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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

1/2-3/4 4Way, T, 3Way, 90, Coupler, and Plug PVC/Conduit Connectors!

by homeideasnetwork Apr 18, 2019
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I would like to request a 60 degree 3-way connector if you have the time.

I have been looking for the 76 degree connectors FOREVER and I just found them so thank you so much!! I have an online shop and I sell copper and PVC meditation pyramids. I bought a printer to print my corner and top connector pieces but I have no idea how to use the software to create what I need. Man, could I show you some photos of what I need and have you create them for me? I am more than willing to pay you for your time... I have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to create these items online with absolutely no luck.. I hope you can help :)

Great idea, so many uses for these, well done.... question for people using the metric system, which ones are 20mm and 25mm (South Africa wants to know!)

Can you do a 45 degree angle?

Managed to make a 4 way flat in tinker cad. New PVC spider will be built soon

Hey awesome model, I will be printing for sure, and the reason your top snaps off is because of the layer lines. (Kinda like going with the grain of wood) If you print them off on a raft at a 45deg angle from any lateral torque to the joint, it will be WAY stronger with less infill and do the thicker walls as talked about below. I hope this makes sense. Again AWESOME project and I will be using this to make an enclosure for my CR-10. Cheers!

You know, if you'd add some female connector pieces, this would be a cool toy.

Not sure what you mean.

Can you add a 4way to this idea? I'm printing up 8 of the 1/2" model now, but realized what I wanted to build is going to require some 4way's.

Updated:) Got your 4 Way done man. Let me know how it goes and I want to see all projects here! Mu ha ha ha!

Second TIP sent - Hopefully the total will now actually buy you a new roll of filament.... :) , I really appreciate you jumping on that request. I hope others see the benefit in a whole line of every imaginable config of your parts, because I certainly do. Not sure what the angles would have to be, but can you imagine adapters for making pyramid shapes for making covers to sit over plants to protect them from late frost warnings.... :)

Awesome - Thank You, The first 9 of the 3way 1/2" models just came off the printer. Now I can start up some of the 4way's. I can see a use for an entire line of these, even eventually 5way's. I printed my first batch with 2mm walls at 25% infill. Took over 14hrs, but they seem to be very strong. Can't wait to get some PVC and foam pads to make an enclosure for my FDM printers for the winter. Then the next project will be a Cat Tower for my little buddy.

No problem at all and thanks for feeding my habit!! I will get my filament fix now for sure:) I added a T, Coupler, 1/2" 3Way 76 degree pyramid, 1/2" 90 HOLE Mount, and 1/2" 3Way HOLE Mount parts to the list. The hole mounts fit tightly to my 4" screws. This lets us mount parts to wood desk etc.. I also did a video on how I used the parts on my desk to hang lighting. See the video on my youtube channel here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY_TSdcrY74). I will make a 5Way and more so follow this account so you get updated when I post the new parts. Cat Tower is a must!

I showed these to a co-worker in finance. She says parts to make a housetop pitch FORT that kids could throw a blanket over would be so cool.... :) They'd be able to put it together themselves and take it down when the parents say so..... :)

Awesome! I am making these same parts with holes through them to see if I can glue them into PVC to move water through them:)

Sure I can:) Can you find a photo of a 4-way that you are referring to and posted here so that I can do it? There’s lots of different ways to do a 4-way. Are we talking something like this? See attachment.

Very cool idea. Would you mind doing a 3 way instead of corner 3 way of both? I was going to remix it but I feel it's your baby.

This is not my baby really. I think it is a remix of a remix:) Go nuts my man. I will try doing a 3 way when I can!

Printing a test one now! I’ll print 100% fill for strength when I print one for real!
Thanks for making a special angle for me, I’ll let you know if it matches what I have.

Save yourself some materials and do 4 or 5 walls with 20% infill. 100% infill is a waste and you can print a buttload more of these things.

Yeah bro, let me know how it goes. Attach photos but I definitely want to see the finished product. I was happy to help and I hope it works out.

Thank you so much! Love it!

No problem:) Let me know if it works.

Looks like an easy way to build a frame around fruit bushes etc to keep birds out.

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

That is another great idea for garden peeps:)