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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by SHENKOE Apr 19, 2019
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Just a note:
I have done the Ender 3 ROSC pin hack and it has practically eliminated ALL diagonal wave artifacting on curves due to the microstepping mode being enabled!!! You won't have to add TL smoothers!!! TL Smoothers are, In My Humble Opinion, a dirty trick and are actually not very good for the circuitry, since if you know anything about diodes, there is a voltage drop when a diode is used inline!!! Why starve your stepper of the necessary voltage supply if you don't have to?!


If you have a Cell Phone Repair Shop with a binocular microscope and they can do microsoldering, you can get the board modded!!!

Additionally, I have added stepper motor dampers to all axes, including the extruder to eliminated the "singing" of a hard coupled connection between the steppers and frame. I had to add an adaptor bracket to the limit switch on the Y-Axis that shortens travel by 3 to 4mm and keeps the carriage from bumping the stepper and skipping belt teeth!!!....Works Great! More adds would be printing on a 60C heated glass bed with hairspray, hotend with PLA temp at 235C and using a Filament sponge filter guide impregnated with silicone fuser oil for bowden lubrication and filament cleaning. For those that care about their drive belts, I highly recommend 303 rubber/plastic/vinyl protectant found here!!!:





Thanks for the info. I would love to add this information, but none of thesr are troubleshooting an issue preventing you from printing. Again I appreciate the information.

I will have to find a way to incorporate this into this guide, or possibly make a E3 recommended mods guide, which in my opinion is a shortlist. I am still testing out specific mods to see their effectiveness and quality of prints and the reduction of sound from motors fan and what not.

Added fix for under extrusion. Also with that fix I posted a new extruder assembly I will continue to test and post results and how it may help with extrusion/ feeding issues

I was going to leave out control board troubleshooting as that is a beast in itself but have recently seen a slew of people, old and new, with an issue as to why this is happening and how to resolve. May require purchasing parts if you do not have replacements.

Something I'd like you to add to help others (as I experienced this problem) is that if your prints come out oblong or sort of stretched along a diagonal, it means your X-Axis belt needs tightening. If you have difficulty tightening it with your hands, you can put an allen wrench between the roller at the end of the x-axis bar and the bar itself and lever the roller farther out with the allen wrench, and tighten the screws with a different wrench once it reaches optimal tightness. It should twang a little bit if you pluck it. Thanks for your work helping the Ender 3 community.

ok it has been added to the guide

Lol this is how I tightened my belts when I first assembled them., and the reason I do not use belt tensioners on these printers. Bit o will as it as some may not think of this

Thanks for the post. Battling my Ender3 right now. My stock hot end split on me tonight so I’m looking for a replacement and how to. Cheers.

Hotend broken. I recommend a micro swiss all metal since you've to replace it. It's a world of difference, IMO, from the stock hotend. Upgrade to that if it within our means

Thanks for all the great research that went into this! I know a lot of people get overwhelmed when something goes awry and telling people to search just isn't helpful. This is a one stop solution center to everything Ender 3!

Thanks for the kind words. That was the goal, to give folks a comprehensive place to go, where they can get information without having to wait for responses for an issue. I do not plan on assisting with in this Thingi, but if they go to the original thread I will take the issue and assist, and once resolved (which will depend on them responding back that is was fixed, which is another thing people need to work on) I will add it to the guide if it is not already on there. Again if it is in the guide I will just refer them back to that section of the guide.

this is where it all began had to make it into a thingi because I change and change and change things so much they flagged the post, sucks because I have it pinned in the ender3 group, but this is the origin page of this beauty https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/ender3/forums/general/topic:36068#comment-2455385