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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Modular Castle, Town, House, Tower, Church, Gates, Cathedral and Dm Screen

by hugolours Apr 20, 2019
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Which files did you use to make the church, that looks amazing

Greetings and great work! My only quibble with this entire thing thus far is that the fortified gate and walls have those notches on bottom as though there is a floor they are meant to be mounted on, but I can't find any that fit, any reason why that is? Very confusing.

Once again, awesome work!

I've been trying to print the stone walls with doors (both with and without the windows) and I can't get the print-in-place movable doors to print right. The door always detaches. Any advice on how to get them to print correctly?

What a fantastic idea!

I know this is a little off topic. This would be fantastic for a kids train sets or a whole lot of other things.....

Great job....:-)

Great set, thank you very much for the effort!
Just a kind question: Would it be possible to have the gate and doors movable? Maybe in different files, as a choice.
I want to be able to indicate "Gate open or closed" in my games and that would be the icing on top if I could do that with your set :)


All the doors can be open and close except the fortification gate. I am currently working on the fortification gate to open

Great, keep it up and thanks a lot! :)

Good work. I've just started printing these. To me it all seems spoilt a bit because the top locating pieces at each corner seem about half the size they should be. They just don't fill the spaces at the bottom corners of the pieces above. Perhaps I'm just being picky but it would have made all the difference to me.

You're not alone. I printed the first building and noticed that. Makes things a wee bit unstable and it gives the appearance things arent where they are supposed to be even though they are.

I have to agree here too, I think I'm going to have to glue the building which kills the whole modular aspect. They do look great though.

Just get some green stuff or any epoxy, mix it and stick it to the peg. Spray the hole with water and press it to fit the hole separate them and let your better peg harden.

Not sure why but my walls failed about 3/4 the way up in the mortar line between brick rows and the top of the wall split off. It was like a couple of passes didn't adhere. Not sure what setting I am screwing up but the remainder of the wall (base part) and the tops worked great. I'll try again.

I used .28 mm and higher speed or these take longer than a days ... still took 17 hours and sadly failed with a few hours to go :(

Still these are glorious looking and I hope to get my issues resolved.

I tried again and had the same problem of separation between brick layers causing a failure and I have pretty extensive stringing (obviously the material that should have been the brick layer.

Any advice? I am on an Ender 3 - I print mostly at 24mm and up but have never had this problem really before - just on the walls. The Tops of the fortifications work great and feel fairly sturdy. The fort wall failed at a different height this time.

I'm printing at 205 degrees and the PLA I use has been great in general (roughly my 6th spool)

I haven't had that problem here, but can suggest some stuff which might possibly work...

If your slicer has some option like "ignore small Z gaps" (the Cura name, but I'd imagine others have something similar), make sure that's turned off. Basically the option tells it to not top/bottom skin small gaps like the ones between bricks, and can cause problems like that.

If it's not that, it might help having it run the cooling fan a bit faster (either all the time, or bridging, whichever your slicer thinks it's doing at the time), or maybe higher infill percentage.

Hope some of that helps.

Well - that setting is already off.... :( I guess I will just keep trying.

Looks like my fan is 100% all the time (?).

Hope to nail this down - only item I have had repeated problems with so far

Yes - I'm using Cura. I will check the Z gap setting. I did successfully print a much slower and more infilled (20%) version at a smaller height. I just don't want to print 8 hours per wall if I can help it. I also used a different infill (cubic subdivision)

Thanks - I'll tinker. Want to get this down to where I can pump some items out. For some reason these are longer prints than seemingly larger items for me.

This is amazing I’ve never seen something so good that I could print right of my printer. Really excited to print.

This set is beautiful- I'll upload photos when I've finished my village. Thank you so much! My gaming friends will be impressed!!

This is amazing.. I'm starting printing asap. Great work.

In the forth picture of the front of the castle on the right side you have the large castle tower top, but i do not see the pieces needed to do that in your file. This is the piece that is right below the top with the 4 wood corners looks like an adapter. Can you please upload the adapter?

you're right, I added the file

Thank you very much! Also do you have a 4x4 castle gate that fits the stone step piece as well?

no, i just added a 2x3 to 3x3, in the picture i put my castle gate right on top of the stairs and put the 2x3 to 3x3 on top.

Loving this set. Great Job!!!

My village is coming together nicely.

I did see a small issue with two of the floor files:

They didn't sit flat on the plate like I thought they should so I cut off the very bottom...about .40-.41mm. Printed fine for me.

I do not know why you had a problem, the 2 files have printed well for me.

I looked at the layers before printing it, in cura 4 and from what I saw the floor wasn't completely flat against the build plate all the way around. I saw it when I enabled a brim for build plate adhesion. Switching to PREVIEW mode the brim was attaching to the print under the exterior walls.

Again, I saw this before printing my first floor so if it prints fine as is then great. Loving this set! Keep up the great work.

First of great work!

Tudor 1st floor. How do I fill this cap? It seems that all floor models will still leave a cap in the corner.

See picture

Please get back to me

If you want to use the floor on top of another piece you couldn't without these gaps. I wanted all the pieces to be modular.

Best Set Ever! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like it

Wow, this is amazing! Great job!

thats a real big set, great work!

Excellent work, thank you.