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Nano Gauntlet Endgame

by DamaskProps May 8, 2019
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Any chance at solid fingers? such a great model just building it for a display piece.

I was number 1337 to collect this, woop

Hey, are any of these parts bigger than 120x120x120mm? I want to print this on my monoprice select mini but i want to know if any of the parts are too big. Thanks

So I printed the hand twice and noticed an opening. It appears in both prints I've done. I've not altered the file in any way.

Curious of anyone else experienced this. I attached a photo.

Mine did the same thing not sure what happened. But I'm just going to fill it in when I'm getting ready for paint

no hole in mine. Probably a slicer error or shell settings off

Thanks for the reply, that helps.

So I printed the hand twice and noticed an opening. It appears in both prints I've done. I've not altered the file in any way.

Curious of anyone else experienced this. I attached a photo.

On hot toys website they updated the iron man 1/6 scale figure to come with his actual gantlet that is part of his suit. If you are going to make any other gauntlets than that should totally be the one. Fingers crossed.

Im currently modelling the Hulk Nano gauntlet and the new Iron Man gauntlet, one of the models will go here on Thingiverse and the other will go up on my Patreon

dose it work with most printers

can you snap while you have it on

Yes but it sounds super weak

Great files although I had trouble because I have larger hands. If I would have scaled it up by 10% it would have been perfect

I have an m3d micro. will this print full size in an m3d micro?

I am not sure, I do not have that printer. You can slice the model yourself though in any free software such as Meshmixer or Slic3r

Comments deleted.

loved the model. if you have larger hands I would recommend scaling the with the fingers wrist and hand are narrow but the length is spot on.

Trying to make an Iron Man tribute in blender and was wondering which file would I add Gauntlet or Hand V2 or both? This is an excellent model btw.

Gauntlet Solid is the way to go, hope this helps

I downloaded this file but the solid gauntlet is not in the folder.

Thanks for pointing that out, I just uploaded the file.

hello :)
Can I use this modeling for creat youtube video?

I'd like to echo the sentiment that there should really be files for the individual finger pieces as opposed to having the segments pre-joined into one. I can see how it'd be helpful for a lot of people looking to download and print right away.

I second to that... I tried slicing it in mesh but im having a hard time since they are just so closed to each other. Please can you make a separated fingers?

Solid fingers would be nice or all in one piece for small statues :)

I'm working on making one as a side project in high school, and I'm loving it. I just have two requests: could you flatten out the space for the Time Stone? I'm concerned that the bump might interfere with putting the Time Stone in. (I'm planning on putting magnets and LEDS in the Stones). Also, is it possible to have an alternate model with an articulated palm so I can do the Snap?

Edit: I haven't worn it yet so I'll see if I can snap without the moving palm

Thanks for pointing out that issue with the time stone slot, ill get to that asap

Another issue with the Time Stone slot I found is that it looks like the slot goes right into the thumb. Think you can fix that as well?

Edit: Just saw the new edited hand piece. The second issue is fine now, but the Time Stone slot still has the bump from the thumb on the top, which was the first issue. I just mean to clarify, so I'm sorry if I sound picky. Your work is awesome

You are not sounding picky at all, I want to make my files the best they can and any suggestions is appreciated. Ill get to fixing that asap.

Are you planning in making the hot toys version?

Hey! I love this model, it's absolutely incredible, but I have a request: Could you make the fingers one part, were there aren't any empty spaces between them, bc I think this would look better on the display! Thank you!

yeah ive same issue an also dont know how to attach altogether lol

Please read the models description and read the diagram in the models files.

Thank you for the spoiler? Maybe?

Spoiler ban has been lifted, hence why were now seeing marvel release trailers/toy products that are spoiler-y

hey just wondering was there a file or video maybe to show how to build the gauntlet, im new to printing an have the fist/palm printed an a middle finger so far ahaha, the gaps between finger and fist is a little annoying looking an i havent a clue how im gonna join the finger segiments together an also attach all together complete newbie, but so far the prints are nice buddy it looks a great job i cant wait to see it all printed an eventually put together

I have just uploaded an assembly diagram to the model and have updated the description of the model to help you out.

Can I just say, awesome work.
But could you tell me which stone is which?
I want to make sure I print them in the right filament.

Each file for each stone is labelled accordingly on the file name. As a reference you can look at the render for the Gauntlet that is on the Things front page.

Amazing work, I love it! Could you maybe merge the seperate fingers into one piece? That would be great!

I'm not sure what you mean by that?

I started my gauntlet and so far it is looking great!!!

Id love to see how it turns out!

Oh man this is awesome.
I'd like to print this as a display piece and would like to light up the infinity stones, could you add holes where the infinity stones sit so I can wire up some LEDs?


Ill see what I can do.

Can you make a new file with a wider wrist opening that’s more circular, and for the forearm in general could you please make it more circular so I can fit my arm in it because I printed it and the write is way to thin to get my hand through and I’m a teenager if you can thanks

I'll see what I can do, I can only do so much though before the model becomes inaccurate compared to the original.

Ok thank you very much!

I have just uploaded a modified version of the Hand and Forearm pieces (each with the label Split 1 and 2). Hopefully these files allow you to wear the gauntlet properly.

Ok thank you so much! I’ll post pictures when I’m finished building it and please keep creating amazing stuff

amazing job
can you please edit the finger in different orientation easier to print ?
thanks a lot

If you import the finger models into Meshmixer you can use the separate shells function to separate the individual parts and move them for a better orientation.

Comments deleted.

The solid version of the gauntlet has been published. Hope you enjoy!

I may be asking for too much here, but could you make a solid version without the stones so people could print them separately in different colors ?

I am currently working on a solid version of this.

Man is a fantastic job !
Just a thing, could it be possible to modify a little bit the arm so it could match the hot toys gauntlet version?

I just saw that Hot Toys released their new Gauntlets and not only will I be updating this one for more accuracy, Ill also be making the other two variants.

just a heads up, but the one that you didn't do yet and isn't the hulk version, is just a promo version meaning it is not in the movie. if you want to do the one iron man snaps with then it is just his mark 85 arm and hand with the infinity stones integrated into it.

i heard they called it the nano gauntlet

Excited to see the updates! DamaskProps, you are Awesome! Thanks for sharing your talent and skills with us!

Cant wait to see what DAMASK will do with all 6 infinity stones in your hand, SNAP AWAY BRO ;)


Thanks man, I try my best

can I get I file where it is the gauntlet in one piece???

The solid version of the gauntlet has been published. Hope you enjoy!

Ill get to that asap

Any suggestion on print orientation, infill, etc...?

@sentinelprops hahahaha. but really this is a gift thank you for this I've wanted to make this for almost forever now

is this articulated? Also can you make it in the size of when hulk tries it on?

The gauntlet Hulk puts on is actually very different to this one, I will be making that version aswell.

how long will it take to create the hulk gauntlet?

I know it's different. I saw the movie. also thx

Comments deleted.

The fingers are individual pieces like most Iron Man hand models. Each finger has 3 separate segments for each joint/segment of your finger.

Thanks so much for making this! Looks really cool.

All good man, glad you like it.

ive been waiting for this !!!!!


You beautiful bastard, this is amazing

Thanks man, glad you like it!

I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!

This is amazing. You beat me too it I was modeling one on fusion 360 I don’t have to :)

Definitely planning on printing this, is it articulated at all ?

The fingers are individual pieces like most Iron Man hand models. Each finger has 3 separate segments for each joint/segment of your finger.