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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Hypercube Evolution Z Axis (Three Stepper)

by StvPtrsn Apr 27, 2019
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on the HEVO forums, i seem to recall you having pictures with a raised upper z bracket ineast of the nearly flat one in this build

can you update this one to have that? no clearance to go up with a standard build.

Mine is a standard build as well. I moved the frame pieces they attach to up to compensate. This should be more rigid than the tall ones. If you still want me to upload them I can, just need to find the right version in my files :)

Have yout thought about adding another 2 rods on the left side?

I have. But for right now I'm sticking with the two on the right side. At least until I actually get it printing, then I'll re-asses if print quality isn't where I expect it to be.

Ok so I'll wait for first tests. I'm worried a bit about stiffness of Z axis.

Thanks for the design. I have printed two parts now, the "Amazon_ABL_Nut_Cap" and the "Z_AmazonABL-Nut_Bracket_Right_Rear". I am having troubles with them.

Seeing that its still a work in progress, I can give some pointers, if you want them :) I have measured some things in tinkercad, so dont know how reliable it is, but its also the same problems I have once printed:

  • The "Amazon_ABL_Nut_Cap" has zero tollerance where it needs to fit into the holder. I cant place it where it needs to be.
  • The space for the 2020 extrusion is less than 20mm in the stl. so once printed, it wont fit the 2020 extrusion
  • The "Z_AmazonABL-Nut_Bracket_Right_Front" has the wrong spacing for the "Amazon_ABL_Nut_Cap"
  • The spaces for M3 nuts is too small, I cant get them in there.

Other than that, things like the posts for the nut trap are spot on and the bearing fits also nicely, the M5 holes are perfect and in the middle of the extrusion, the spindle nut fits perfectly in the space where it needs to go, space for the anti backlash nut is perfect.

I hope you dont mind me pointing out these issues, cause I am gratefull you made the thing public.

I don't mind at all. I think I could probably widen my clearances by a bit to help but from those pictures your printer is overextruding by quite a bit. I suggested a way to tune this in my reply to you on the facebook group.

I'm looking closely into your third point though. Those parts should be symmetrical so I'm not sure why it wouldn't fit.... I'll report back after I've had a chance to go over it again later today.

hmm, overextruding by quite a bit? what makes you think that tbh? I pride myself for calibrating everyting allot (you should see my benchy collection :)). It could maybe be linear advance if you mean the corners, but if its realy overextrusion, I dont think anything would fit? steps per mm for extruding is correct ( could recalibrate that, its been a while) and in Z height when I print 200mm, its 200mm exactly, also in X and Y direction (done that yesterday).

I will recalibrate my extrusion steps again and print it again, to see if it fixes some of the issues.

First of all, I don't mean any offense, just giving my observations based on the pictures you showed. The fact that you confirmed that the 2020 slot is 20.0mm but you measured 19.7mm on your part is a good indicator that you are over extruding. Also the pictures of your printed parts show signs of over extruding on the top layers, they shouldn't have that bumpy texture like the nozzle is pushing too much filament out of the way.

Here is a picture of one of my parts. It's an earlier print of the Zyltech part but it's the same base model.

hmm, dunno, I measured steps per mm again just now, it was perfect. dunno what to improve :)

I don't know if you've had a chance to read the facebook posts yet but I'll repeat it here in case it helps anyone else. Print a 40x40x20mm calibration cube with zero infill, no top or bottom layers and just one wall thickness. Then measure the wall thickness and compare it to what you have your extrusion width set to in your slicer. You can use that to tune your extrusion multiplier until the measurement matches the extrusion width value.

Hehe I missed that facebook post, im printing one now. thanks for the tip :)

No worries. I'm pretty confident that you are over-extruding and hoping that adding this test to your tuning arsenal is going to help with all your prints. I do that cube test on every new filament or major settings change before I do dimensionally important prints.

Ok, I tried to compensate by eventualy decreasing the flow to 85%. I have now allot of undextrusion (brim has holes between the lines, walls dont connect to top/bottom layers anymore, part is allot weaker) The gap for the 2020 extrusion is now a bit wider but still not 20mm. The single line width of the first cube was 0.47mm according to my calipers. I dont have a thickness meter, so dunno how acurate that is. with 85% flowrate it was 0,44mm. But decreasing it even more is not realy an option, seeing the severe under extrusion I now have. Im gonna leave it for now, thanks for your help so far, maybe I will try again tommorow.

I see what I did. Accidentally uploaded an earlier version. Fixed now.