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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Lucius Pattern Wardog Titan 28mm scale

by jimsbeanz Jun 18, 2019
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Why should the legs be mirrored? I did so and printed them, they look identical.

any plans on adding additional weapons assortment? would really like to see a plasma blast gun. you do great detail work. i attached a picture.

I already have the turbo laser printed and im printing the vulcan bolter as i type this (then i will have printed all the files). looking forward to posting the make... would really like to see that plasma blast gun though if it isnt too much trouble... there are half models on here saying to use your rear half of the turbo laser but that just isnt correct. I made the torso magnetized to the waist and will be doing the same for the weapons.

i am trying to make one myself but i am quite the novice. still learning simple commands. what program do you use? ive been using fusion 360 and ive been using mesh mixer to cut up stls to try to make it happen...

Great model! So far I've printed the whole upper torso, head, waist, and one weapon arm. I'm having a problem though. The hip joint balls aren't working correctly, when I go to slice them they are all dark and different looking, and I can't put supports on them, they all go on the inside of the ball. I've downloaded the file a couple times, and they are the only parts that do that. Any help?

you might have to try a different slicing software I tested them in ultimaker cura 4.3.0 it worked fine.

Got it. I don't know why I didn't think of that first. I opened it in Slic3r and just exported it as an stl. Fixed it right up.

I printed most of this so far. I did one whole foot and another in the seperate pieces. I found the middle sections of the toes don't fit together with the end sections that connect to the ankle. The slot on the end section that the mid section slides into is too narrow or the part on the mid section is too wide. Are the source files available? I can just pull it into f3d and mod it but having a f3d source file would be easier. Everything else so far printed great. There are a couple things that need to be mirrored in cura like the upper portion of the leg and the torso to have left and right. I caught that on the torso but the leg I missed so I have to reprint that. No big deal was only like 24g of filament. But the toes I will either have to post process mod or modify and reprint. Little things. Very good model otherwise.

i've found this with the toes too, did you manage to resolve?

Comments deleted.

Hi there! That model is incredible but there is just a problem with the scale of the weapons. the storm bolter fit on Sebtheis mars pattern as I am just printing it but the lascannon are out of scale. You must print the lascannon at 130% to match the stormbolter size but then it looks too big. It's even too small too fit on Jdteixeira design. I wanted to use parts of the legs but same problem they are a bit too small (to fit on Sebtheis model).

The weapons and parts were made to fit this model only, if you're using parts for other models you'll have to check the scale and make the modifications yourself since the other designs are by different people.

will your weapons fit on sebs mars pattern ? thanks great work as always :D

I'm wondering if it would be possible to get a sort of bill of materials for this? Like yes I see there are amounts at the end of some files, but on some you have to guess. Like the Thigh piston. If there were a simple doc saying how many parts of each file to print than it would be easier to print this massive model up and hoping not to miss a part when assembling. haha

print out the main parts and the rest you kinda figure out rather quickly what you need multiples of and what needs to be mirrored. i had to mirror one torso piece and one top leg piece thats it. other than that you need 6 waist pistons and 10 leg pistons.

toe_middle_tipx2.stl doesn't have the Cog Mechanicum like the foot.stl has. I would really be glad if it's fixed!

what pistons do you use for the bottom of leg02 to fill the holes at the bottom?

leg_thigh_piston.obj, thingiverse is acting up so its not showing up try checking in the 'thing files' tab

awesome thank you! this model is insane, im loving the print so far. just got my ender 3 and this is what im using to test it out :)

So apparently this isn't the proper scale? It should be about 114% larger to be the same size as an actual Hellhound?


Lucius Pattern Wardog Titan 28mm scale

I just made a note on my make. I don't think most would even notice. I happen to have some very old FW and we are talking just a few mm here an there. The carapace itself is only a 5 mm difference on each side. This model is simply outstanding.

It is a fantastic model.....just wish I knew there was an actual size difference. You're right that it won't be noticeable on it's own but like you said in your note, next to a real one, it will be apparent.

how do you guys put it together to test fit so you can still take it apart to paint it properly?

You could always pin it, like you would a resin model?

Looks like the files two "shoulder" parts of the torso are for the same side (left).

mirror the mesh, you will need to do that for the top leg 1 as well.

Jimsbeanz great model thanks. Are you planning on creating the other weapons to go with this model?

Comments deleted.

Hi, ive been setting up my print files for this monster and i noticed that the cylinders for the support pistons dont have any thuckness, they're just a skin. Is this just a problem on my end or is this something that has a fix in the works?

part of the pistons are meant to be hollow to allow the rod to fit in them.

Amazing work mate can't wait to print it

Looking to buy my first printer for this sort of thing. Does it have to be FDM or can it be SLA (eg anycubic photon). Any recommendations of where to look?

Try eBay or Ali Express mate, if your going FDM I can recommend the I3 Mega or Ender 3 both have great results and can be upgraded to improve printing. With SLA I have no experience but seen great results from the Photon.

I have printed most ot the model And I have reakuzed that the arm joint sphere is mutch smaller than the "hole" for it on the stormbolter. is it supposed to be that way?
I haven't printed the laser yet

the socket on the stormbolter is bigger than then ball joint, it's designed that way so it lines up with the other arms types and isn't misaligned

Ok, I didn't see any gape on the renders and thought that it should fit

yea, i have notice this too just now! its the size of the ankle pivot ball....hopefully jimsbeanz can correct it soon!

I have printed it at 78% and its a bit big, It doesn't stay on position like the laser so 77% or 77.5% should fit

This looks so dope! xD Can't wait for it to be completed! x3

hey im slicing this up now ready to put in my printer and noticed that the centre section of the foot isn't in the folder yet with the toe sections (still wip model i know) im printing this in an anycubic photon so im limited on space when using the whole foot, is the centre section close to ready? beautifully detailed by the way, far better than the one i was going to print and one of the only multi part models ive found with a key way for the roof section.

The center section of the foot is named 'ankle.stl'

well i just made myself look like an idiot on the internet not like that's going to be permanent or anything, thank you i had already written it into my print status spreadsheet so i didn't even think to check to see what that part looked like :D

How is this working out on the Photon? That is the printer I want but am concerned about space on some of these larger builds.

I have most of this printed out on the photon, and it works great. I'm using elegoo grey resin. The largest parts, the torso bits, were a snug fit, but came out perfect.

Neat! How much filament will this eat up?

if you use 8-10% infill on the non-weight bearing parts you can print it in less than 1 kg of filament

So, i wanted to try printing one of these, but im kinda unclear as to what parts i need to print. Do i need to print some parts twice? I just wanted to check.

Print the pistons multiple times I listed the number for them in their names. You will also need to mirror torso03_v2.stl as well as the leg01.stl pieces.

hip_joint & arm_joint will need to both be printed twice.

Jim, you knock it out of the park every time

Hey man great clear up! what programs u use? I myself an working on the Bio-Titan, printed out a cleaned up Knight and contempter from a SLA Formlabs2

Glad I didn't print the Mars Pattern yet. I like this one better, much more Details and should be easier to print with less round pieces.

F..k now i will need to print one more warhound...

Thank you Dude!

Awesome work as usual, Jimbo!

Comments deleted.

Now, THIS is lovely!