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Infinite Torture Cube v2

by z0333 Apr 19, 2019
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Making a print on my Prusa i3 MK3 at 0.15 Detail with Prusament. Taking a chance at standard settings. Fingers crossed.

The bottom layer didn't adhere well for a few of the cubes, so this was mostly a fail. Half of it came out nicely after I used a wedge to separate the cubes. I may try again, better following the print instructions.

I love the model and currently printing it, will post a make later.
I found one possible issue while slicing, would it be possible to fix this in the model ? The support around layer 107 need to be extended a little bit, as the inner line is printed in air and there is no bridging possible. I attach a picture on how i think the fix could look like.
(Slicer -> Cura 4.1)

I'm glad you like it.
Your screen shoot is a bit strange.
When i slice the model, at layer 107 the top rectangles already printed.
I think that your screenshot show the top part of the internal support for the upper link.
Layer 93 is an empty layer above the support (it allow easy removal of the support).
Layer 94 is the first layer of the top link. Yes, it prints in "mid air", but I don't see any reason for the lines in your screenshot :/

Forget about it, just printed the layer, no issues. It looks more critical when zooming in to much :-)

Model looks awesome but the supports underneath the segments are getting messed up by my slicer. After slicing the model only the top half of the supports are present. Any ideas?

Are you using 0.15 layer height?

Yes I am. I tried both the speed and the quality preset for 0.15mm in the Prusa Slicer. Parts of it seem to work ok. The only section that isn't sliced properly is the vertical/rectangular part of the support. Both the 4 diagonal feet at the bottom as well as the square pyramid section at the time seem ok.

I use Cura... :/
Can you post a picture?

Here's a picture. Its a really cool model, I might just turn on supports for that spot and try to print it anyway lol

I think that your problem is that the default extrusion width in Prusa Slicer is by default 0.45 mm, slightly bigger than the nozzle diameter to give more quality and better layer adhesion, but since the modeled supports are thinner that the line width they are not being processed by de slicer.

To solve the problem you could either reduce the line width (Print settings->Advanced->extrusion width [Advanced]) or ask the slicer to process thin walls (Print settings->layer and perimeters->detect thin walls [Advanced]).

That's very strange :O
I think your idea might work :)

How did you get that video to be your thumbnail???

I printed last night ,it took more than 9 hours(9 hours 35 minute) but result is perfect , thank you for amazing design .

I'm able to print the test links without any fusing. No trouble there. In CURA, I tend to adjust horizontal expansion instead of the overall flow rate.

However, I am having a problem. The support for the hinge never finishes printing though, leaving a very poor surface under the hinge. Any ideas for that?

My printer works at a layer height multiple of 0.04, so I have the height set to 0.08.

The model is optimized for 0.15 layer height.
My guess is that you are missing a layer of the support, and as a result the distance between the hinge and the support is too high.
You may try to print it at 00.4 layer height, but it will probably take forever to print...

the horizontal hinges are perfect.. Two vertical hinges are always broken and internal shafts are glued. Any hint?

Since you say that the internal shafts are glued, I'd guess it's over extrusion.
There's a 0.5mm clearance between the inner shaft and the hinge.
Other option is the layer height. If you're not printing at 0.15, the support structure may fuse to the hinge.
What slicer do you use? These a setting in Cura called "Outer Before Inner Walls". Check that you're not using it (or something similar in other slicers) I think it may cause minor misalignment in a model like this.
Can you post a photo of the hinge?

I made one on a printer that normally does hinges very well. I had to use a chisel to break apart the cubes, and ended up breaking some of the hinges. The cubes are not strong enough to handle any rough treatment

Did you pay attention to the recommended settings?
It should be a long slow print...
If the cubes are fused in a way that required a chisel, you probably printed to fast, or over extruded.
Better luck next time!

P.S. you may try v1. It has a 0.2 mm clearance between the cubes.

Infinite Torture Cube
by z0333