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Ender 3 External Electronics Case

by MrClown May 15, 2019
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Hello, can I ask you for the source files, I would like to plug in the case so that you can disconnect the box quickly. and modify the fan by making a grill on it.mishaignatow@gmail.com

Hi, Did you ever get the cooling fan fixed on this mottle

since the SKR mini E3 ist a Plug and play replacement does anybody know if it will fit?

were not kidding about it smacking the towers!!!! just hit layer 244 of 494
a few min ago i hear loud bands and cringed but remembered the notes!!!

it has since bridged and running smooth lol


a great job I will print when it will include the possibility to include 3 smoother boards and a raspberry pi (plus its power DC-DC regulator).

this is honestly one of the coolest upgrades i have seen fore the ender and i dont know why

I can't get the fan into the case, it's way too tight and i've sanded an hour trying to fit it, with no payoff...

Had to drop the fan from the build :/

I actually had a similar problem when I bought a cheap replacement "quiet" fan (that turned out to be louder...) that was a touch wider than the stock Creality fan. I ended up sanding down the fan itself (on the non-motor side). It's a bit drastic, but it's better than no fan imo.

Also interested in a remix that can hold Rasp Pi 3B+

+1 for this! I've been trying to build this exact thing for myself. I'm attempting to raise the top section and slap another plane in there that I can rest the Pi on, and then have some USB slots in one of the walls. Would absolutely be stoked if creator would remix it too though, because I'm not nearly as talented at modeling haha.

For those interested, something similar: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3789275

Control Box Ender3 MKS GEN L & Raspberry Pi

This looks great! Any chance of a version with a removable shelf to fit a Raspberry Pi 3B+ for OctoPrint/OctoPi?

What did you do with your power supply?

It's just sitting on the bench behind it actually. I'm still waiting on my wire to come from China (I thought I ordered it months ago but apparently I forgot to) to extend the XT60's wiring and then mount it under my desk with something like http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3349588

Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro - Underside PSU Mount
by DAVYcr

how is everyone extending wires to stepper motors and such? i see kits for the cr10.

Unfortunately nobody seems to sell extension kits for the Ender 3.
You have to buy the cables individually and make your own longer harness.

Are the CR-10 extension cables not compatible? Did you wire your own extension? What connectors/wire did you build it with? I guess I'm also going to have to do that, as I was thinking the CR-10 wires might work.

The CR-10 uses plugs to connect/disconnect the wiring harness from the back of it's electronics box, so they aren't compatible with the Ender 3.

this is freaking EPIC! fit and finish is so good. all bolt holes threaded amazing well. great freaking work man!

Thank you. I did many partial test prints and wasted a lot of filament trying to get everything to fit just right

Every time I go to print this on my Ender 3 Pro, it starts printing 2-4 mm above z0. I am using crusa and everything else I print is fine. My BLTOUCH works as it should, but I can’t seem to get this case to print. Suggestion ?

Is it right on the base in the slicer? Does it print other models ok?

It was the original case. And it wasn’t touching the bed in slicer. Found that out after many many tries. Live, Learn

Sorry to hear that. I just now downloaded the latest file for both versions of the case, sliced them in Cura, and they both put down the first layer fine. So your guess is as good as mine

I am somewhat new to this.

This is a great design and I would love to relocate my ender 3 control panel to the left side and have it pictured as in your design.

But how many versions of ender 3 are there? My CPU is located in a enclosure below the build plate. I don't see the enclosure pictured. Can you tell me if you relocated your CPU and dumped the enclosure?

I have replaced most of the parts and wires on my ender 3 (including the CPU twice) and could see this being done.

Thanks for your time.

This replaces the original sheet metal enclosure that contains the electronics (i.e. the main control board, or "CPU" as you put it) which is located under the left side of the build plate from the factory. You move it's contents in to the new printed box, cap the box with the LCD panel and it's bracket (mounted on the right hand side of the frame from the factory), then either put the original sheet metal enclosure somewhere for safe keeping or throw it in the bin.

You said you replaced your board, so note that this only fits the factory Creality Ender 3 main board, and dimensionally larger third party boards (i.e. SKR, MKS) won't fit. So if you changed to a non-standard board this won't work for you.

Make sure you read the installation guide on the main page of the "thing". This is not the easiest installation job in the world, as it's very tight, and also requires the Z-stop wire to be extended.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Also thanks for the great information. I took your advice on buying some XT60 extension cables. Just a thought, the cables listed below are well long enough but I just happened to notice the center pair on the 6 pin connector are pinned straight through, the stock ender cable center pair is rolled. Easy fix, but flimsy cable. if you run into some stock cables can you send me the link.

I will send you a pic when its all hooked up.

Thanks Pete

UEETEK 10pcs Stepper Motor Cable Lead Wires Connectors 4pin to 6pin for 3D Printer Motor.


Are you planning on completely rewiring your printer with longer cables?
If so, I did a quick redesign for you with the cable hole moved to the rear. It looks a lot neater this way, and was only ever on the side due to the limitations of the very short stock wiring loom.


I think I will do it. I like the look.


Just so you know, I made a revision to the cooling outlets to stop an owl sounding resonance that can occur with higher powered case fans (also slightly audible with the stock fan if you make the rest of the printer quiet enough), so if you haven't printed it yet, grab the new file.

Awesome job! Would love this remixed for the SKR 1.3 board!

I second that thought a SKR 1.3 board version would be awesome

Or an MKS Gen L :P

pretty sure this one supports the MKS gen L and has a pi mount


Ender 3 Electronics (LCD + PCB + Pi + Buck Converter) External Case
by Ettikit