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Case feeder

by GolluB May 4, 2019
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Hi GolluB

When I load the (Shellplate_feeder_4pcs_8mmshaft) file into simplify 3d it comes in micro sized and as one solid piece. Am I missing something? How do I go about getting this into individual pieces? Thanks in advance.

You are correct. File unit seems to be cm instead of mm so you just have to scale it 1000%. I have no idea how to divide parts into bodies in S3D as i use Slic3r.

Could I get better wiring diagram on how you wired the inductive sensor to the motor speed controller. Explained to some one that is not an electrical engineer. I can so simple wiring but i couldn't figure out how to wire it correctly to get the switch to operate the motor. Do I need a relay for the sensor and what type would I need. Thanks for this case feeder it is a great design and I appreciate your time that you put in it.

Yes you need NO/NC relay and there is a circuit diagram in comments. motor speed controller can be connected straight to motor leads.


can anyone modify the plate to feed 10mm? or how would one modify it to work?

Hi, i’m Printing this project, I already did the bullet feeder, is there any video of this system working?? Tks

My two cents... Mount for Dillon tube and Dillon Case Drop for PVC 15mm tube.

Hi. Is it possible to split the feeder plate into 4 parts so that I can print it on a 200mm x 200mm 3d printer? I use simplify3d and I couldn't find the way to do it.
I saw your comments talking about it, but I couldn't do it.
Thanks in advance

I have made some structural changes to allow printing the bucket in 4 parts as I have the same problem and just couldn't quite get the three piece bucket to print properly. (I think GolluB has already kindly split the feeder plate). Tabs have been changed to take 6mm hex nuts.

Hi GolluB,
i have printed the parts. Very nice job! It work well with 9mm. But i will load the 223 and 45acp too. The droptube and the plate are the parts that should be changed. I have tryed to convert the stl-file in step, but it has too many poligons and is very difficult. Can you giv me the step file? I try to change it. What kind of press you have? I have the Dillon, droptube is a larger diameter as you have make.

Thank you and best regards.

Thanks, please post a make too!
i can send you a step but one good tip for stl-step conversions is to use Freecad, it has saved me many times where inventor cannot make a conversion.
I have Lee press but this case feeder is not installed on it. We use these 3D-printed case feeders for our automatic case sorter that can sort brass by headstamp: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxXrJLMn00C/

I do it by hand:)! You are amazing! I have make the stl for 45Acp plate and 223Rem. But only in one piece. I am a beginner ;)


i mixed your 45ACP Feeder Plate with the 9 mm Plate and separated it in 4 Parts.
You might want to reduce the size of the parts. Mine was about 1,5 mm to big in diameter. I grinded it down
to fit the Bucket. I don't know if it was an issue of my printer so i left your original size in the file.


The change of the droptube is more difficult for me as I have expected. Wenn it will be done I will post it too...


i modified the Original Droptube to .45ACP. Should work with 9 mm too.


Hi GolluB,
I print now this project. Is it possible to design another caliber plate, like .45acp, .357 or .223?

Hi. At the moment i am way too busy with my next project so someone else has to make plates for different caliber now.

Wiring circuit diagram in attacment.

Is it LJ12A3-4-Z-AX NPN NC? (not LJ12A3-4-Z-BX NPN NO)
Am I right?

(on the diagram i see PNP, but NPN for this circuit can be used as well)

Hi GolluB,
do you have a wireing description?

Really good job !!
Do you think it will be possible to have the stl's plate for .38sp and 45acp ?
Have you some photos or videos in action ?

Hi, great work! will try to build the feeder. Did you change the motor? thx

Hi. I have new parts designed for bigger motor but it seems that my first JGY370 was just faulty as there was small problems with that one from the start. Others work fine. I'll upload new design later this week if you want to be sure and choose bigger and more expensive motor.

That would be great! Which parts will be changed, are there some I already could print? THX

Base and feeder_plate are going to change with bigger motor, all others can be printed already.

Hi, do you know Mr. Bulletfeeder? It has a spring driven snapper, that flips away all of the bullets, that are not inside the feeder plate, located across the top. This would be a great feature. I often see this problem on the dillon case feeder, that the case just falls into the feeder plate at the end of the hole and then blocks the feeder from turning. The second would be a long ramp like Kimmon did. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3173334. With these features the max is done I think to run without any trouble. THX

Kimmon KuokkaKludge™ - Mark7 case feeder fix / case deflector

Hi GolluB, still Online?

Oh, I see you have changed 2 files. Are these for the new motor I guess. Did you have a look on the features I mentioned? THX
And sorry to ask, please could you provide the 4 pcs 9mm plate, my printer is too smal. Thx

4pcs feeder plate uploaded for motor with 8mm shaft.

hi, i can't divide the bucket feeder in three small parts, when i import to Solidworks or Thinkercad shows a lot of fail parts, do u have the 3 files of Bucket feeder? My printer has 220x220mm, TKS

i found a website to fix this bug, i'm printing now, tks