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simplyRetro Z5

by Geaz Jun 4, 2019
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I would just change the position of the speakers, on your design the hands will cover part of it, not letting the full sound coming out

I was able to get all the parts printed, and have ordered all the needed electronics. Now I have to patiently wait :)

Any tips/suggestions for working on the build?

I'm also planning on sanding/painting the shell for a professional looking finish - Any idea on what type of paint is best for something like this that will be held all the time?

Does anyone happen to have the dimensions of the largest piece? Hoping to print this on my MP Select Mini with an extended X Axis.

Hey! The largest pieces are the shell halves. They are 210mm x 100mm x 12mm each.

Taht is a gorgeous build im looking to make this one, only problem is my printer is too small to print it. Is there a way i could print the top and bottom pieces split? im sorry for the noob question, but I am a noob. thanks

In theory it would be possible but, I think it would be quite an amount of work to get this working and I don't think it would look well....

If you are patient, and you are ok with a three inch display, wait. I am in the process of designing a three inch handheld which will be easier to build. Furthermore I try to add PSP style analog sticks. This one should hopefully fit your print bed :)

Sweet! Yeah absolutely. Thanks for the heads up

i want to build this but i have a pi 3B+ can i use that one or is it specific to the zero?

Hi! Sorry, but this one is for a Zero only.

That looks great! Probably the cleanest and slimmest Pi handheld I've seen.
Would love to see a 7" screen version in the future.

Looks very cool! Are there any videos of this in action?

At the moment just the old boot video. Will do a longer one next week.

Any news on that video?

Sorry, that it took me so long to do a small video. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/HvgBQ3S0Ykw

Very cool, thank you!

Hey Geaz

Im having some trouble getting the top shell to print. I've tried ~6 times and get a consistent build of plastic around the same area (by the d-pad), almost always on the first layer. I've recalibrated my printer twice and have printed other things successfully. My guess is the pattern choice slicer is using for the first layer isn't ideal for the maneuvers the hot end is making. Im gonna give it another go when another print finishes, but wanted to see if you have any insights.

I'm using a Prusa MK3S

Pretty strange, this should be a rather easy print...
I sliced the file with Cura. I assume you are using PrusaSlicer? Do you have the GCode file for me? This way I could compare them.

Hey sorry that took so long! Here it is!

I should not I flipped it so its face down to avoid supports. I can't imagine that having an affect on it. But then again Im somewhat new to this.

GCode of the first few layers looks fine on first inspection. But you have to use a support, because of the display frame mounting which gets started on layer 8. Every other part of the Z5 can be printed without support. Orientation of the part is fine, too.

You have "Swipe before Travel" activated, right? Maybe try to deactivate this. Could help...

  • 1 Since thingiverse is broken (again) and the [Download All Files] just links to the individual files instead of providing a zip of the whole package, I wanted to thank you for providing the build on your github.

  • 2 How did you get the [Thingiverse] and [Github] links to show up in the [Description] as graphics?

  • 3 This is totally awesome and really professional looking!

Thank you!!

The graphics are created by http://shields.io
You should look into the Github Repository. The Readme.md there has the same content as the description here on Thingiverse. This way you can see the code/syntax :)

Really nice work!

Thank you very much :)

What length of FPV HDMI Adapter cable is required - the BOM doesn't specify...thanks for the POST, I know how much time takes for projects like these - it looks awesome!

Hey, thank you! :)

I took a 10cm cable, because I couldn't find it shorter. Even a 5cm cable would do it. As you can see here https://imgur.com/a/0ElUVfw the HDMI connectors are quite close (sorry for the blurry picture, was the only one I could give you without opening the Z5 again :D).