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Alternative Ancient Titan Back

by evanogainen Jun 3, 2019
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Are you scaling up for a Warlock? :)

Warlocks are the same size aren't they?
I just thought they had a different head and more ornate body.

I'd love to do one tho.

iirc the old Epic ones were Phantom sized. This one is actually a bit big for a Revenant, I printed the original body and compared it with a FW version. Would definitely be interested in a Warlock too though, off to a big titan bash at the end of the year and already taking 3 Eldar titans, a 4th would be gravy.

See this photo of the original epic ones


BTW is that titan bash the Muster organised by King fluff in November ?
I was considering going to that.

I made this to build a Phantom for Adeptus Titanicus using Duncan's Revenant proxy as a base, so kept the size here to the same size as Duncan's Ancient Titan so you can resize it by the same amount as the rest of the Titan.

It will definitely need resizing depending on what you are using it for.

Personally, at 28mm, I've been printing Duncan's Titan as a Revenant proxy and have found that it needs to be scaled down to 80% to match the Revenant body/leg height.
Additionally I scaled the body width and depth to 100% but the height to 80% to give it more bulk.
The fins are also markedly smaller, so I hacked those around to make larger ones, but I can't really share them.

So if you are looking for a Phantom or Revenant proxy you will need to resize a lot of stuff to suit your needs.

Finally I just bought a FW Phantom, and am considering making a warlock style head for it. If I do I'll post it here.

Hope that helps a bit.

So if I'm understanding this correctly, if I wanted to print a phantom titan equivalent, I would just print Duncan's model at 100%? because I know the phantom is bigger than the revenant. Love your work, btw. Very useful.

It's not quite that simple cos Duncan's model is between the 2 sizes.
Measured from the foot the Phantom (I have a real one here) is 17 inches to it's shoulders and 23inches to the tip of it's fins.

I'd suggest loading the bits into windows 3d builder or meshmixer, lay them out roughly and work out how big they'd be then you can figure out the % you need to increase the parts by.

Roughly I think it's around 153% to get the shoulders to the right height.
The fins are not as long so it'll be slightly shorter to the tip of the fins, but the main body would be ok height-wise.

hope that helps.

This is a big help, actually. I was going to ask if you didn't know the scale it needed to be, at least give me a rough estimate of the FW model. So this post was very helpful, thankyou.

Yes, that's the event! Ben's events are usually very good, I'll also be doing his 30k event the day before.

Sorry that's what I meant, Duncan's one was a touch oversized - wish I'd known it should be scaled to 80% before printing several bit though. :) I think I'll use it as a Revenant, but just say it's a different but similar class for fluff reasons.

Looking forward to see that head if you do - will be building my FW Phantom for King Fluff's event.


Might see you there then.

Yeah I've got most of his titan printed 100% also before I compared it to my Revenant and adjusted it, so I just gave the bits to my local flgs to use for terrain. :)

Might well do, I'll be there with my girlfriend who's just started playing 40k and fancies a go with the big toys in the display case! :) I need to decide if I'm taking any Xenos besides Eldar this time.