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Belt 2.2 by printschnitzel.at

by 3DWatsch May 3, 2019
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Maybe you want to ask him

Belt by printschnitzel.at
by Movtech

Yes, someone posted a make in ABS. Honestly, I never managed to print it in ABS.
I always had best results with PLA. Layer adhesion is key for a rigid belt. Material strength not so much.

Ok just realized that i enable the avoid printed parts when traveling hahaha

Hi i dont know why everytime i print there are a lot of string my settings already good but when print the belt everytime it makes useless move like turn around and print again any idea what should i do?

Finally got around to printing this, didn't mess with expansion, had to put some pretty good pressure on each hinge but once they broke free they work perfect. Printed the file for my waist size and it came out short which was a little annoying after a 28 hour print. Measurement in the file was tip to tip so the ends just touch when I put it on, added 3 inches (76mm) in customizer which is about the distance from end of belt to the middle set of holes that receive the buckle, 6 hours into the print now so we'll see how it goes. I will say the belt is pretty strong when pressure is applied on all axis directions, very impressive design, just realized I forgot to customize the buckle text so too late now.

Adding the extra 3 inches (76mm) worked perfect, very strong in pla so far.

Thanks for your comments :)

i have been thinking about printing this but im not sure if it would crack in the joints, how strong is it

Dumb question: is it noisy to wear? I imagine that all those joints and hard plastic parts rattle and squeek whilst wearing the belt

Hey da_syggy!
If you are a Ninja it's not for you. Otherwise, in normal enviromental noise you wont notice it. It depends on the material too, some are louder than others.

I printed the 12-18-18 version last year. I loved it! I wore it until it broke. I'm excited to try this new version, a little larger.

Have you printed with something like TPU? I'd like a little more flexibility and strength than the PLA. I printed the test file with TPU and the hinges were all stuck together.

I assume, that If the test file printed correctly with TPU, that you also can print the large version in TPU without any issues. You should give it a try and after that you could tell us about it. I also would be interested printing it in TPU just printed it in PLA.

How did you make it mulitcolor?
Just pause at Z and replace the filament? :P

Sure :D
Naah I got a MMU2.0

Ah I see!
That explains the color_mod.stl :-)

Thanks! i'll try that when my MMU2S finally arrives

What about your MMU then?

I'm quite new on 3D printing. Would it be possible to have the text "Luciano" instead of "3DWatsch"?

Hello fsalustri! You can use a tool like meshmixer to do that

Any luck on Ender 3 with version 2.2?

if you have a modified printer and have done your calibration mine printed -0.02 horizontal expansion and it works great except i have to use a rubber band to keep the buckle on if i dont want it really tight

I haven't tried it yet maybe I should. It should work though.

I am a size 36" belt which file should I choose

Hey AkumaMax!
No Idea, just measure your hips. My size is 900, see pic, and it fits perfectly with enough space for adjustment in both directions. So if you measure(!) you'll know. I honestly do not know how belt size work :D
I hope that helps,
Cheers, Richard

900 what? Meters, centimeters?

and HERE is the pic

my jeans waist is 32" so you really shouldn't go with that!

Meters mate, it's meters ... and here is the pic.
Sorry, I honestly do not know how a 36" belt size works. 36" are 36x25.4=914mm but it seems that belts come out too short. Best thing is to measure your body and than you know: circumerfence in inch x 25.4 and here we go.

Just printed. Size still seems shorter than it should be.
And some file have belts parts joined together in the coil. Please make sure the parts are not touching when it’s coiled

hmmmm... I looked into 3 files now and they are all good. Are you sure there are bad files? Can you tell me which one so I can look into it?
Thank you!

Hey spid!
Thanks for your comment. Which files are joiney together? Thats bad! Ill fix it.

I printed the belt yesterday into today. It came out beautifully with -.08 horizontal expansion. I would suspect it would print just fine with no horizontal expansion at all. I'll post a make tomorrow. I also customized the buckle cover (from the old belt) and printed it out, only to discover it is 3 mm too wide. Any chance of getting an .stl file with the correct width? I don't want to purchase the design just to get the buckle cover.

done, you can download the buckle now

Excellent! I got it. I'm printing another belt this afternoon and this came along at just the right time.

Hey FrogmanDave!
Ohh yes the buckle! I will upload it today.

"Schnalle" = "buckle" btw ;)

Pardon my brutish American numbers--

My pants normally have a 34 inch waist. Converted to mm, that's 863, so I printed the 0871 model, and it ended up being 6 inches too small. Printing again with the 1099, I guess?

Hey sockser!
The belts length is measured when lying straight from the hooks to the corresponding holes. So in theory the length should be correct! I have to look into it....

Mine ran small also. But only by about an inch and a half.

Is it possible to change to logo on this version?

Hey Niekzelf!
You can use a tool like mesh mixer to do that.

I printed the test today on my Ender 5. It came out beautifully. I did run it with -.1 mm horizontal expansion because the version 1 test was welded tight together. I probably didn't need the extra space but figured I'd play it conservative. I'll print a full belt in the next couple of days. Again, thanks for this design!

Hey FrogmanDave!
I added a text saying it helps to use horizontal expansion.
Thanks for this reminder :)

Man, I've been waiting on this. Printing it tomorrow. Thank you for all of your hard word!

You mention a customizer: Where is it? Is it a online too?

War nett dich heute auf der MakerFaire getroffen zu haben! Der Gürtel liegt schon im Drucker ;)

Hey CrazyCrosshair!
What a ride! Das war mein erster Tag auf einer Maker Faire ever und ich hab mit sooo vielen leiwanden Leuten gesprochen, a Wahnsinn! Danke fürs vorbeischauen und lass hören wie der Gürtel rauskommt!