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Pocket frisbee

by EstaWorks3D Jun 13, 2019
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also does anyone know why thingiverse doesn't correctly name the zipfile?
it just gives me a bunch of numbers "43609554" instead of "Pocket Frisbee"

Hi! I printed the split version, .2 layer height, PLA, 15% infill honeycomb to keep it light, scaled everything up to 75% because it seemed too big. Glued the halves together without the little pieces as they did not fit right and my patience was little, lol. The end result was not OK though, the thing did not fly much, center was off so it wobbled mid air, and proved to be fragile against street light poles XD.
Maybe I did something wrong? I will try to print it again tonight, any advice?

it's a slightly newer design. i havent tested it myself yet.

My underside ist also bad. What can i do?

download the new model and print the split one

i just dont get a nice underside... either the support welds to it, or its to high and the underside of the frisbee looks like the surface of the moon... any tips? :(

should be easy peasy now

did you change something? still having trouble - tried 3 slicers with various Raft/Support Settings now...
that one in the picture was the "best" so far :-/

about actually getting supports right.

no default settings on any slicer is going to do it right. and even i don't have a good handle on it yet.
but it's deffinatly possible to get a nice settting so it gives a nice result and isn't permanently fused.

try increasing your z gap of the support. and also turn on support interface. (it make a solid roof)
if it's still fusing you need to lower your print temperature.

(or just print the one that is split up so you can turn off support)

basicly both the top and the bottom piece now have a flat side that you can face down.

oh you still have the verry first one.
yeah i made 2 changes since then.

first i made one that was split up in 3 pieces. a top/bottom/ and allaignment pegs.
(so you can print it without support)

then after that i changed the shape aswel because of the copyright issue. (if splitting the model into 3 parts is enoegh to completely circomvent the patent then i'll revert the shape changes)

yes i did change something. apparantly the one i have infringes on a patent (didn't get a strike or notice or anything. i just found the patent and noticed they have it described just vaugely enoegh that mine was an infringement)

i'll print both versions myself and test them out. i might need to tweak it further.
but i did make some changes that might mess up the aerodynamics.

Is there any way I can get the raw file for this so I can tinker with it? I want to try to optimize some things with my printer.

i am not able to download this file for some reason. i can download all other files i want except this one. has anyone els had this issue and if so do you have a work around?

i'm sorry i have no idea.
can you try a diffrent browser?

3D cross @ 50% gets you to 20.5g, I'll post a picture on Monday... forgot to bring it with me :(

My instincts tell me that you might not get a center of gravity at the center of the disc using the cross infill. How did it fly for you?

First print did not fly well, I'm guessing I need more outer perimeters to get more weight to rotate.

are you giving it enoegh spin when you throw it?

you need to really flick this thing

WTF? I drawed a mini frisbee similar to yours just yesterday! I didn't share it becouse I didn't have time to print it... Your looks better than mine so I'll print both of them and then compare together

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and how did they fare? :)

I just printed one and found out pretty quickly that this requires support. For best results I found it was best to hover it above the print bed by 2mm and print with supports.

Also to hit the 0.72oz number you can set infill to 37% tri-hexagon in cura.

These fly pretty well, I was quite impressed. Thank you.

Have you printed on TPU or PLA material?

thanks alot. i'll add that to the description,
i didn't have the time to test print it

shouldn't it be hollow?