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CNC Router 3018 Pro 52mm Spindle / 40mm Laser Upgrade

by fastkite Jun 2, 2019
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Hello I think it's a great project of yours. I read your tutorial under thing details.

What I do not really understand is the following point.

In order to control the 500W spindle you will need to create the above circuit

Here I see a circuit diagram.

I think a photo of your wiring from the motherboard would bring more.

Possibly also a description of the ohmic number of the resisted.

raindancer2204, thanks for the comment. I agree, I could do a better job documenting how to build the circuit. I'm going to put some thought into another approach. May I ask you a question: what level of experience do you have building circuits/ prototyping circuit boards/ breadboards? This might help me determine that best way to communicate this aspect of the build.

Your documentation on the whole is really great. I have little experience with circuits but I can understand it in pictures. I also know what a resistor or capacitor is. I just want everyone to understand it. What I do not realize what an opti-isolator is. Can you buy something like that? I'm sorry if I ask such beginner questions but I like good comprehensible documentation. And this is on a good way.

That it is the same mainboard hardware is a prerequisite.
It must be possible with a few pictures to show how to solder the new 500WATT Kit to the board.

I updated the documentation, I hope this helps.

I've looked at your schematic and find it now looks better and more understandable how the circuit must be soldered.

2 open points I still have to understand.

Point 1:
GND So Ground is marked on the Mainbord pin with a red line. Do all ground connections have to pin to the mainboard? Or is the ground of the power supply meant?
Here it makes sense again to make the linen red if it should be so. Or another color when it goes to the power supply ground.

Point 2:
I was looking for the Opti Osolated SSR AQV252GAX. Can you possibly still put a link of an online shop? I think there are probably different types of it. If not correct me.

The drawing really helps! I want everyone to understand that.

Thanks for the time you spend. But a good documentation saves a lot of questions :-)

Point 1: All grounds must be connected together. In electrical engineering terms they are often drawn as I have to keep the diagrams from getting cluttered with lines everywhere.

Ground on the AQV252GAX, the Power Supply, the CAMTOOL CNC V3.3 board, and the voltage divider resistor must all be connected together an be electrically equal to ground. Any wire should do the trick, the way they are connected doesn't really matter in this case, though generally try to keep the ground wires reasonably short. In my case all ground points are under 20cm apart from each other.

Point 2:

The BOM in the Thing has a link to it. Here it is again:


You can get the part with two different types of feet. I had the surface mount version of the chip in my inventory. This is the same chip with longer feet better for breadboard wiring. Note the price is a little more.


Thank you so much for sharing your designs.
I'm currently printing your other design for limiting switches, recently purchased the same spindle and now Ican use this wonderful design to install it on my CNC.
Appreciate your time and effort and generosity to share it!

Thanks for your comments! I'd love to see a picture of your CNC!

The current issue I'm having is the Z-motor slips when the GRBL disables the Z axis motor.

I needed to add this command to get it lock the whole time.


There might be a better solution, but this is working for me for now.

Sure !
Just finished the X,Y limit switch prints and will install them tomorrow and will post photos of the CNC after installation.
The only question I had was the wiring of the spindle and speed controller, I would appreciate it if you share the schematic :-)

I added a schematic to the thing which should control the 500W spindle from the CamTool CNC v3.3 board. I did some tests to verify this should work. I may get to building the board to test it over the next day or so.

I finished building the controller, tested it and create a schematic which I posted on my Thing. Worked like a charm.

Appreciate the update, I have just finished the spindle mount print and it looks great.
The only problem is it's a bit tight and spindle does not go in.
Is this by design to create a tight grip?
Will post photos of the end stop switch on CNC shortly.

Is it possible there is a burr/lip from the 3d printing making it tight?

Is it tight with the screws removed?

I deburred mine and it slips up and down fairly easily when the screws are loose, but I had to put it in with the screws removed then add the screws. You can always hit the inside of the mount with some rough sand paper to clean it up (120 grit?).

Can you confirm your spindle is 52mm diameter?

I can publish a new version of the mount with more tolerance if your printer needs it. To do so accurately I would need you to measure the inside diameter of the print after cleaning it up, and measure the outside diameter of your spindle.

I assume if the spindle has problems, the bearings will have similar issues, these are press fit, so it is even more important that these diameters be accurate.