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SpotPupPi (Spotmini)

by TezBot May 18, 2019
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Hi is it possible that you can make a video on this and or have wire diagram

Great work! And i really like the blue.

Can you tell more about your power-supply? I am using a JetsonNano + PCA9685 and thinking about separating PowerSupplies for Jetson and PCA(ServoController).

I used two UBEC which are mainly used in the remote control helicopter/drone industry, I wanted to be able to drive all 16 servos at the same time with no brownout issues as its surprising how much power the servos consume at full swing. The GEHOO GH HENGE 8A UBEC are GREAT. They have a peak output of 12amps and you can set the voltage via a jumper switch to 5v for your JetsonNano and 5v, 6v or 7.4v for your servos be increase the speed and torque of your servos (I think the PCA9685 will support upto 6v but 6v is better on the servos I used). The UBEC offers noise free power as they are designed for RC receivers so no trouble there. The UBEC,s will take 7v to 25 volts so you can hook up many different Lipo's Batteries or laptop power supplies to get a steady 5v , 6v or 7.4v output. Hope that helps. I'm sure you would be able to drive your JetsonNano and servo's off one UBEC at 5v if your happy with 5v but I did not feel the power would be clean enough.

So, how is it with the source code or video so far? :)

Code can be found here. https://github.com/TerryGreensill/SpotPupPi

Sorry for the delay's but work/family/hobby balance is difficult :-) Sorry in advance for sloppy best practice but its just a DIY hobby for me and an early release.

No Problem, i still love u! :D Do you have any Patreon or any other site to give you smth back?

Ha I am only setup for tips on this site.Thanks

This looks awesome! This will be my first time working with a Rasberry Pi to program a robot, so it would be very helpful to me if you upload videos, diagrams, code or anything to use it as a guide :)

Yes more will follow, watch this space. Thank you for the interest.

What's the plug for the Lipo battery??

The UBECs come with no connector so you can solder one on to match your battery. Mine is a HXT connector but If it’s a new battery then it would most likely be a XT60.

Hi, I'd like to know what's your battery size/weight, and how long can it last?

My battery an old 11.1v 1800mha Lipo that is 145grams. I don’t have a Lipo saver installed at the moment so only running it for 10mins at a time but should be good for 30mins. I’m using a 90w power supply for most my programming work though.

Comments deleted.

Great job but does it work? You should post a video if so, you'll get a lot more interest.

Will post some videos soon. Yes it does work see below a list of what I have programmed so far. However it walks very drunk currently :-(. Would have liked to have got this working better before posting this.

Programming done:

  1. Stands up and balances, you can push/tip him and he will correct his balance
  2. Voice activation for commands like (Walk forward, Sit Down)
  3. Distance sensor to stop him when gets close to wall and a detect very close wave to start listening for voice commands
  4. I have 2 walking cycle's programmed (Dog pace and Horse like gait). all legs are moving correctly but he walks very drunk on the ground so this needs a lot more work to keep him keeping balanced. I have also burnt out 2 servo's in the process :-(
  5. Camera is just using remote viewing currently.
  6. Button on top to activate and deactivate the servo power / relay plus other commands.
  7. Blue LED's light up when listening for voice command. White LED's are not programmed yet

Sorry for the double post, but i am pretty hyped! Is there a wiring diagram somewhere or are you going to do one?

Wiring is fairly simple the most complex bit is the voltage divider for the ultrasonics which is well documented. I’m just taking a few days out but will post more next week with some videos.

Hey, what about the sourcecode now? :P

Is there any chance to get hands on the code? That would be totaly awesome!

Hopefully my double-comment was posted right! I will wait for your videos! :) But, is there any chance to get the code? :P

Sorry been away/busy. I’m will try to get them videos sorted. Soon. As for code I’m not a developer so my code is very DIY, I’m sure I will just get trolled if I post it. In fact are we allowed to post code on here?

Hi, I'd suggest starting a Github repo for the code/project, this way more people can contribute to the code. Don't stress too much about the spaghetti code!

Thanks :)


first of all: No Problem!

Second: Yes, you can add the Code as a text file to your 3D Printing Files. Also dont worry about trolls or something, that wont happen here. Its better for everyone to have some kind of code then have nothing at all. It would be great if you can upload it! :)

Thanks you for your work you are doing here :)