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Duplo straight train track rails.

by satoer Nov 28, 2012
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could you provide us a CAD file please?

Do you have bended rails?

There hasn't been an traffic on this thing for about a year and a half, but, I wanted to let Satoer know that my son and I really love this design because fits on top of regular Duplo bricks.

Thanks, works great. The connector could be slightly bigger though, any chances of posting the source?

Could you please provide a version with easily smaller connector and bigger hole?

I tried printing one on my Replicator 2, but at about 85% done (right before the actual rails started), it warped and came loose from the platform. I was using the default Medium settings with MakerWare 1.1.2. Any hints on how to avoid that problem?

I must have the wrong settings in my prusa, because i can't seem to get this to print correctly :(

So, what's the problem? To big, to small, does it not fit?

i will post some pics later

do you have a picture of your ferry? on the interweb?

i see you are working on a bended track, can we expect its a step up to something crazy like a bended crossing?

sorry to bother you again i like to show you my new roundhouse idea. why dindnt i think of this sooner.
it a quik build to show the idea i am gonna make it a lot better
and from someone else a smaller one.
the last one is two tracks long and, now i agree it can be tricky to stop at the right time. (as you can see in the video)
so smaller is more difficult. and most print beds are 20 cm. now here's a challenge! i will "break my mind" on this.

(starting to think about carving and pouring,...

hey Satoer

verry nice to hear you are working on more duplo track parts!

a hexicon crossing sounds verry interresting. i'm looking forward to that.

the trains before the intelli could also stop and turn direction simular as the intelli. (but nothing else,.. different sounds that the inteli has loc, passerger and cargo ect)

i like the pre intelli ones, my son the present day ones.

the round house in real life is only used to turn the locomotive. just think about the power that would be needed to turn a loaded train!

i have seen a homemade version on flickr, that i liked.
i gues it is 2 tracks long in black track (4 grey) far lager then a loc thoug.

on Cuusoo i have seen one that has the option to connect 12 tracks! in this design i particulary liked the "option". track connecter plate or building plate.

stopping on the turn table by pressing the top button would be ok for me, and my son. you probably need to do a second action annyway i mean turning the round house.
younger kids will just have to wait a year or let daddy help play. (i enjoy it)

the "three-way-turning-rail-crossing" IS more pratical for turning and even possible to make with existing tracks.

and a threeway switch would be great for a train house.

a roundhouse turntable would be cooler!

the last bit is a bit confusing but, because you are working on tracks i think you know what i mean.

maybe im a stting the obvious now, but please keep in mind the lenght of any new additions. so wel when are building a duplo railroad. it al wil end up nicely together ( duplo track is verry forgiving but it is nicer if it doesnt have to be)

i verry much like to help with any duplo track.

last but not least, Great work, looking forward to new idea's

Hi Papamaanbeer,
Thanks. I’ve posted the hexagon crossing over here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:39466http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

I think the intelli trains where to advance for their target users. The train in the picture above is also a intelli train. It even changes speed based on the character that’s in the train compartment. But my kid (3 year old) doesn’t care for that kind of advancement. He just likes to push a button and watch the train go.

I’m still intrigued by the round house, I’ve seen the thing on Cuusoo:

Nice, but it would be quite a challenge to get it done right. Also because the printbed size of a typical 3D printer is about 20 x 20 cm. A single Duplo rails is 16 cm. So there’s no room to create a double rail length. And to be perfect compatible with the other Duplo rails it has to be a multiply of a single rails.

Of course, it’s Duplo so a Duplo brick interlocking part connection is probably a good and creative solution to create bigger parts then the printbed.

Duplo hexagon railroad crossing
by satoer

short message, talkin about speed i remember seeing someone made a legomindstorm train for the duplotrack (existing parts) and could control it by remote control tablet. speed direction ect. he used it to push the thomas trains. even so it can be done mutch simpler

Very nice. One thing the duplo train lacks is a roundhouse turntable. There are some rotating bricks (e.g. in some of the Thomas sets), but there are no rails without lugs, which would make a turntable more practical.

Anyone want to take up this particular challenge?

Funny thing, papamaanbeer below has responded in Dutch the exact same request as you. I do like the idea, but is it really practical? It probably will fit just one train, so you can’t fit more wagons behind the pulling train. And you have to stop the (electric) train exactly on the rotation rail which can be a challenge for young kids. Duplo has had the “Intelli train” that was able to automatic stop at specific point on the track, but they removed it from production.

Maybe a three or more way rail switch is a more practical solution instead of a roundhouse?

And I did made a hexicon railcrossing, but needs some finetunning before I can release it.

hey tof dat je met duplo trein rails bezig bent!
mooi! en roze haha heel goed gedaan!

nog ideeen voor een todo list? ik zou heel graag een remise draaischijf voor de duplo trein zien.
ik ben zelf ook benieuwd naar de ouderwetse zwarte rails vanwege de korte stukjes en de haakse kruisingen. ik vewacht dat die handig zijn voor als ik net niet uit kom en meer mogelijkheden met de duplo treinbaan