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Tabletop Board Game Organizing Trays

by fetchbeer Apr 17, 2019
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Are you certain that the linked coasters are correct? I purchased them and they are 4" in diameter (~11mm too large). Did you have to cut them down?

I'm going to blame amazon's inaccurate listings for this, as I click that link and it takes me directly to page stating, "you purchased this item April 8, 2019"

But this also explains why the holes for the coaster were ridiculously oversized when I designed them for the dimensions listed in the description for my initial design...

I can make a design for a larger coaster tomorrow, or you can cut them down to size >.>

I think I'll order some of these since I've already printed a bunch of the 90mm parts. They look like the correct dimensions.

I ended up printing the coaster model and used it as a template (along with a spring-loaded clamp) to cut the coasters down. Works great and is a good bit cheaper than the smaller coasters.

Thank you

I was looking to make these, too - your designs look awesome. A couple thoughts -
-- if you make the slots for magnets into buckyball holders (IE sphere just a little smaller than max diameter) you could put auto-orienting magnets inside.
-- if you didn't have the embedded magnets, could (better said, SHOULD) you print as one piece? I was thinking of doing that upside down with the legs already added to the design, so that the entire thing would be a single print (with bridging for the (upsidedown) bottom of the component tray
-- could an exposed infill disk be used as an alternative to the cork coaster? that would keep it all 3d printed and if it were a separate print, could be a different color, even with a single extruder.

Thanks again for sharing these - they are fantastic and are on my "gotta print soon" list.

I've made a version that uses spherical magnets here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3596365

Also I exported my cork coaster piece so it's in the file if you want to experiment with an infill based coaster.

Tabletop Board Game Organizing Trays (Spherical Magnets)

Awesome on both fronts! Thank you for the amazingly quick replies and remixes.

One of my friends recommended spherical magnets after I showed him my first batch, and I was surprised you could still get the things XD, but I can easily modify the design to accommodate them. I think my pieces had 6mm from the cups to the edge, I had just started designing for the magnets i had around the house.

My initial design had exposed magnets and would have had the coaster just glued on, and my legs just inserted into sockets in the bottom, but mostly I wasn't satisfied with the bridged portion even though it would have been covered by a coaster (and really didn't think they looked good enough to try letting it bridge the cup areas). The legs aren't even absolutely necessary, and could be removed entirely if you didn't need them to stay as nicely stacked. (mostly I end up designing things to use as few supported bits as possible, which usually ends up with a few more parts to be assembled)

I used the cork mainly so that the coaster would be absorbent, but it could easily be replaced by an infill disc, maybe with just the roof turned off so that there was still a bottom to the area so any condensation could be contained... Coasters should dry enough in most regions that I wouldn't expect anything to grow in them between uses.

Printing a test caster one (I have some 10mm magnets on hand so using this model) - Is it possible to raise the font of your caster text by .2mm or so in order to do a filament change and have those letters pop out? That would be fantastic! (IE if you "extruded" the text by raising it above the main surface of the try by .2mm, you'd be able to stop the print and change the filament before that last layer and you could use a contrasting filament there. It would be a nice way to highlight the text while giving a finished look even for a single-extruder printer.

Raised text version added!

Thank you! I realized that I can also just change the filament on the very last layer - that would have made it pop. (drats that I didn't think about it until it was done. Will post a make with an image)

Any plans to re-create the Dice Jail, the Spell Caster Tile, or even the Full Size Dice Jail ("Bailey Brig")?

I hadn't really thought about those, there's really not much too them.
It's easy enough to do the changes so I'll make them over the weekend.

That's amazing! Thank you in advance!

I've made the caster tile and the normal jail. I haven't had time to test how the text on the caster one prints yet though.

This is amazing work! Thank you