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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Nerf Stryfe Kriss Vector Kit

by Ict890 Apr 20, 2019
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So I just posted a build that I did several weeks ago, and also looking over the file list that I downloaded. I may have printed ALL the handle files including the V2 and tried to chain them all together. Obviously this would have made it too long. I REALLY liked the design, and wanted to make it work, so I designed a new "handle" in Tinkercad. It is not perfect and the holes have be drilled out a bit more to connect it correctly, but it did work.
This may or may not be with the Handle_Guard_V2.stl file is but here is my version if it is not.

It is great design for creating something new and definitely a lower cost (though not yet as detailed) alternative to the $100 Wrker kits.
Thanks again for sharing!

Does this take Stefan or streamline?

is the magazine slanted backwards or forwards?

what do you mean

As in the angle the magazine is at.. The bottom is it nearer to barrel or stock

Has the V2 handle guard been fixed yet? That is the last piece I need to print and I would prefer to print 1 piece instead of the V1 which has 3 pieces. The first time I printed it it was a little too short. Thanks!

hi i would but my fusion is not working

How much does it need lengthened by? Do you know? I could try to fix it myself I guess.

i am not sure myself

I really like this. Going to print as soon as my printer becomes available. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for posting

ok have fun with it

what is the point of the muzzle lock?

it was to keep the muzzle from twisting but it didnt work

ok, thanks for letting my know, I'm still gonna print it because I'm doing my stryfe 2 tone and its an extra chance to add the second colour. I will also upload it as a make of your project when its done if you wanna see, i will finish printing all the parts tomorrow and then once the barrel material and stuff for the electric overhaul arrive i can put it together.

just wondering, how am i supposed to put the suppressor on, because the adaptor stops it going all the way down the barrel material?

It screws on to the adapter and is an extension to the barrel. With little affect on the performance it uses 4 small grub screws for the Osprey and one for the other one.

i understood that bit, but i can't get the adapter on to the barrel material properly, the little sticking out channel in the osprey adapter means i can't even push the barrel material past the screw hole

Oh you have you cut a little bit out of the barrel to keep it from twisting then push it on it .

ok, thanks for the help, if that's all its for I'm gonna sand it off because I'm going to hot glue the adaptor to the end of the muzzle anyway so it isn't going to spin.

Hello. I combined the side rails with the filler pieces on the barrel. They are both in one file. They printed fine and I tested them and they are perfect. I did not use screws and I got rid of the screw holes but the friction is plenty. They fit VERY tightly and may even need to be sanded a bit but they are plenty strong without screws. Feel free to add this file into the thing's files. Cheers!

I put them in there with credit to you for them.

I printed the muzzle and mine fit like you said it would. How do you attach the two top rails together though since they are two pieces? I saw the Stryfe you made with those pieces and I could not figure it out. Also, does the muzzle lock work? Thanks!

I just really read your questions and I found that the muzzle lock doesn't work well. I was going to mount a flash light to the bottom so O just used it to keep if from twisting. I'm gonna rework the muzzle lock system but it might be a bit till it's done cause of other things.

so the most recent two updated top rails have a screw hole to fasten them together as well as a small stop in top_rail_2. they could be used as friction fit or screwed together

oh the one piece version is for the V2 magwell not the original one i would not suggest print any of the v2 pieces they have not been tested or printed either. The one for the original one is three pieces. There are warnings about the v2 parts at the bottom of the post.

Just wondering if there is a reason why we should use the barrel material, because it would make the project cost more than i want, but if it is required, why, and do you have to sand down inside the orange muzzle of the stryfe to allow the barrel to extend all the way to the flywheels?

Thanks for any help, sorry for the inconvenience.

you do have to sand he inside of the stock muzzle the barrel makes the darts move smoother through the kit but is not necessary. if you want to attach any thing to the front of the gun like a suppressor you need the barrel. i think i spent a total of about $60 usd including the gun.

Comments deleted.

Uploaded tested and fits really well with no issues and no screw ups

ok so i moved it again i will upload it in a bit when it has been reprinted

sorry im an idiot i moved the hole in the wrong direction

Sorry to keep spamming comments as I print new pieces but just wanted to let you know that the handle piece is not symmetrical. Just wanted to let you know and help you out. Thanks

idk what you mean? mine is correct

On the bottom of the handle where it is curved or rounded the sides are not symmetrical. Flip it over and look closely I only noticed after printing

i see what you mean i don't believe i will get to that for a bit because it is very minor

Do you have a printed copy we can see?

I have the parts printed but i ave not gotten them on my gun because I got it taken away. EPualman is printing one and has uploaded a picture of it but his is not done. I also have a few minor corrections to make with the muzzle.

Comments deleted.

Thanks for letting me know I have not be able to test the muzzle out since I uploaded it I will up date it when I'm able to do so

I do have one cool thing you could do. Is there any way to combine the side rails with the cover up pieces so it is more secure and does not require screws. Also, can you tell me what you did to the mag well. I already printed it and it would be great if I didn't have to reprint it since it is pretty big and works ok.

I just removed some unnecessary parts but no performance or visual have changed. As well to make it print with less supports

Comments deleted.

the muzzle has been updated to fit correctly.

When you put on the to prail can you send another picture so I can see if I just have to move the nerf Atattchment barrel or redesign it.

Comments deleted.

Where did you buy the screws for this kit?

I don't remember I think it was McMastercarr. i had 1in screws then cut them down to Th size i needed