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Black Hole Effector

by charlesmouse Jun 29, 2019
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Hi! Could you advice - What should be changed in Marlin along with changing the original effector to this one?

Found a screw top hotend heatsink on e3d website for a v6 nozzle. I really like how tight the hotend heatsink was at the top in v1 as compared to v2. Just felt way more secure. So I bought the threaded heatsink. On the hex holes for the arm mounts seem too small for m3 nuts. Did you design that for something different or was it fixed in v3?

Hi, this looks like a cool design and is similar to the effector I am currently using on my AC Linear Plus, which works great but does not have the probe mount.

I was looking at the model previews and noted that the model for the "body.stl" shows what appears to be the magnetic mount for the probe integrated in the model. Looks like it was possibly not removed before the model was converted to an STL, since it will keep the part from printing flat to the bed of the printer? Please see the attached pics.

I added some changes to the model for the body:

  • added some extra material between the mount for the hot end and the body
  • opened the holes for the cable management guides
  • added holes to mount the probe mount directly to the body

It should also print flat. It is a quick and dirty mod, but attached it, in case you want to review it. I've not printed it, and may not, since my current effector is finally working (though I like the design of the black hole a bit more due to the push-pull fan design).

Got the Body printed out today and it is a great fit, but the way its made you cannot get the hotend past the holding collar rib. tried to flex it out alittle and push the hotend past but it snapped off. i dremeled it smooth and think it will still be a great fit. Maybe the locking collar should be two part instead of attached to the body, possibly shaped the same as the body and using that upper lip to snug everything down? All in All still my favorite v6 holder yet!

You are most kind, thank you. :-)

I've been running a v6 with a replacement housing on top of the Anycubic effector plate for a while but was never fully happy with it. As I'm really cranking up the print speeds (amazing printer considering the price) I thought I'd see how much weight I could loose with an all-new design. The resemblance to the robot from The Black Hole was an unintended bonus.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. In the end I removed the collar rib entirely as it does get in the way, sorry. As you noted it's not needed. As it happens I made the exact same mod.
I'm glad you found it a good fit. I hope I haven't made a further error but as that intended fit is very snug it got me worried for those with less-than accurate printer calibrations... so I eased-off the tolerances a smidge.

All new files uploaded, no need to change anything as I'm glad you are happy. You might like the fan covers I made - I really liked the one I included but as it wasn't mine and I wanted something in a similar style that was 'less heavy' I thought I'd do my own. I hope including a 30-40mm fan adaptor wasn't also a mistake - there really isn't much room for the effector rods.