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Collapsing Lightsaber (Print in Place)

by 3DPRINTINGWORLD May 3, 2019
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cool print but I can't get my printer to print the whole thing it only prints the base and then stops. any fixes that you can help with

Typically if your printer quits extruding during the middle of a print its caused by a partial nozzle clog or a bad PTFE.

Really nice work. My issue is with the blade length while extended, which seems to be less than expected. I've printed it in semitransparent PLA (0.3mm with Prusa Slicer) and the segments don't go past the middle of the next one. making a total of around 650mm in length. I'm trying to sand off al the inner sides of the segments but it is too tiresome. Any ideas why this could be happening? Thnks a lot.

Check your extrusion multiplier, I'm editing a video on this topic right now!

OH MY GOD! THIS IS AMAZING. Really great work.

The lightsaber cap totally needs an LED to light up the blade. That way you can print transparent or even a white blade that changes color. Imagine an accelerameter.

We need to figure out how to make a Schwartz :)

impressive designs, congratulations

This thingi fits perfect on top (super glued) to keep the blade in. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2019585

Iris Diaphragm for Steampunk Goggles

:-o Oh... Smart! Good idea...

Should i use support to print the light saber? i didnt see any in the video that u posted.

Answered one comment down.

I printed the saber and it turned out beautifully! The only thing is that the support structures that printed along the blade won't break, so it won't extend. Any tips on how to break the structures?

Supports are the path to the dark side.

You don't need supports for the blade?

Lol. I sent it to the printer at my University and they play with settings a lot... I will keep that in mind next time I print one XD Thanks!

You do Very good work, any chance your going to make a Darth Maul Collapsing dual end lightsaber? Pretty Please? :) Printed this at.020 detect thin walls and 100% infill, with a 2mm skirt just because. Turned out fantastic, had to shrink it to 97% only have 200 mm z. Think aboot that Darth maul...

I was considering Maul's but decided to do Vader's instead. I still might go back to it, we'll see...

Comments deleted.

Should seam position be placed at random? Mine was 'aligned' by default and I think that might be why the test version won't 'unstick'

Not so much the placement of the seam but the size. I guess if it was only on one side it would be half the size. I would try to reduce the size of the seam as much as possible with retraction settings.

Love this design! Any chance you would be making another version of the hilt for maybe Vader's Red saber?

Funny you say this as I just finished Vader's lightsaber! My printer is booked for the night but I'll start it tomorrow and hopefully have it on here this weekend!

Awesome! I can't wait! Your designs are excellent. Keep up the great work! I'm currently printing the MMU remix (having some issues with the MMU unit). I can't wait for your future designs!

If you like this one you should like the new one as well, same idea with the two piece hilt. I'm really excited about it cant wait to get it off the printer.

So I printed the blade sections and they don't stay together. They just fall out of one another. What am I missing here? Thanks. Awesome design.

That's strange.... Can you measure the thickness of the blades? They should be .85mm thick. Were they two shells in your slicer?

wow stumbled on this and i'm really amazed!!! i'll try to print this :D thanks a lot!

You're welcome. Good luck, may the force be with you! I know that is so cheesy but I had to say it at least once. :-)

Not cheesy at all I appreciate :D and I’ve noticed that you posted on May the fourth you are a true genius!!! (Actually May 3rd but the version with the saber part and the handle separate it’s May 4th)

Damn dude, this is clever as hell. I'm going to print this this week. Looks amazing, hope slic3r PE can handle it without the wipe/coast that the other slicer has

Slic3r does have a wipe setting. Try the test print and adjust the "retract before wipe' if you are getting a zit by 10% or so. I also read there is a "infill perimeter overlap" that you want to set to "0"

Awesome, thanks for the heads up

Comments deleted.

Question: How do you make the blade stay in the handle? Looks like it would just slip out the front.

A very slight angle, I think its around .18 degrees.

Did you use any infill?

Yes! 15% is fine.

Can it be scaled down? I can only print 6" tall.

Did this end up working? What settings did you use?

It did not work - I scaled it down to 70% and it printed an inch or so before failing.

You can give it a try... The down side would be less clearance between the blades but there still would be almost .38mm so it should be OK.

Are you using slic3r pe ? I have an mk3 too and the blade fused together, but I don’t see the coast and wipe feature. Thanks

That sucks! I use S3D, actually I have forgotten to turn coast and wipe on and it doesn't quite fuse together but the seams are pretty bad. I looked at Slc3r and it has a wipe option but its only a check box, its under retraction. I think "Retract amount before wipe", is similar to coast: You can increase this amount until it create holes in your seam. I added a test print you can test your setting on.
This is assuming the seam is t he issue, is it only fused together at the seams?

Another slic3r user just commented that you need to set " Infill/perimeter overlap" to "0".

Printing now! I love that it's print in place. How long does it take you to print?

Sorry I don't remember, maybe 12 hrs.

This version doesn't seem to have the buttons. Can you add them back in?

I tried them but I didn't like the way they looked because everything is a little cramped so it would fit on my MK3. I tried them again on the removable blade version because its a little taller and adjusted some things and thought they looked good. I can go back tonight and see if I can get them to look good on the PNP version.

No biggie. After I posted that I discovered the other version, which seems a lot nicer. :)

Do you think it will work with a .5 nozzle? Maybe scale it to 125%?

Yes, I would think that would work.

Yeah I'm confused, your video shows one with the removable end piece, I want that one not a kinda ugly mono-color one lol. Guess I'll wait on printing one till it shows up.

Very cool design! I'm going to try the test print, but I'm also curious about the file with the removable cap and swapping blades.

I'm working on posting it now! It will be a separate thing.

Nice design. will you be posting the light saber with the removable end so blade can be changed?

I'm working on posting it now! It will be a separate thing.

super cool cant wait for removable saber

I ran out of time last night, but here it is, enjoy!. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3606120

Collapsing Lightsaber (Removable Blade)

Thanks for posting! Again, incredible work!