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Oculus Go / Quest / Rift S lens protector

by tanvach May 25, 2019
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I have the prescription lenses with adapters for the original rift cv1 from VRoptician.com, they do not fit in to the RIFT S, , but the lenses themselves do fit nicely in to these lens protectors,
I do not have the Rift S yet, will be next week but if these adapters of yours should be around 10 mm high , and on the top there is an ridge of a few milimeters on the inside to rest the lenses on, this should work nicely

Thanks so much for this. Works perfectly. Even with a small frame and the spacer I managed to scratch my Quest lenses. Luckily it was minor enough to fix with toothpaste. Now with these I don't have to worry about it near as much. One wonders why they didn't make it like this in the first place (maybe with rubber).

Ordered the mediums in black, from NinjaPrototype. Received them in 10 days and they fit perfectly, no issues. Thank you!

What option did you select for "select layer thickness" in NinjaPrototype?

Great fit. How did you design these to match the lens shape?

I scanned the protective rings that came with the headset to get the overall shape. Using that as reference it’s a matter of making few prototypes to get the base to fit snugly with the headset.

Hi, my local printer only has ABS as the printing material. Would it be okay to print with ABS instead of PLA? Sorry I'm not very familiar with 3D printing. Thanks!

Good ABS print would work fine. It does tend to shrink more than PLA but the part is quite thin so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Awesome. Thanks mate :)

I haven't tried to print these yet but see a lot getting ordered.
When you say to print facing down do you mean to flip them from the orientation they are in now?
I would assume you meant to print with the larger opening facing up.

Yes that's correct, printing the wider side up is better since otherwise you may get 'elephant feet' that interferes with the snap points. I'll update the instructions to make it clearer.

Have you played with extrusion width to see what you like best?
Going with 0.4mm for this one.

I only have 0.4mm diameter nozzle and it works fine.

Ok, just wondering. I may try a 0.44 or a little more to see how it does.
Anyway, they're coming out fine.

Sounds good and makes sense.
Doing an order now!

Got these printed at a local 3D printing shop using black PLA with 20% infill. It came out with some "elephant footing," making the bottom edges flare out wider than designed. It wouldn't fit first try. The internal profile came out the right size though. I just had to shave down the three "clips" in the rings with a sharp modeller's knife to get it to fit. Try that if your print isn't fitting properly. Also remember to take off the existing rings before putting on the new ones!

What infill is best? I just did the default which was 17% will that be fine?

Infill doesn’t matter much due to the model being quite thin. 17% is fine

Before I go get these printed. You mention an adapter? Do I have to get that or can I get these printed and just fit them straight in with no other things?

The printed model will fit directly onto the headset.

So I ordered two sets of these from two separate manufacturers (Print-A-Thing and Treatstock/PharmedPrints) and neither fit my Rift S. I was able to get one lens protector on from the Print-A-Thing set but it's opposite was too misshapen. The rest didn't fit. I am extremely fucking upset, I don't think it's the designers fault but rather the printers I guess? I don't fucking know. Goddamn it.

did you remove the old clips/spacers first before attempting to install? I had that issue at first.

These work great on the Quest, and the print was flawless!

Where'd you print yours from? I printed twice from different manufactures and neither worked.

I accidentally printed these instead of the prescription lens adapters. Will they not work to pop the Zenni lenses into?

Unfortunately no, they will not work.

does the ordered one come in black? that would be much less distracting than white

Does the standard version of these decrease the FOV on a rift S?

The FOV for Quest and Rift S stays the same for standard size. I’ve tested with and without glasses and they are not perceptible when you put them on.

Are the left and right versions different.. I thought they were, but I got my set mixed up.. So then loaded the designed into my slicer and rotated one 120 degrees and they appear to be identical.

Are they the same or are there subtle differences? And if so, is there a way to tell them appart?

Yes, they are interchangeable :)

These look great! Nice work!

Awesome work.. There are many people who have already scratches their lenses, so i am spreading the word about this model as much as I can....

Thanks, it's a problem you don't think about until it's too late :)

Thank you very much! I am still waiting for my Rift S to arrive, but I am printing these so long.
Will let you know how they work. Thanks again for sharing!

You’re welcome, let me know if you have feedback or suggestions to the design

Printed off perfect, no problems (except make sure you try to put the L on the L and the R on the R :) --- made that silly mistake.