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Solidoodle 40mm fan repair

by kj6epl Nov 30, 2012
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ha not one i'm doing such nonsense :)

60mm fan repair

Thank you. This is a life saver, printed 3 straight away.

I made two. ABS, nozzle 0.4. First: layer 0.2, line width 0.6. Second: layer 0.15, line width 0.5. Both came out nice. If you are using KISSlicer don't forget to set jitter to 360 deg, so that layers start at different points and you don't have a seam. This might give you better balance. And thanks for design, is passed perfectly to unknown fan from China and saved my waiting time.

The fan is so much quieter now. Thanks!

Works Like a charm! Thanks so much!

Hah! Perfect! I superglued (Cyanoacrylate) the shaft on the fan. It buzzed for a bit and worked itself out. Will last long enough for new ones to get in the mail. My shaft measures about 0.75" from an ANET A8

Forgive me if I'm dumb, but why do we have to drill that hole in the middle? Isn't it easier to make a hole on the model in the first place?

The hole is actually modeled correctly in the cad files. However, most FDM printers aren't precise enough to make a tiny hole like that, hence the need to ream it so it will fit correctly fit the shaft.

PLEASE make a video of how to put on

Fits perfectly. Thank you so much for the design.

Perfect solution. Thank you.

Don't forget to pull off the plastic ring behind the sticker of your fan before pulling on it
I broke mine like this

Thank you so much! I accidentally hit my fan with a pair of players while removing some "filament leak", and two blades popped off... this made an unbalanced, noisy, probably bad-for-the-motor fan.

Instantly hit up eBay to order a new 40mm fan. Realized it would take three weeks to get to Norway, and searched up Thingiverse. Printed this and tried for an hour to remove the axle from the old blade. Finally got it and the magnet ring fit perfectly at 100% scale. Got my printer one week ago today, thank you for not having me wait three weeks to use my new toy.

After using this for a few prints, the press-fit guide pin heated up from friction and loosened itself from the centre hub of the blades. because of this, the blades wobbled, then stopped altogether. My hot end was heating up quickly, so I had to pooch the print. I was able to fix mend it and start by print over again. I may try to secure the guide pin with epoxy at some point before any sort of lengthy print.

Is this fan even necessary for printing PLA?

Believe it or not, yes. The filament begins to swell and will stop extruding. It is then quite a fun and exciting chore to clear the blockage. On one such instance of fan failure, I ended up having to replace the tube/collar/heat break. I will try to clear it out while it is detached from the printer, so that I can once again use the part as a spare in future.

Worked fine but I needed to scale it to 100.20% There was no way the ring magnet would fit in place. Thanks for posting as you've saved a me a trip to Fry's.

Thanks. After reading your comment, I followed suit and printed at 100.2% as well. The ring magnet was snug, but perfect fit.

Another thanks to kj6epl for posting this thing.

Worked perfect. Thank you much!

I've ordered a new fan which won't be here for days so I'm gonna give this a go so I can keep printing temporarily. I was feeling dumb when I broke my fan. Now... I'm starting to think I'm not the only dumb one. :D Thanks for the awesome design!

After taking off the old fan and putting the new (printed) one in, the fan stopped working. Is it salvageable or do I need to order a new fan?

1) Verify there is no binding between the new fan blade and the case. This could be caused by blobs, y-axis backlash, and other such common print quality issues. Just file down any high spots.
2) Verify that the bearing is installed correctly into the new fan blade. The shaft should be straight and should not wobble.
3) Verify that the magnet is installed correctly to the new fan blade. Orientation is critical; look at my how-to pics and double check your work.

It worked wonderfully until it melted! I guess ABS isn't the best material to use for a fan blade for the extruders!

I use an ABS cooling duct on my extruder, and after melting the first one, I found that it works fine as long as you continuously circulate a small amount of air. In my case, I "idle" the fan at a PWM value of 38 (M106 S38) during warm up and the first layer. After that, as long as it comes on for a few seconds each layer, it will be fine. Since the fan won't spin up at a duty cycle that low, I briefly give it full power to get it going, then idle it. Here's the first part of my startup script:

M190 S70 ;Wait for bed to heat up
M140 S80 ;Finish bed warm up while hot end is heating
M106 S255 ;Start fan
G4 P500 ;Pause 500 ms for fan to start
M106 S38 ;Idle fan
M109 S200 ;heat hot end and wait

If you use a heated bed temp >100C, you may need to start the fan before turning on the bed heater. Also, you may have to experimentally determine what "idle" pwm value works best for your setup; 38 is just what works for me.

Also, if you (or anyone else reading this) need a driver for your fan so you can use PWM control, see http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22202 for a good driver circuit.

Cooling Fan MOSFET Driver

see only thing is, my extruder fan came as a 30mm not 40mm

Just scale it by .75 and it works for 30mm.

i wish i would have found this a week ago. Nice