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Two Trees Sapphire S Direct Drive & E3D V6 Hot End Mount (Prusa R3 Remix)

by MintyTrebor Jun 3, 2019
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So it is impossible to have a mount with the E3D hot end mounted in the extruder thus eliminating the Bowden tube? I had a similar setup first time on my ender 3. In the end having that small bit of Bowden between the BMG and the hotend caused me problems.

Using the MK3 R3 as a base for the V6 mount - yes... I am exploring other options, but this current design got me to a working stable setup. The PTFE tube is only 15mm longer than the MK2s standard, and I am currently printing using the same slicer settings for retraction, extruder settings etc as a MK2s and getting comparable/identical results on the sapphire as printing on my MK2s (which is in complete contrast to the original sapphire bowden setup....)

I am curious as to what problems you experienced with a slightly longer PTFE/Bowden tube, it will give me something to look out for...

For info:
The vertical position of the v6 mount is as high as it can go without it colliding with the top frame (when the print head is travelling to its maximum Y position [@ front of printer]). Even if I were to swap the R3 V6 mount for something else, the V6 heatsink would still clip the top of the frame without moving the whole extruder/stepper back by about 5mm. This would mean the v6 mount would need to be 5mm thinner on the Y dimension - which is not impossible just difficult, as it would interfere with the belt slots on the original metal mount.

Thanks for the quick response. As I say it was an ender3...I used the pets fang E3D V6 mount (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2963434/files). Initially it worked fine but then there was movement on the retracts of the small piece of Bowden tube. The movement occurred at the hot end entrance so this pushed up the tube and as it was fixed in the BMG it pushed it backwards and I had all sorts of clogging and under extrusion. I changed the connector a couple of times but it kept happening so I finally found a mount that has the E3DV6 coupled to the BMG and I am getting great results! I think by getting rid of a many points of failure as possible , there is more likelihood of success. When it worked, it was giving good results but I am reluctant to print a lot of parts for a similar problem to occur on the sapphire. However as you say you have no problems as it is I may give it a go and see what happens.

Petsfang Bowden Direct with Bondtech BMG for CR10/S/4, Ender3 and Tevo Tornado
by dpetsel

That makes sense. When I switched from a pancake stepper to a normal sized one, I also noticed some flex, caused by the torsion of the motor on retractions, which did indeed move the extruder up and down by 1 or 2mm on each direction change. This is why I created v2 of the stepper bracket, which is designed to be stronger, and so far I have not noticed any further flexing. I do agree though, the best solution would be to mount the v6 inside the extruder as designed. -- I am looking at some of the hyper cube mounting options that are available, as many of them use a v6, and have horizontal linear rail X/Y carriage, the problem is the width - the entire width can only be 63mm max or it will collide with the fame etc...

Yeah, I had the pancake do it! I'll print it and see how it goes. Keep us posted if you develop anything else. The one I use now on the ender has a neat way of cooling the heatsink...


Cr-10 Ender3 Direct BMG Bondtech Extruder E3D v6
by wundel

Can you upload a Picture from the front to the nuzzle over the heatbed. Thanks nice stuff

Added requested image to main photos

Really nice work! I have a bmg/direct drive on the way from China, I'll probably give this a try!

I've been unlucky with my BLTouch setup on sapphire.. I couldn't get it to work correctly..

Would you mind sharing your abl config ? What's the bltouch version you have ?

Here's my mount

Two Trees Sapphire BLTouch mount
by hetile


I've ditched the lerdge board for a duet ethernet and panel due. There were too many firmware issues, especially around filament flow rate control, and no way of storing a first layer z offset!!! I still have a backup of my config from the lerdge board (which I can make available), with the touch installed and working - I was using the mount from thing 3396264 by 2bedom at the time. Check your BLTouch wiring on the lerdge website, pay close attention to the voltage and pin layout on the board. Putting in the correct offset values is essential for getting the bed levelling working right. I'm using a cloned touch (latest version).

Yeah if you could share the conf, I'd love to have a look..

I got it close to working, it start probing for mesh, do the first 2 point, then on 3rd, bltouch does trigger but it doesn't stop the Z so it crashes on the bed.. I'm using bltouch v3 (which I didn't order on purpose) so I'm not even sure it CAN work..

Check your PM for lerdge config.

Could you please share lerdge config? I guess yours was with unlocked temperature for v6 and working BLTouch?

I have sent you the data via PM. Note: At the time I was still using the lerdge board, I was using a v2.x BL Touch, not a V3.x. I understand v3's have new issues/problems working with some boards/firmware.