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Bigtreetech SKR v1.3 Stepper driver cooler

by Nitec0re Apr 20, 2019
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What amazing design, fit flawlessly wither in board and fan. Many thanks for your design.

Could you possibly make a version for use with 40mm fans? Thanks

Might sound like a silly question, but, will it fit turned around so instead of the fan being on the side where the power connects are on, it is on the side where the displays/reset button is on?

Why don't you just do a Mirror in you slicer software to reverse it?

I probably will try it. I wasn't looking for the OP the make changes. It was more of a general question about fitment. If the OP knew, it would save me some time. Once I get back to this, I will probably either print it and try, or toss the models in tinkercard for a virtual trial fit.

Would a version with the blower in the middle and 2 exit holes? it would be great for mi kossel build. Can you share the step files?

Nice work! Would you like to share the STP files? I need to make small modification to make it thicker and to fit the fan

I made it in 123d design. i have only a .123dx file. Maybe u can use it...

Sure. It's worked since iam using f360. Thank you so much!

Mosfets are not a problem when u usw 24V (what i recommend for 2208 drivers). With that design, you can lower the volatge, or u can use a fan with a low rpm. Like i said on a comment below, my exhaust air had is ~38°C warm.

Nice idea, cooling like on graphic cards. What about the noise and cooling mosfets? Isn't 120mm fan better option for both noise and cooling?

Most of these pcb's are placed in tight / small places so there is no space for a 120mm fan or even smaller. radial fan's will do the job perfectly than. I don't think noise is ehm a issue since the cooling fans of the printhead probably make even more noise. of-course there is quality in radial fans... some are damn noisy like those cheap chinese one's and some are pretty much quite like those in laptops.

Cooling mosfets is indeed great. But I rather have stand-alone mosfets since they are more powerful and ask 0v and wattage from the printers mobo. My MKS board mosfets just blown up by a 40w heater when it was heating rapidly, since then I started to use standalone mosflets. they are cheap and easy to use. plus the printer looks cooler if you got an open one haha! Heck you can even add in more power supplies just for the heating elements alone.

I got both of them the big one and smaller ones.



Big one is what I use on my bed and the smaller one suddenly died and got so hot it burned a welp on finger when I touched it (I still have the picture) but neither is for off loading stepper drivers only for beds really since the hotend is, at most, 3a.

Nice idea, the only problem I see with this is that the further you get to the last stepper driver, the hotter the moving air will be. So the last stepper will get a lot worse cooling than the first one. Since these are the extruder steppers (which usually tend to run the hottest) this means that the ones that need it the most, get the hottest air to cool down with. I am not sure if this is a big issue, but it's certainly something to think about.

You can remap stepper driver slots in Marlin so that the extruder steppers are closest to the fan, if you are concerned about that.

Thanks for your comment. I measured my temps while printing. The exhaust air had ~38°C. So I think its okay, because you have a constant and very directed airstream over the drivers. Also some air goes under the driver PCB. For TMC2208, they are very tolerant for high temp. They shut them self down when 150°C is reached.

Plus, at least in Marlin, when they get too hot they will decrease the miliamps until the heat drops.