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Flexi Cat

by feketeimre Apr 20, 2019
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I am VERY new to 3D printing and was looking here for an easy model to print to get used to the printer. I choose this because it seems simple and something I could print and give to people.

My first print was mostly a disaster. I printed this using PLA @ 190 degrees C for the extrusion and 20 degrees C for the bed. I didn't change anything but the size in Cura and that was 20%.

It seemed to print beautifully but stuck to the bed real bad and the tail broke off while I was getting it off the bed. When it did turn loose of the model, it was not at all Flexi. I checked the README of the file before I started and followed the few settings in there.

Can any of you 3D printer geniuses tell me what I have done wrong here please?
Oh yeah... the printer is a Tevo Nereus. Next time I print this, I am going to try no bed heat and if that does not work I will try no bed heat with painters tape.

Thank you

I don't know your printer, but on an Ender 3, bed temperature is usually 60 degrees, but a cooler bed shouldn't cause the issues you describe. Shrinking the file down to 20%, however, might. While tolerances and clearance on this file are generous, that might be too much. Try a hotter bed & a bigger cat...

Also, what thickness of layers are you printing? 0.1-0.2 should do this fine, but print the initial layer at 0.2 anyway (there's a setting in Cura) so that bed levelling isn't an issue. Too high a bed might cause the problems you describe with bed adhesion if the first layer is squashed on too much.

I always make my layer thickness to 0.1 mm. Since I have to practically jackhammer the pieces off the bed, I level the bed every time I print something.

To do this I use a normal piece of printer paper and bring the bed up until the paper drags a little when I pull on it.

In Cura, is the initial layer called "Bottom Layer"? If that is it, then the value turns orange when I set it below 0.5
To me this means a warning. That being said, I put that value to 0.5 in this most recent slice. Please let me know if the orange is not what I think it is. On my last print it was almost like it printed a surface adhesion layer but I know that I specifically told Cura to use none. Also on this next print, I have bumped the size up to 50% as you suggested 20% may be too small.

This question is only tangentially related so if it is not appropriate for this comment, please let me know. How to I tell Cura that I want an outline of the model instead of an adhesion layer? I read somewhere this is a good Idea to make sure things are good for the first layer of the print.

My last projects, the bed temp was 60 degrees C and the adhesion was way way way worse. That is why I have been steadily lowering it but I will happily try going up to 90 if you think it is the right thing to do.

Thank you again!

What material are you printing with? I think that printer uses 1.75mm diameter filament, same as my Ender. If you have a 0.4mm diameter nozzle, you can't print a 0.5mm initial layer... You haven't set it to 0.05 have you? However, I see that Cura does call it 'initial', not 'bottom' - the term bottom is used for later line widths, not height/thickness. Initial layer thickness may be a hidden stat by default, so I may have confused you there if you're not used to Cura.

The 'outline' idea sounds like you need a Skirt or possibly Brim for Build Plate Adhesion. You may be using a Raft, but that shouldn't be hard to remove. A Brim might...

As for bed temp, no, printing PLA does not need any more than 60 or so. I'm not even sure my bed can go to 90... I think ABS & PETG need 80 though.

Here is a pic of the settings in Cura for the flexi cat model.

Well, you haven't enabled retraction. I can't imagine why, that's one of the settings I'd have thought should be ON by default, but with it off you will undoubtedly get issues, but whether it causes the ones you describe here I don't know.

I had a look at a video on building & testing your printer, it looks pretty damn good, like an Ender 3 on steroids! I think you should test out some of the print test files here & see if it'll print those.

I definitely will. Thank you for all your help!

I made one of these amazing cats, printed really clean.

This is really nice! You missed a trick not calling it Flexi Felix though :P I love how it prints in-place!

Worked great! Thank you.

Just printed at 50% scale and 20% fill, worked really well!!

How did you design this in tinkercad? What tools? I’ve been trying to design with it but it is hard

thanks bro.. appreciate it.
i printing with ender3pro abs

check out my miny flopy disc model by checking my models out its my first model

Awesome!! I get a news for your guys. Anycubic runs a 3D Design and Print Competition. Anyone else want to join? We will run an online votes for the most popular models to let more people know the brilliant designs and the maker's name. Here's the detail http://bit.ly/Anycubic3dcontest and click here to join: https://forms.gle/hz4T9rqe3hhp6bDK9

These are great.

My only wish is that due to the low tolerance they are to flexible. It would be nice they stayed better in place.

I printed it with my Alfawise U20 in 60% and with 30% infill and it work perfectly! :D

I ran two full-sized cats and they turned out fantastic! Thank you for your work!

Thank you!!
I printed it, look great

Love it! I love flexi stuff they are really cool I will print it sometime.

it would be cool if it weren't just a flat image converted to flexi form

Then, make one!

OK I will try. Cwlynn said it was a flat form converted to flexi form? Is there a plug-in / add on for this? Directions? Throw me a bone man :D

not that skilled at advanced modeling. i was just saying it would be cool. sorry to offend.

Love this design. Prints awesome. Stands awesome. Shape is really good. Thanks for sharing!

Ya it is really good Right? but not my design

Does This Take Supports?

same question. without supports won't it be hard to remove from build platform?

why would you need supports ?

Sorry. Im new to 3D Printing. I just want to make sure. My last print with hinges ended up breaking.

This is definitely my favorite Flexi design so far!

Perfect print in 70%!