks!

Please, can you be so kind and prepare new version of Top_H20_Logo_SM_Fan40_Rails.stl little bit higher to fit RPi wit heatsink and fan in sled?
The top of heatsink is 10mm from top of PCB, so with 2-3mm between fan and heatsink top? For ilustration i attached a picture...
Thank you very much.

WOW! ZIP file contains different files than web page?

Yes - but I have no Idea why that is or how to fix it.

Just an idea. Delete all files in thing, leave just one picture and .stl, save, check the zip, and next upload all files back, and check the zip?


Thank you very much for this amazing design. I love it.

Could it be that Top_H20_Logo_SM_Fan40_Rails.stl is the "MM" Version? Or is it by design that at the place of the logo the first two layers were "empty". I compared that with the other "MM" Versions and there it is the same. The other "SM" Versions start direct at layer 1 at the place where the logo resides.

Thank you very much for clarification.

Dang, you are right - thanks for pointing it out. I uploaded a (hopefully) corrected version.

Perfect. Thanks. Now it is the correct version.

Nice work i make it and make some Modification lol

Comments deleted.

Could you make a version for a 25mm fan? 25mm25mm10mm please?

I want to use a sled

I will see what I can do

Don't bother, I bought a 40mm one thanks eitherway but how did you fit the noctua fan in? the case is too smal for al the wiring...

what an awesome job ! love this !!!

Hey, could i get the .step files or anything like that?, i have the GeeekPi Ice Tower and want to use your case. Or can you make a version for that?

I Sent you a private message.

I just printed your case with slotted top & bottom and with the pins access. The case is very well done, but the slot for the GPIO access is well to small for a ribbon cable connector to pass through. It can only be used to pass individual wires. One can't be so small and have all functionnalities... Thanks anyway.

Hi Denis,
thank you for your feedback. Could you measure and tell me the size of your ribbon cable connector? Maybe I could add an option for a wider slot to the customizer script.

Would you mind putting the source files somewhere? At least those of the top and bottom base models?
I have the vague plan to add ventilation slots to the top of the case around the GPIO pins and the same on the opposite side. Then take the bottom of the case, make it somewhat thicker to get more room between wall and PCB and then add basically the same slots again.
The idea being, if you'd put that thing then on the side, you get a nice natural convection going, like a chimney effect, pushing out hot air at the top and drawing in cold at the bottom.
Maybe I'll even design a chimney to clip to the top to increase convection even further. Not sure if that things would need to be wide open or long and thin or maybe tapered, but that's something to test.
Oh, access to the stand wouldn't hurt, either. That'll need to change to accommodate the adjustments.

I tried to do it based on the STLs, but FreeCAD refused to do what I wanted. Did you use Fusion?

Of course, if you want to do that by yourself and add it to the growing collection of files in this thing, I wouldn't mind either. We just have to talk about the idea more in detail then.

I Sent you a private message.

printed great. only thing i would change is is make it a few mm deeper. the noctua fan touches the heat-sync on the cpu. so maybe 3-5mm deeper?

This is probably my favorite pi case on this site! I really wish I had dual extrusion so I could do the dual colour designs.

The good news is that you don’t need dual extrusion for the multi color versions. Have a look at the description under Thing Details“. I tried to explain there how to create the multi color prints with a single extrusion printer (search for “Multi-Color printing“).


Great work, I'm really impressed how well it fits and works. Just one suggestion: I forgot the heat sink and I've learned that is not so easy to open the case again. It might helpful if you add two small slits between the parts, left and right beside the usb and ethernet ports. It might then be possible to push a screwdriver into the slits and open the case with a turn of the screwdriver.

I'm not sure this is easily possible due to the overlap of the snapping area (at least if the slit is supposed to go all the way through).

Great design! I'd like to use the full mesh top but can't find it in the files. Can you post it?
Thanks much!

Hi Kai,
for some reason the zip file that you can download via the "download all files" button contains the old files (I have no idea why that is or how I can change that). You can however find the file you are looking for in the "Thing Files" section above. Most likely you are looking for is this one.

Hi, yes! Awesome. Thanks again!

Can you make one that locks just like it but for Pi 3

I already did. You can find it here.

Malolo's screw-less / snap fit Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Case & Stands
by Malolo

Hi, Thanks for the new mesh files! In Bottom_Mesh_SM.stl, there appears to be one hex filled in that sticks out and seems out of place. Is this intentional? It sticks out because it does not appear to be required for the board pegs. I've attached PrusaSlicer 2.1 screenshots.

Hi Daniel, that's definitely not intentional. I uploaded a fixed version.

I struggled quite a lot to close the case (Top_H20_Hex_SM_Fan40_Screws + Bottom_Base_SM). I eventually managed to close it by removing the top of some inner cylinders in the bottom part. I don't think a "snap-in" design is suitable for a rigid material as PLA.

I honestly have only tested it with PETG so far but even though PLA is a bit stiffer than PETG I am surprised to hear its a problem since quite a few of the makes seem to be made from PLA

I see. Maybe also using two different brands of PLA for bottom and top hasn't helped.

I made mines with 2 different brands of PLA and it worked pretty well. Granted I realized that once I snapped the cover on, I wasn't going to be able to remove the cover without breaking it.

Reopening is much easier if you start at the back (where the usb and ethernet ports are). Its fairly easy with petg but as i said i have no experience with pla.

I went in from the side opposite from the HDMI connectors. Push the wall in a little, stabbed a plastic pry tool through tiny gap, and popped it off from there.
But hey even if it breaks, I just gotta print a new piece =)

This is just amazing! looks great! Snapfit works perfectly. I love it!

only thing: I would love a version that also covers the usb ports because the metal that is standing off the ports is pretty sharp. (why do so many cases just leave the metal of the usb ports visible at the top?)
and also a bottom that does not allow access to the microSD card.

why do so many cases just leave the metal of the usb ports visible at the top?

Well ... to make the case as slim as possible. But there will soon be a version that is higher (mostly to add room for a fan) an therefore will cover the usb ports as well.

Super excited about a fan version. An HDD version would be awesome as well!

great, looking forward to it.

This design is phenomenal! Best case for the Pi, both printed and purchased. I was stunned by the great design and fit when I first tried it. Really really well done. Thanks for your time and effort and happy to test any prototypes you have in the pipe! Thanks again!

Thank you for your kind words - I will indeed have a rather big update ready soon.

so i ordered my raspberry pi 3 b+ and it should be arriving soon but i have some questions. i got this fan and heat sink ( and I was wondering, would the base case still fit even with the copper heatsink on the bottom and the other 2 on the top? I also made a quick appendage in fusion that (i think) should fit the fan (30x30x7mm) in a way i like, and I was hoping to get some advice to see if it would work (see image). i would appreciate any help and also this is a great design :)

The distance between CPU and case top should be about 11.8mm, so there should be plenty of room for the heat sink. The distance between case bottom and board is 3.0mm. The area where the copper plate is supposed to go has some stuff on it but since according to Amazon it's only 1mm thick I would assume it should fit without problems as well.
Your design for the fan looks nice - the only question I would have is how it will be kept in place (It seems like it might easily slip out of those slots).

Thank you for the help! And to answer your question I made that slot just barely bigger than the fan itself (around .5mm on either side) so it would just slide in and stay in there. Thats worked for me in the past, so im hoping it does now too. If it doesn't i can always put double sided tape on the inside of that slot to hold the fan in. I'm not planning on moving it around too much so im not too worried about the fan falling out.

Just got my pi 4 starter kit with heat sinks. Fits great, prints great. very nice work. Thumbs up.

This is the best RPi case I've ever printed. Perfect snap fit.

Thanks for posting this. I printed out the bottom piece along with the remixed 30mm fan mount from HAZ1 and everything fit together nicely. Great work!

What a great and perfect fitting design. Just what I needed after first printing out other designs that where impossible to fit the Pi 4 into. Thanks for those incredible models!

Comments deleted.

Very good design.
Raspberry Pi 4 B needs good cooling.
Can you make a version with active cooling using the 4010 fan?

I might do that when I have the device and find the time. Meanwhile you could try one of the remixes.