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Earbud holder

by sneakypoo Dec 1, 2012
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Hey everyone! This was actually my first print ever.

Now printing live: https://youtu.be/WoAtMa5k_zk

Love to print in 3D - it is awesome!

Hey guys i wanted to ask why there are so many files for this print it looks like there are 2 pieces on this holder but there are like 10 files.
i would be so happy if anybody could send me the files and tell me if they need supports and a raft and how i should rotate it.

Just wanted to mention - I don't know what settings some of you are using who complain about it breaking but i've just printed these on 20% infill and they have printed perfectly 1st time and assembled spot on.

maybe you're using cheaper material ?

Thumbs up to the maker !!!

Will these fit 9927 Monoprice earbuds?

Very good design but the iphone earbuds didnt fit so i only increase the size to 120 and it works

a good solution for all you apple people throw them earbuds away and buy android ;) great design thanks for the wonderful product.

Thank you so much for sharing it. I printed one for myself, and immediately, my kids asked for one.
This is a perfect object : simple, sturdy, nice looking (and the wonderful snap! noise). Thanks too for the tips about the cord in half : this makes the use of earbuds with microphone lot easier, even if not that simple ;)
Cheers from France !

I printed mine at 105% and it works very well for the Apple X earbud. Thanks for this cleaver design.

Wow this design is UNREAL! Eventually I'll get round to print it but I'm a TotalNOOB. I bet it would look great in COBALT ;)

Haha, holy shit, it's the man, the myth, the... camper? :P How the hell are ya, dude? :)

What are the dimensions of the print in the picture? I just printed mine and it seems a bit big.

Same dimensions as the uploaded STL-file.

but sometimes things get wonky when you open them in Cura, so a lot of designers do provide dimensions.

Hey! Thanks for this amazing design. But I would recommend future printers to print it at 120% just to avoid the earphones not fitting inside or to avoid having to squeeze in the wires to be able to close the lids. Because it has happened to me.

iPhone earbuds don't fit .... Not sure what kind of earbud will fit in this design ...
Sad ...

Maybe you could contribute a design that fits your iPhone earbuds? Or maybe it's easier to just complain...

or maybe you could provide dimensions so people can tell if your original design is going to fit their earbuds or not... (several other commenters here have already said they had to alter the size)

either way, no need to be so rude.

Try having people complain over the span of 7 years on a design you worked on and gave away for free in comments and private messages and then get back to me and see if you think it might be ok to get a bit snarky at times ;)

Oof! Yes show em sneakypoo

Super pratique !
Super Pratics !

8h print on 0.2mm: broken on assembly. Printed with extrudr mf petg.

A slide-cover design would be as easy to print and actually work, the current butterfly design is just a waste of time for me.

Maybe it can be assembled when heated with a heatgun. Else there is no chance because of the extrem tight fitting and the giant knobs.

You're right. Pretty shit design, no idea how the 400+ people who have posted pictures of theirs made it work. Thanks for the heads up!

Mine broke on assembly too. I suspect the reason for breakage is because people are printing this with PETG or PLA at 120% (which is what I did to accommodate apple product) and the plastics can't handle the extra flex needed to assemble with +20% larger pieces.
Cool design. I think this would be great with a more flexible material, but PETG and PLA come out of my printer rock hard and there's just no flex for assembly. I have the same problem with most other snap-together projects, they inevitably crack.
Sweet looking design - thanks for posting it!

Any suggestions for printing the core? I’ve tried flipping it upside down like some comments suggested. Either way it fails in around the same place. It seems like the extruded is knocking it off the bed but I can’t tell for sure... I suppose it could be an adhesion problem. I’ve added a brim. I’ve tried slowing down the printing. I’m using 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean the bed... It has also been cleaned with dawn too.

I have a Prusa i3 MK3. Using PCL.

I got it to print by slowing the machine way, way down. It is a bit difficult to open/close so I filed down the tabs that hold it closed enough to be able to open it easier.

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

It broke when I tried to assemble it but I then glued it and it work fine :)

Shell need support and Core need brim.

Comments deleted.

Thanks for the design! Printed fine on in PLA my M3d Micro. I would recommend that the shell should be rotated 90 degrees for printing. I.e. lay flat on the print bed, instead of building upwards. This is because both shells snapped when I pushed them onto the core, they bent outwards along the layer lines and snapped at the weakest layer.

If they were printed oriented the other way, they would bend across the layer lines instead of along them. Should be stronger that way. Some support might be needed to that cutaway section.

I welded them back together with a soldering iron anyway, so it all works fine.

good suggesion. I have broken the core...

thank you for your nice design. i have some problem with that . i print it 4 time and every time i want to attach the part together the cover breaked. can you help me please . i am new in 3d printing

Same issue. just FYI if you don't wanna spent another 3-4 hours printing you can just use super glue! works wonderfully. hey're so strong.

it could be underextrusion at first.

maybe needs more infill? maybe be more gentle next time too. put one hole in first then the next.

also i'm not sure but too low of a printing temp can also cause this? but i'm not sure.

I'm new to 3d printing and have printed some things but I've only had problems with core which always results in shifts. I've printed things after and I don't see any shifting problems. I print with holder part down.

whats weird everything printed but the core so I tried to put the core upside down and print I noticed it stops at the top and just keeps printing in place but never moves up and so i flipped it and it did the same thing just the other way like once it hits a certain height it stops rising but just keeps printing like it was rising with each layer .. i have a flashforge creator pro ..i have to figure this out it print both ways only like 80 percent not matter what way i flip it..ive printed larger items before

This a fantastic little product, I am getting my graphics students to sketch and slightly alter the design to suit their requirements and then 3D print. Would you possibly have the model files (Inventor or Fusion files) before they were converted to STL. It is possible to save the stl as an ipt but it is difficult to edit afterwards.
Thank you

Yes, definitely not for apple earbuds that have the volume control on the wire. Cavity needs to be deeper and wider, IMHO. And the plug won't stay in the cavity if you fold the cord in half as the instructions above said. I wish fewer turns of the cable were required around the body. Oh well, it is a very nice design, and 192 comments is impressive!

maybe just scale it upwards a bit?

This is really great

Comments deleted.

Its good you want to give credit, but this isn't for advertising.

Comments deleted.

Can you give out a step file to modify the file slightly (just want to add a key chain thing)

Great design - but one suggestion?

Be good to have a loop/attachment point at the top of the core
to put it on a key ring or something to save it getting lost/misplaced?

What do you think?


Comments deleted.

hey i just thought id let you know that someone is selling this on etsy. here's a link to their store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BadAss3dPrints?ref=search_shop_redirect

we need to report this dude

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way of reporting this unless you're the IP owner and even then it is a huge hassle. That guy's store is literally in the business of IP infringement.

This is my first "thing" I've attempted to print, and printed it before I read the comments. I second the commenters saying print it at 110%. I had the same thought, and it works quite a bit better at buds with the longer volume/mic board.

Will my apple earbuds fit well in this with the volume control buttons and size of the actual earbud?

Yes, I use those but you have to make sure that the volume control is diagonally on one side.

my apple ear buds don't fit because of the longer speaker/ear parts. besides, the original case is smaller and still better. but interesting idea for earbud storage.

Printed out great on my CR10. Make sure you scale it up because none of my earbuds fit. Great design!

This was my longest and first "useful" print. I was all amazed by it all till I tried connecting the shell, the taps snapped! Not the creators fault, he did say more infill, I used 30%. I'm debating to print more or just to glue them in place. Either way apart MY mistake, I'm pretty chuffed my Fabrikator printed it so well :)

I don't have a lot of experience but wanted to give this ago. Can someone tell me if when I open the downloaded files on Cura I need to rescale anything or if the sizes are preset?

Thanks in advance

The size that it first appears in should be fine. Unless you need a specific size case, then scale it.

you want to print it default size with the long face facing down and with supports.

Just printed this middle part with the long face facing down, without any supports. Came out great. (creatlity3D CR10).
The only thing i noticed is that the earpeace of my earbuds is a bit to long (where it attaches tot the cable). Maybe i'll print a scaled up version.

Great design! Still need to print the 2 "fins" in another colour :)

When I was printing the main core my printer kept knocking over the model about three-quarters of the way up (I used the repaired file), so it never finished. I thought it was just my printer, but it printed the shells fine. I tried four times before I tried flipping it and printing it upside-down. It finally worked and is actually pretty good, but that's just my tip if anyone's printer is having trouble.

Printing now! I will post my finished pictures when im done.

works great unless your earbuds have a inline mic...

I scaled to 110% and had better results with my earbuds that have an inline mic

What is the diffrence between the repaired version and the normal?

Is there a difference between the right shell and the left shell? I was planning on slicing all of these together so that it will print at one time, but I am afraid I will forget which one is the right shell and which one is the left. Can someone who has printed this help?

There is a little indentation that corresponds to the bump on the core piece, the left and right is needed because that indentation is on opposite sides. If it's closing unevenly you probably have it backwards.

I just made this, but I have no picture yet. Here's my observations:

  1. It's too small to fit most earbuds. I printed the body once at 100% and it was too small, so I increased the size to 110% and it fits my earbuds perfectly. Unless you have really small and compact earbuds, I would recommend starting at 110%, since it's a better chance your earbuds will fit, and it's not that much bigger than at 100%.

  2. I had to print the arms twice. The first time, I printed them standing up, with no supports, and at 80% infill. The arms printed fine, although the knobs at the top were a little out of shape due to the lack of support. The arms snapped though when I tried to attach them. The second time, I printed them laying down and using supports for the overhang on the end, and the knobs. I also printed them at 20% infill rather than 80%. They printed fine, although the knobs weren't prefect, even with the supports, but they didn't snap when I attached them.

TLDR: Print it at 110%; use 20% infill so the arms aren't too rigid; printing the arms standing up without supports worked just as well as printing them laying down with supports.

If I could make those handles just a little longer, it would be a butterfly knife... Im gonna print one of these.

lol i thought the same thing

I am trying a 40% scale increase and it is working for me while retaining an adequate size.

it printed out relatively quick on my TAZ 5 without any support just how it was and it works great, my only concern is that there is not enough space to wrap my earbuds cord without really squishing it. Other than that, i love it.

Comments deleted.

Printed perfectly (repaired STL files), went together great but the space for the earbuds is too small (Samsung S7 earbuds) and I think that "print it bigger" isn't the answer.
Increasing the Z would work for the shells but to get an extra 10mm of space in the cavity by just increasing the size on the Z axis would make the hole thing a LOT longer.

Did you try printing it bigger? I ask because I have the standard S7 earbuds too and I printed this without reading the comments first (dumb I know but now I have a gift for someone). Of course they don't fit because of the long plastic on the ears and the inline mic.

If you printed it bigger and it works for you, what scaling did you end up using?

i have the same Problem

I'm printing a second one now. but the case seems to be too small to fit around the core. Any printer setting, suggestions?

try printing the case at 101% scale

Awesome model. Thanks for sharing it. Like others have said, it's too small to accommodate an in-line volume type control. But it works great for things like iPhone ear buds.

the covers broke when trying to pop them on. Its too small to glue. :(
Also it is larger than expected.

Woke up to my new (very orange) ABS earbud holder! Printed and works perfectly* - thank you so much for making and posting! Wish I knew enough to remix this as a balisong version. :-) But right now I'm happy that my earbuds will survive anything.

*It's a bit small for my existing earbuds and the inline play/pause/mute button, but I knew that was likely based on the comments, so will reprint scaled to 110%. The point is, thank you!

whats the difference between the repaired stl files and the regular stl files?

read the description, nitwit

Shame on you. This is supposed to be a friendly space.

For everyone who thinks its small, admittedly it is, I even got mine shrunk (I print at a library), thought it still fit my Skull Candy Jib earbuds just fine, even if it took some practice to get the jack in the comfortably. It wouldn't be a bad idea to look at comments BEFORE printing, then just make it a bit bigger lol.

Printed really great, but the case just breaks as soon as I try to attach them. Seems like an oversight...

What plastic are you using? PLA works fine for me

Amazing. I love it soo much... But... It got stolen because it was so awesome. :(

Does this fit for apple headphones?

Fits in mine OK, but it might be wise to size up the design just a little.

Printed great on my Monoprice select mini in PLA!

Great ! I made one and it looks really cool

So I was excited to see this uploaded as up until now I havnt really used my 3D printer to make something fun, ive been making upgrades for my printer a couple practical things and I thought "well look, its fun and I can see myself using it all the time". Imagine how sad I was then, when not one, but 2 print attempts with your repaired files failed in the same place, my printer stopped working, and then dropped the print head about 1/8 of an inch before trying to start again while printing the main body. I resetup the print file in Cura before I attempted the second print and still the same thing happened. I know im not an expert, but I know that shouldnt happen unless theres something off in the file, any help or advise would be appreciated

With almost 300 posted "makes" and tens of thousands of downloads I think it's fairly safe to assume that the files work fine. This sounds more like a hardware problem to me if the bed is suddenly dropping.

no the bed doenst move.. the print head does, it has never done this in any other print I have done or attempted

I noticed in the comments you were taking a lot of grief for this item (didn't print, breaks, doesn't fit every earbud ever made, etc). Just wanted to let you know mine printed perfectly, assembled with no issues and fits my earbuds just fine (with a volume control!). So, thanks!

Thank you, it's appreciated. And I'm glad it fit your buds as well :)

Just as shown in the photos, you're only going to be able to fit earbuds that have flexible connections going into the buds. Apple earbuds won't fit as their rigid connections come out too far. It's possible to fit a pair with an inline mic, but you're in for some serious cram-foo. Fortunately I have a lot of earbuds laying around the house and I was able to find a few that fit this perfectly. The design in itself is cool enough to warrant a change of earbuds.

I'd love to see a one piece print design, maybe folded open?
Mainly to prevent the breaking off the ends during assembly.
But it's already a great design, standard in my backpack!

Is there a max layer height i need to use or are the tolerances good enough to handle a large layer height?

Comments deleted.

why it does not print on my prusa i3 MK2 sucessfully?

Well, it is a bit small... Maybe you could mention that in the description so people can check and resize as necessary.

I can only fit an old (broken) pair of Sennheiser CX300 earphones, and admittedly it takes a bit (too much) fiddling to get the jack to fit in there.

Tried another 4 pairs and either the jack was too big, the earpiece body didn't fit, or the cables coming off of the earpiece wouldn't fit through the bottom part of the cable cutout.

I think an update to the design that includes a secondary hollow for the headphone jack (on the bottom?) would help alleviate some of the problems. Also maybe specifying the intended dimensions of the headphones in your design would help people work out the percentage scaling they would need to use for their own needs.

Saying all that, for a set of headphones that DOES actually fit, this is a really nice design. Great job and thanks for sharing!

Tried with two different types of earbuds, it's too small to fit both of them. Also it doesn't have room for any types of earbuds with a volume control piece. You must have used really tiny earbuds with a very short thin wire and spent a lot of time of time trying to fit them in there, which kind of defeats the purpose of this when it's supposed to be making things more convenient.

Yes, I spent a couple of weeks finding the smallest earbuds I could find. Then I spent a few nights designing a case for them that was just barely big enough. And then I spent five minutes trying to get them into the case before taking the pic. All of that, just to piss you off. I'd say I succeeded.

This would've been good to know BEFORE I printed one. Could you maybe put this somewhere more noticeable? And yes, you've definitely succeeded in pissing me off!! :-)

It is written with the tears of all those that blindly hit print on anything without first verifying it is what they want or need. If only those people could have a way to look at the object they're trying to print first. Maybe some sort of three dimensional file or something. One day, one day we'll have the technology.

Hahaha.. What a terrible drama happened here. ... My original iPhone 5 buds don't fit either... So I gave it to my daughter. She only uses buds without volume control and it works flawless. Thanks for the nice design.

that's what I did except i gave them to my sister

Tried with two different types of earbuds, it's too small to fit both of them. Also it doesn't have room for any types of earbuds with a volume control piece. You must have used really tiny earbuds with a very short thin wire and spent a lot of time of time trying to fit them in there, which kind of defeats the purpose of this when it's supposed to be making things more convenient.

maybe increase the size bud

what about extreme angles

which stls am I using? the top three?

which stls am I using? the top three?

Could you share the file you worked with? I have plans for a belt loop attachment thing...

i printed the covers in hollow thick walls and they snapped when i put them on, what a waste of 364 inches of filament and 5 hours

Also happened to me. Very disappointing. Next time I'll cut down the knobs to be less high before attaching the shells.

Just glue them when snapped on.

Comments deleted.

:V it's to small . What are the sizes?

What orientation am I supposed to print this in?

Genius! :) Thank you for sharing!

Comments deleted.

Anyone else having trouble with the print orientation of the core? I'm having trouble printing it out vertically and broke it when removing support structures after printing horizontally. Please let me know what worked best for you! Using at Lulzbot Taz 5 btw.

it can print perfectly fine upside down or right side up with no supports

Comments deleted.

Currently making my own!

I wish this didn't have those lock studs so it was more like a butterfly knife. also i wish there was a grip holde like a butterfly knife. That would be chill, and that is the main reason why i checked it out.

Use editing software and make those changes. Use something like TinkerCAD that is free. Nothing is stopping you from making things happen.

So for people with lower end printers, that have the tabs snapping off, get yourself a heat gun or hair dryer, I used one to soften up the tabs to get the cover pieces on, and it worked like a charm.

If it is PLA I stick it in scalding water for about 5-10 seconds and it will soften up to fit it.

FYI, someone is using your design for a Kickstarter and I do not see any attribution and they have taken images from the Made gallery.


Thank you for notifying me. I've messaged him asking him somewhat nicely to remove it. Hopefully that's all that's needed.

Just as an update it was taken down.

Yeah, he ignored my message so I took it up with Kickstarter and they shut it down real quick like.

What are the dimensions of the earbud holder body?

Hej, vi är ett UF-företag och skulle vilja använda din design. Vi kan även skriva på dom att det är du som designat dem, om du vill. Är det ok att vi använder den?
Tacksam för svar!

Ni får allt ta och vara lite mer specifika i era önskemål. Vad ska den användas till, i vilket syfte? Kommer ni att ta betalt och därmed tjäna pengar på min design? I så fall kräver jag ju så klart lite mer än att ni sätter ett namn på produkten.

the outer parts keep snapping when i try to fix em onto the middle part... help?

Try increasing your infill percentage for a more solid product. Or, make sure it's not too high otherwise, it may be too brittle.

40k downloads and only a handful of people having that issue. Maaybe, just maybe, your print quality isn't up to snuff? Also, read the comments/look at the derivatives, I'm pretty sure a remix was posted a year or two ago that changed the geometry.

Comments deleted.

Same problem, Want to print in wood, but the layer adhesion wont allow that kinda flex. Going to recad the sides to holes instead of pegs and fit everything for metal hardware :) Should fix the problem!

I printed this with no support in a Fabrikator Mini using PLA, .1mm layers, 210 deg, 100/100 feedrate and flowrate, 2mm shell thickness, and 20% infill. And it came out great! (6 hours... but what the hell. :D ) I used the "unfixed files" for kicks to see if they'd have problems like others reported, none whatsoever. I think part of it is the really sticky paper-tape base layer the Fabrikator uses. Not bad for a $180 bargain basement printer...

I also think I had such good luck because I'm using Cura slicer.

do we use the repaired stl(s) files or does it not matter?


I have the foam/larger earbuds that do not really fit this without the print being a little larger.
A long time ago someone suggested a size increase that worked perfectly though I cannot seem to find it.

Anyone know how big this should be increased for the bigger earbuds? If you need to know specifics I use Koss Plug Isolation earbuds.

Thanks! What a fantastic print this is!

**Side note, the main structure can be tricky to print at the curved part. I'm not super advanced with my printer though so it could be user error (Flashforge---230 C----70 C heated plate---no raft/support)

how do you recommend printing the parts ie orientation/what side is on the hotbed?

print the repaired one!

Amazing, can u try to make it in a butterfly opening kind of style like with butterfly combs

Great design, thanks for making and sharing this!

Any updates for the new apple earphones?

Hello, my school is raising money and I was wondering if I could use your design and print it out so I could sell it?

P.S. Some of the money goes to me since I'm buying the filament and fixed the 3D printer.

The design keeps snapping going on the center headphone piece, you need to tweak it to make it thicker or something because it snaps too much and I have printed these three times now!!

Comments deleted.

Several thousand downloads and 99 successful "Made" posts tells me that maybe it's more to do with your print than my design. Yes, it can snap, if you're not careful when you mount it, but it's not THAT fragile. I was quite rough with mine and it never snapped.

That said, there have been a couple of people mentioning that it has snapped for them as well IIRC. And I believe there's a derivative design or two that supposedly takes care of that.

Also, you're welcome, I hope the price of "free" wasn't too steep for you...

Thanks for making it free btw. very nice of you...Print works well ... THANKS

Please continue to reply to comments like that, because people expect the world to be handed, for free. One downside of the internet is that stupidity (and stupid ppl) can spread as far as great and free things.

The sad thing is that people like that don't even respond to a reply like mine. They're a lost cause I think.

Can you please provide the original files, or step? I would like to make the top part, where the earphones go, a little bigger.

Comments deleted.

Any suggestions for cracking would be:

  1. Turn your print temp up because it isn't melting enough to stick together.
  2. Try using PLA because it sticks A LOT better to its layers than ABS.
  3. Try printing slower if your printer cant print at a higher temp.
  4. If there is a draft again print slower because if the layer (normally on ABS) will cool too quickly and cause a crack.
  5. Heres a tip for ABS users it you get cracking try dipping your print in acetone for 10 seconds and wait a couple of hours and then mess with it because the layers will "melt" together creating a much stronger bond and making it feel smother. Do not leave it in too long though.

These are tips because i just got my first roll of PLA and let me tell you its much easier to use than ABS. Good luck

For some reason my print came out really fragile. I cracked it about 6 times just putting it together. I super-glued it back together and coated the outside in glue as well. It seems to be holding together alright now. Still though I think my print temp was off. Too bad it's a Da Vinci and I can't fix it.

Repetier firmware for the Da Vinci 1.0* and temp-adjustment problem (and every other one) resolved. ;)

I've tried to print this twice, but every time I go to put it together the two outer peices snap. Any suggestions?

Comments deleted.

Rotate the outer pieces and print them on their side so that the grain runs along the outer parts instead of across, this should stop it from breaking when assembling.

Outstanding build file. One of the best builds that I have made. Excellent fit and finish.

The supports were easy to get out and it looks awesome.

How do you get the middle bit out? :)

What middle bit?

I'm new to this, so please bear with me. In my print - of the core - the hollow area has a kind of honeycomb print in it. Is that not right? It could be somethnig I've messed up in the print settings. Sounds like it might be, from your response :)

Sounds like you have support enabled. That shouldn't be needed for this print so disable that and you should be good to go. If you're having trouble with bed adhesion you can also try flipping the part upside down.

I have support type set to 'Touching buildplate', but that's only supposed offer support where it touches the build platform. I also have fill density set to 20%.

Yup, that's support. Just disable that option and you'll be alright :)

Thank you so much for your help :) It's much appreciated.

I'm using these with the newer earbuds and they are working well. Its a tight fit, but works great.

This doesn't quite fit the newer Apple EarPods. A little upscaling should solve the issue.

How much did you upscale it?

Is this compatible with the old apple ear buds? Thanks.

Do you mind sharing your source (solidworks) files? That would make it easier to make derivatives!

Great design. I printed it at 0.1mm layer without any supports but I modified slightly the hinge pins to do that.
Also I added 4 anchors of my own design to each part to secure to the build plate and prevent them being knocked over by the extruder.
Unfortunately my earbuds turned out to be too big to fit, so I'll be printing a slightly modified one with bigger space for the buds but a shorter stem to keep the same overall size.

After about 3 tries I got the core to work... Just flipped it in Makerware and I was all set... It was a bugger getting it off the build platform.

I've made them, but shell broke on the assembly... I'm thinking, maybe it would be better for shells to print horizontally, so minimizing chance of breaking?

Beautiful design. I love mine. It's a bit tricky to get the iphone earbuds into it, though

What program did you use to create this?

I used SolidWorks.

It's the top of the shells. My bet is the hinge elements need support. Ah well... sure looks like a cool thing.

You don't have to guess... it's right there in the instructions that you need support for those. This is a very basic print job, you shouldn't be having problems with it unless your printer is performing poorly. You might also want to have a look at the derivatives.

Comments deleted.

I cannot get the covers to print. The top parts are just too thin. Any suggestions on settings???

They are 2mm thick, that's not that thin, I've printed plenty of stuff thinner than that. Sorry, can't help you.

please post infill, layer height and # of slices. I've tried 3 times and each time FAIL! layers too thin!

What exactly is failing? I printed at 0.16 layers, infill... no idea, can't remember. And number of slices varies depending on what height you print at...

A LOT of people have printed this without issues so I'd say it's a problem on your end.

love it... printed it and works super well. it would be neat to hide a 3.5mm jack somehow. maybe a different winding technique?

Beautiful design. Would be nice to have the design files in addition to the STL files. I see we have a couple of derivatives already.
I printed mine in ABS on an UP! printer. Printed well, but the neck of the core is fragile on mine. Seems like adding a bit more material at the bottom of the bud holder would make it stronger without any negative effects. At least for me, the bud holder is plenty big.


Printed out great. But I forgot to re-read the assembly instructions and I broke the tabs off! Oh well, Krazy-Glue works good.

Once again, best earbud holder on the 'verse!! I have a small suggestion, add some texture on the shells to help grip it. Mine printed of perfectly!!

Thanks :) I was actually going to put texture on the shells but I forgot about it. Once I had printed it I found that I naturally grabbed it with my thumbs pressed against the bottom and my pointies on top and then ripped it open. That worked so well for me that I just skipped any texture.

I made a derivative for the shell , not easely broken when snapped on here : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:38292http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

I borrow the idea from the other derivative http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:38039http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... for the in built support

the original one whas a bit fragile event in the pocket the ear with the nubs wasn't strong enough so there was 2 choice : increase the size of the wall or make it with the U shape. I dit the second option with enough room for the shell to open

Hope you like it

not easy broken earholder shell
by jfpion
Earbud shell with support

Works nicely, thanks! I printed this using support for the nubs, and it feels very sturdy with PLA. No problems snapping on to and removing from the core model from sneakypoo!

Would it be possible to print one with a key chain loop?

Works incredibly well.  Only issue is when people at work saw it, I wound up with an entire weekend worth of printing making other people copies!  

I have failed to print the shells in ABS... keep snapping off the build plate once they start making the pins, but I'm sure that's my own lack of experience more than anything else.

I really like this design a lot. I tried to print one but when the core was nearly done, my extruder knocked the part off the build platform and created a stringy mess. There just isn't a whole lot of surface area there for it to hang on with. I'm going to try again though, this time maybe with a slower speed or some other method to keep it stuck to the platform more solidly.

If you have issues printing the core you can try like I did to flip it upside down, gives more surface to stick and the overhang angle is the same on both side so it wont change much. Also, if printing on blue tape try airspray, its the PLA equivalent to acetone/abs mix for abs printing.

FYI: FOR EVERYONE PRINTING THIS do not try to bend the shells by the tabs to fit it in the core, you will break it. (happened to me) Instead grab the sides on their entire lenght and bend very very slowly and not a half mm more than you need.

Very good points, I'll add that to the instructions.

I guess I'm spoiled by my Ultimaker hehe. If you're using regular "blue tape" on your platform you can try wiping it down with alcohol, that gets rid of any oils from your hands or waxy residues, this helps the model stick.

Also make sure your platform is perfectly level and that your z-endstop is adjusted correctly so that the platform sits at exactly the right height on startup. You can also try manually raising the platform slightly as the print begins to really smash the plastic into the platform, dirty but it could help.

Lastly, maybe try adding a brim to the print if your slicer gives you that option?

Looks like the files are not 'manifold' or a bit broke.  I ran it through NetFabb free and cleaned it up and had no problem.  Im using Slic3r in Repetier, which once sliced, had no holes and elongated nubs. :)  Just a heads up for others that may have some strange behavior from their slicers.

Sorry to hear that. I just tried to slice the parts again in the slicers I have installed: KISSlicer, Netfabb Studio Basic and cura (modified skeinforge). cura flashed a few errors for the core but sliced it without issue. All slicers showed no problems in the gcode visualisation at all. Netfabb usually screams at you as soon as you load the model if there's an issue, it didn't for these.

You're also the first to report a problem of the 200+ people that have downloaded the files so maybe something got corrupted in the download? Or maybe it's slic3r that is having some issues? I do remember hearing some people have a few issues with that slicer on some models.

NetFabb doesn't spit out any warnings when you load the models, but Slic3r does.  I ran through the paces in NetFabb (Open, Default Repair, and Save STL...) and then sliced without issue.  Ill post a resulting GCode visual for reference.  Awesome model regardless! :) Just thought i would mention the struggles.

Well that sucks. I'll go through the same procedure on all models and post them alongside the old ones. If you or someone else could then test them to make sure they're alright I'll dump the old files.

 fyi Slic3r 0.9.7 also gave me manifold error, on the core only

That is an awesome ear bud holder. Good job. You could sell those.

If I knew how to make money off it I would love to. Especially considering how I just lost my job...

I tried something similar to that at first but it didn't work out, the shells slipped off too easily. You don't really have to bend them too extremely to get them on there, I think you'll be allright :)

Comments deleted.

Redesign it a little to be able to injection mold all three pieces from a single straight-pull mold and quote it from http://protomold.comprotomold.com.  I would guesstimate around $3k for tooling + $1-2 per piece for resin.  Set up a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project for $10k and offer it as a $10 reward, get 1000 people to donate and BOOM, you're in business.  Get the word out and you should be able to hit that target easily.  Even if you don't, you'll only be out your time.

 Thanks guys (sola_technical and thecrazy), really appreciate the advice here. Both Shapeways and Kickstarter sound like interesting ideas.

Not sure how I would create a "single pull mold"-compliant model but I guess I could always learn :) I'd have to take a look at the math on the money though, $10 sounds awful cheap with a guestimated 9k in tooling and parts alone. Not much left when all is said and done.

I was probably a bit unclear - you should be able to combine all 3 parts into a single mold  for $3k, so 1000 units would run about 5k total.  Even if you wanted to do separate molds (for contrasting colors or just to not have to clip apart the pieces), you still only need 2 molds since the outer shells could be identical if they aren't already.  So maybe $5k for tooling if you go that route. 
Certainly, get some solid quotes and run the numbers, but IMO there is a lot of potential upside here, and this is the kind of project that the maker community really gets behind.
What software did you design in?  Most 3D CAD packages have mold design tools.

Ah, gotcha. Yes that sounds a bit more reasonable. Dual colour wouldn't be a requirement for a first run I guess but I do like the contrast of it.

The shells aren't identical here for no other reason than me being stupid, they can become identical very easily though, I'll just have to add an indent to both sides instead of just one...

I used Solidworks for this one and I'm just now looking into the theory of mold making. Started reading a PDF about it which was 250+ pages long. Looks like I have a lot to learn.

You could also submit it to Quirky. They could help you get a patent, and you'd have the benefit of their branding selling.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll think about it for sure. I also have another thing that I recently created but haven't put up here because I think it actually might sell. That might be a good candidate to put on quirky first, to test the waters so to speak.

You should start and Etsy account
And im not sure about this one but check shapeways, I think if you submit an item on their site you get some royalties everytime they sell one... can someone confirm this?

BTW I had issues printing the core. I have a well calibrated Mendel Prism (similar to a mendel max in performance) the bottom part prints perfectly but when it starts printing the overhang (were it gets larger to fit the earbuds) it gets realy ugly, and I have a fan... not sure what to do about this.

Best ear bud holder on the 'verse!!

Incredibly nice print! what size hot end?

It was printed with a 0.4mm nozzle at 0.16mm layer height on an Ultimaker.

Wow you're kidding! Did you do any post processing, like sanding, or acetone?

No, that's straight out of the printer except for snapping off the interior support on the shells.

Now that's an earbud holder I would like to make! Thanks for sharing m8!

 Make sure to post pics if you do ;) Seeing pics of other peoples copies is very rewarding.

very cool, reminds me of the "Butterfly Knife".

Good stuff, I love seeing movement in a design or interactivity.

Thanks. And yeah that thought struck me as well hehe. I'm afraid it's a bit too lightweight and a wee bit too limited in motion to be able to do any trick with it though ;)